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We're pleased to present you the February 2014 update on our 
10-month adventure for young adult Christians!
February: Loving God and Our Neighbor
Love. The word you think of for the month of February. In our SEND journey, I can think of no better word that we have lived through out this last month. Jesus shares with us in Luke 10:27 "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'" This month we were fully engaged in pursuing the Lord and this bible verse with full force. We had an incredible month loving and worshiping our God. We worshiped at the following churches: Trinity United Methodist Kendallville, Bridgeway Evangelical Church Kendallville, Calvary Assemblies of God Toledo, Cedar Creek Church Toledo, Threshold Church Toledo, and St. John Lutheran Church Kendallville. 
While out in the world loving our neighbor, we were blessed doing prayer, ministry and mission with the following: Sacred Heart Nursing Home, Parkview Noble Hospital, Lutheran Life Villages Nursing Home, Solomon's Porch Prayer Ministry, The Christian Campus House, Trine University, Love Toledo with Threshold Church (God bless the Toledo firefighters), The Crossing in Fort Wayne, The Lutheran Foundation North East Indiana, and the Prayer Chapel. We are also filled with our love and gratitude to our wonderful teachers who teach at SEND on Tuesdays and Thursdays: Mr. David Kruse, Dr. Kent Hunter, Mr. Brent Clifton, Mr. Travis Whilhelm, Mr. Dan Schilling, Pastor Bryan Schindel, Pastor Bob Shriner, Rev. Mike Wakeland, and Yohannes Mengsteab. What a jam-packed month of ministry in SEND. Our young adults are growing and transforming! We love you God, for the honor and privilege to be on this discipleship and missionary journey we call SEND.

Till next month, Let us all get out and live Luke 10:27!
Josh Humberger
SEND North America Leader
Joshua P's Transformation Experience
Joshua P of Indiana decided to experience SEND so that he could be trained and equipped for the calls God will put upon his life. God has refined Joshua in SEND by increasing trust in His name and love for who He is. God has revealed His plans and purposes for Joshua through SEND by having him re evaluate what is important according to what He wants rather than what Joshua prefers.
Joshua P expressed the following about his transformation: "Through this discipleship process at SEND, He has refined me again and again that there may be nothing lacking for the purposes He has for me. What joy I have going through this intensive process is that I change so that God can use me to change others. I'm excited for what is ahead because each month is a surprise and each week is rich with teachings from servants at SEND."

Joshua thinks differently about the family of God and Christ Jesus Himself as a result of SEND. God has increased the love in Joshua's heart for the people group of the middle east and those who follow Islam. Knowing that he can really hear God speak and can have real conversation with Him back and forth has been the most exhilarating thing in his SEND experience. Joshua continues to seek to know how to make Christ Jesus truly his all-in-all.

Josh Humberger, SEND North America Leader, shared the following about Joshua P: "Being a leader of Joshua, I have been overjoyed in his love for God. Through our teachings, prayer, and mission, I have seen massive growth in him putting what he is learning in SEND into practical application. He is incrediblly insightful and always seeks the truth. Joshua is going to do awesome things for the Kingdom as a missionary wherever the Lord leads and where ever he is SENT!"
Why SEND? 
Because today's teens are too stressed!
Flipping through my Flipboard newsfeed this headline caught my attention: "America's Teens Outscore Adults On Stress." I scanned through the article wondering to myself how on earth a generation who has seemingly be given everything be stressed out about anything? The article shares some of the anxiety and stress teens today are facing. It was insightful to read some of the factors causing current stress felt by teens.

A lot of stress for teens today comes from worrying about what they are going to do next in life. College? Living on their own? Career? Family? All questions that many teens struggle with at an earlier age it seems than most of us did.

When I was a teenager I knew my goals and could tell you what I wanted to do in the short term of my life following high school. Go to The Ohio State University, get a job, and live a good life. Seemed pretty simple at the time.

Today, teens have so many things to choose from and so many things to figure out. Life isn't that clear and simple anymore. Many teens are even wondering if attending college, which was a given for my generation, is really something they should do.

That's where something like SEND North America can help teens and young adults figure out who they are and what they should do with their life. Read complete article...
by Tracee Swank
Thanks for your interest and support.
Recruiting Support Team
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