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July 2013 
What You Will Learn In SEND!  
I just watched a 10-minute, flashy video on a new gap-year program being offered in Ohio. At the end, I had questions. What do they do? Are they a ministry? Do they just do community service and read books? I cringed at the thought of folks not knowing what SEND is. We went to great lengths to share SEND this year, along with having folks experience and do SEND. 
I am super excited about explaining who we are, what we 
offer, and what we do. We are not a program but a process. We are a vehicle for 20-somethings to be trained in discipleship, ministry, and mission. We offer an alternate path to pursue God, find yourself, find your purpose, and be absorbed in Christian faith. If you are thinking about doing SEND, taking a gap year, or if you know of someone that SEND could benefit, here are bullet points to review when sharing what our dynamic ministry is all about!
SEND participants will:
  • Grow in their relationship with God.
  • Learn from the Bible.
  • Mature in worship and experience a wide variety of ways Christians from different cultures worship God.
  • Go deep in their personal prayer life.
  • Learn the practice of spiritual disciplines.
  • Increase in value to the Christian community.
  • Learn who God uniquely made them to be, and where they fit in the Body of Christ.
  • Grow into the discipleship life of authentic Christianity.
  • Celebrate the Christian gift of joy and the genuine fun Christians share together, connected in community.
  • Grow in the Christian management of life: influence, time, possessions, money, forgiveness, humility, selflessness, servanthood, sex, power, love, wellness, fitness, healing, etc.
  • Learn, experience, and practice the fine art of Christian hospitality.
  • Come to know and experience what it means to be the church.
  • Learn the spiritual dimensions of servant leadership and followership.
  • Be equipped to build community among others.
  • Understand how and why God's mechanism to influence the world is the local church.
  • Learn the wide variety of ways to "be" and "do" church.
  • Learn how church is supposed to function, the characteristics of healthy and dysfunctional churches, and how they can make a difference.
  • Be equipped to be a missionary to their own country.
  • Learn biblical strategies to tap into 21st-century social networks.
  • Discover the dynamics of reaching others through relationships.
  • Experience the biblical approach to funding faith ministries.
  • Develop ways to lead, equip, and multiply others for ministry.
  • Learn how to plant new churches.
  • Become God's agent for spiritual awakening in the church and a catalyst for the revival.

If you are a church pastor or a church attender reading this, how would you like an on-fire, young adult leader to come back to your congregation with this unique DNA and knowledge? Send them our way this fall and you will be blown away next summer! 

Summer 2013 - Sharing, Serving, Recruiting

This summer we will share a few of the amazing churches in our SEND network. We will also visit and worship in a few of these churches during our "Experience SEND" Weekend August 2-4.We have had a very busy summer season promoting SEND. We have also had a ball sharing, serving, and recruiting. Thank you to the following ministries and churches who have invited Josh to spend time and share SEND. You are all amazing!
  • Marion Christian Center and CenterLine - Marion, OH
  • First Assembly of God Fort Wayne and IPFW Chi Alpha Campus Ministries - Fort Wayne, IN
  • East Noble Ministerial Association - East Noble, IN
  • Bridgeway Evangelical Church - Kendallville, IN
  • Camp Lutherhaven - Albion, IN

A special thanks goes to my awesome co-workers and friends who shared SEND at LakePointe Church in Hot Springs, AR! Kent H., Tracee S., Nick W., and David B. You guys ROCK! Thanks to all who help share SEND and pray for us during this summer season. Blessings to you. 

Please Support the Humbergers      
Until next month, thank you for all your prayer support! I am also raising my own support for 2013. If you can bless my family and have a heart for young adults as well as the future of the church, please send in your tax-deductible donation to Church Doctor Ministries, 1230 US Hwy Six, Corunna, IN 46730. Please put "J.H." in the memo line. 
Thank you!
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God is moving. God is stirring. Can you feel it?
We are heading into our third year! We are seeing signs that we are on the right track. Signs are popping up with this 20-something generation. These young people are looking for authentic and real ways to be the church. What a great time to be training this next generation. In SEND, we have developed a great way to build leaders. After students graduate from year one, we are inviting them back to year two for SEND Leadership. After completion of this second year, they will then be equipped to lead a SEND unit. 

Our goal is to multiply SEND in churches all over North America. What is super exciting is that we have over five churches in our network that are dying to have a SEND unit! A young adult who wants to work in ministry can come to SEND and, in under 20 months, be serving full time in ministry. Compare that to 8 years of college and seminary, and a price tag of $85,000.

The 5 x 5 Challenge
We are making a special request of all in our SEND network: churches, teachers, ministries, family, friends, and supporters: We are asking you to help us launch a movement. Do you know five people who could benefit from this discipleship and missionary training process? We're recruiting for S.E.N.D.! 

1) Pray

2) Look

3) Find

4) Connect

5) Please help us multiply the movement! Send your 5 X 5 challenge results to [email protected].