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We're pleased to present you the June 2014 update on our 
10-month adventure for Christian young adults!
Creating the 2014-2015 SEND Experience
We are currently contacting pastors, ministry leaders and others to build the next 10-month SEND adventure. It begins with move-in day on September 1, 2014 and ends with graduation June 18, 2015. Christmas and Easter breaks offer times to go back home and connect with family and friends. Here is part of what we are planning.
The adventure includes:
  • 79 teaching days day that will cover numerous topics taught by dozens of teachers
  • Practical application of learning takes place simultaneously as each young adult focuses on an area of interest in mission and ministry
  • learning in a community of other young adults
  • Bible reading and study along with regular prayer times
  • fun and social experiences
  • accountability with others
  • eight mission excursions including one overseas (see below)
  • regular worship at a local church
  • work at a part-time job in a secular setting
Here's our planned mission excursions:
  • Homeless Ministry: Michigan
  • College Ministry: Indiana
  • Church Planting: Indiana
  • Muslim Outreach: Michigan
  • Spritual Formation: Kentucky Monastery
  • Prison Ministry: Ohio
  • Workplace Ministry: Michigan
  • International Missions: Belize

Marielle Y's Transformation Experience

Marielle, from Avilla, Indiana, participated in SEND as part of her journey out of a life of addiction and pain and into what she knew was God's plan for a restored life. She had been in Teen Challenge, a residential program for people with drug, alcohol, and other life-controlling addictions. She worked at Camp Lutherhaven the summer before SEND started. Marielle answered a few questions about her SEND experience eariler this year.

What was the key reason you decided to participate in S.E.N.D.? I prayed about doing SEND for eight months. I had other options. God shut the doors on those and told me to do SEND.

How has God refined you in the S.E.N.D. Experience? I have learned to come out of the strict disciplined life of Teen Challenge. I was in culture shock coming back into the world. SEND has shown me more options for ministry. It's opened doors for the ministry I believe God is moving me into in my future. It's shown me how to let go and let God. It's shown me how to reach out to people, to disciple, to love and develop relationships with people to let them be comfortable enough to let Jesus work on their hearts, to be willing to let Him in over time. They want relationship. They want to be understood and not judged. They don't want people to condemn them, they want to be loved. 

How has God revealed His plans and purposes for your life? I liked the Holland Rescue Mission because it was similar to Teen Challenge. It gave me ideas for the Teen Challenge that I believe God is leading me to eventually open around this area. I am comfortable around addicts and homeless people that most people don't want anything to do with. They are receptive to me and comfortable with me as well.
Why SEND? 

The next young adult attractional program you do won't attract young adults.

I settled into my seat as the flight attendant was giving those all too familiar instructions. "One carry on, briefcase or purse under the seat in front of you. Hurry along; we have a full flight." My flight from Detroit would take about four hours. Add on to that the additional 45 minutes of waiting on the tarmac for de-icing and I would have plenty of time to review the materials for the two upcoming church consultations I was to do over the next six days.

As I reviewed the materials and information our support team gathered from each church, something immediately struck me. Both churches were looking for help on how to reach young adults. Two different churches looking for help in reaching this very elusive and very coveted generation of young people.

For the last several years there has not been a church I have worked with that has not asked me this question: "How do we reach young people?" As consultants and coaches working with churches, we have seen how many churches have tried to take a program approach to reaching this age demographic. They create events, groups, and activities in hopes of attracting young people to their church. The intentions are good, but the truth is this attractional attempt to increase the number of young people in church on Sunday morning is not the best option. There are other options for a church to consider. 
 Read the rest of Tracee's message here.
Tracee Swank, Leader
Church Doctor Ministries
SEND graduates have gone on to become church planters, ministry staff team leaders, Christian teachers, camp counselors, missionaries, and marketplace leaders. We're accepting applications and interviewing young adults (age 18-29) for the 2014-2015 unit. Contact us today to learn more!

At your service,

Recruiting Support Team

SEND North America/Church Doctor Ministries 

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