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We're pleased to present you the April 2014 update on our 
10-month adventure for young adult Christians!
Immersion Weekend = Hands-On Mission and Ministry
POBLO 2014 In April we had our last immersion weekend of the year. These weekends are so important in our SEND journey because we are learning and doing hands-on ministry of all kinds. We have been so blessed this year by the many immersions all over Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky. With all of these experiences it has really got us ready and prepared for kingdom work as missionaries and ministry leaders. In April our adventure was in the greater Detroit metro area where we visited POBLO and immersed ourselves with some incredible people. POBLO International Ministries is a mission movement, which trains and sends ethnic missionaries to minister in partnership with congregations desiring to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to new Americans. For this month, our SEND young adult, Joshua, who has a heart for reaching Muslims, really enjoyed this immersion. I thought it would be neat to have him share and let you see the experience through his eyes.
POBLO 2014 "Working in the barn sharpening tools and readying farmers before harvest and working on the field are both essential to a successful season. Being exposed to the logistics of mission work and seeing the different roles was an enormous blessing and walking through the fields with a brother was eye opening. Cynthia sharing with us upon our arrival about the ministry of POBLO and describing for us some of the weeds that are in the field as well as the field and workers was a good start in the barn readying us for a walk in the field. Going as a group, immersing into the culture and eating at a Middle Eastern restaurant was a good transition and great observation before heading out with Karim. Walking the fields with Karim, we were able to drive and see a mosque splitting several churches and a part of the city religiously and culturally dominated. Read the rest of Joshua P's story by clicking here.

SEND North America Leader
SEND Graduates: Where are they now? 
Tim Kruse's Story
Tim Kruse participated in SEND North America in its first year (2011-2012). Learn how SEND impacted him and led him to serve in ministry, mission and discipleship.

Why did you decide to participate in SEND?
A friend and I attended a Church Doctor Ministries event where SEND was first presented. following that I went to the Sheffield, England immersion trip. In seeking the Lord, He made it clear that I was to go through the SEND process. As the beginning of it came closer I began to second guess and almost decided to quit. Thankfully I did not!

What did you gain/learn from the SEND teachings?
There were so many teachings! And from such a variety of sources. Beyond the amazing practicality and simplicity of LifeShapes, the openness to the moving of the Spirit in miracles and giftings probably impacted me the most. The variety really opened my mind to all that is in Christ.

What did you gain/learn from the hands-on mission experiences?
The chance to work alongside folks who were already doing mission as a way of life was an amazing opportunity. Being with them and learning how they interacted with their environments and the people to whom they ministered was a fantastic education.

How did going through the SEND process with other young adults and a leader benefit you?
It taught me that my perspective is not the only one there is; that respecting others' view points is wise, and can lead to learning new things about yourself and others.

What did you learn about God in this process?
His diversity. He wants to express His Spirit in everyone. It's not a cookie-cutter world. I learned that He loves me for me because of Who He is, not what I do. I also learned about the Father Heart of God, and His longing to minister to all people as a Father.
Why SEND? The Time is Right!
Do you ever study trends? I do, because I like to see what God's up to. I travel a lot. I first noticed this trend in Nigeria, West Africa. The Christian church was exploding. And God was using-for the most part-young adults in their twenties, to build churches, to grow the Christian movement.

Later, I saw the same thing happening in the Amazon region of Brazil. Young people were the backbone of a fantastic movement to Christ, way out there in the largest rain forest in the world!

In the days during the fall of communism, there were many young adults who were in jail for their Christian faith. As the communist government was coming unglued, they were letting these young adults out of prison. And they were starting churches: in homes, in theaters, in concert halls, in restaurants. But they had no training. I was asked for several years in a row to teach these young adults-by the thousands-how to lead as pastors. We would go for ten days each year, lead very large conferences, with intense training: all day, and into the night. These young people turned Russia upside down. And many older people responded to their preaching. Read the rest of this article by clicking here.
Kent Hunter, Founder
Church Doctor Ministries
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