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June 2013 
Welcome to summer!  
We hope it is off to a great start! We just completed our second year of SEND North America's discipleship and missionary training for young adults. We are busy recruiting for year three, which starts October 1! If you know anyone who would be a great candidate for SEND, please see our "5 x 5 Challenge" below. Thank you for your ongoing support and interest in SEND. Have a great July!

SEND Church Spotlight 

This summer we will share a few of the amazing churches in our SEND Network. We will also visit and worship in a few of these during our "Experience SEND" Weekend August 2-4.
For this month we would like to share Destiny Family of Faith. This great church is located in the heart of Kendallville, Indiana, and is the home of our SEND training center. This church was planted out of a church Bible study, and has grown quickly into a dynamic and effective church, reaching the lost. Having the word Family in the title also rings true. Members experience family in worship on Sunday, very powerful worship with a real and encouraging message while feeling welcomed into this body of Christ.

Pastor Mike Albaugh leads this church, and has been wonderful in opening his doors to our ministry. We have our training days on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Throughout the week - it seems like every night - something is going on at Destiny. Bible studies, small groups, conferences, training and workshops for marriage and finances. What is really great about Destiny is the incredible amount of outreach ministry they do in our community and how the Lord uses all of the members of the congregation to be His hands and feet out in the world.
If your church is looking for ideas about being more missional, Destiny is a great church 
to learn from. Over the last year, it has been great for our SEND unit to join in and partner with in many of these events. We helped serve during Thanksgiving, in which the church supplied over 150 turkey dinner baskets to those in need. They put on a church service at our local county fair (unheard of). They are out praying for people everywhere with a great prayer ministry and have a great church float in the parade. If people are hurting and have a need or prayer, this church is right there and willing on the front lines. Destiny really "gets it" in terms of getting out of the four walls, and this last week, I was privileged to serve on one of the ministry teams, Destiny Life Changers.

Destiny Life Changers  works and specializes on building wheelchair ramps. They build these ramps for people getting out of the hospital, nursing homes, or rehabilitation centers. They are a great group of hard working and gifted men who work as a team and build these ramps when a request comes in. To date, they have built over 40 of these ramps in our community! Destiny Life Changers also reaches out to all of Noble County and the surrounding areas with not only building ramps but with construction repair for the elderly, widows, single parents, and the disabled. They provide assistance with transportation, food, and other areas too! This group will rebuild and clean up to show God's light in a dark place! Incredible.

Thank you, Pastor Mike Albaugh, and all at Destiny Family of Faith. It is an honor to have you involved with SEND. Thank you for all you do in this hurting world. You are providing people a path to Destiny. For more info and inspiration, check out
SEND Celebrates Graduation Two   
On Friday, May 31, SEND North America hosted our graduation for our second year! We had a great time. We thank all the teachers, pastors, supporters, friends, staff, and family who attended the celebration! Best of luck to our SEND student, Peter Comella, who has now been commissioned and SENT (John 20:21) out into the world as a modern day missionary!
The 5 x 5 Challenge
We are making a special request of all in our SEND network: churches, teachers, ministries, family, friends, and supporters: We are asking you to help us launch a movement. Do you know five people who could benefit from this discipleship and missionary training process? We're recruiting for S.E.N.D.! 

1) Pray

2) Look

3) Find

4) Connect

5) Please help us multiply the movement! Send your 5 X 5 challenge results to [email protected].  

For more information, SEND your young adults to....
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Experience SEND Weekend!
Join us Aug. 2-4! Experience and immerse yourself in what it means to be a part of the SEND movement. Our "Experience SEND" weekends are open to anyone interested in learning about SEND or connecting with the SEND movement.

If you are a young adult, parent, pastor, ministry leader, or even a Christian interested in learning more about how to reach young adults and help them find direction and God's calling, you'll want to join us at one of these events. View our invitation and learn more.

Contact John Wargowsky at [email protected] for more information. 
Praises &
Prayer Requests 
Thank you, Lord, for the completion of year two of SEND North America. 
We thank the Lord for all involved in the 2012-13 SEND year.  
We thank the Lord for all of our teachers, churches, ministries, supporters, friends, and families of SEND! 
Prayer requests for continued healing of our brother and co-worker Jon Zinnel. 
Prayer requests for a successful recruiting season for the upcoming SEND 2013-14 season.
Prayer requests for strength and perseverance as we move forward as servants in this cutting edge ministry.
SEND=John 20:21!

Until next month, thank you for all your prayer support!


For this year, I am also raising my own support and raising additional funds for our ministry excursions.  


If you can bless the ministry and have a heart for young adults and the future of the church, please send in your tax-deductible donation to Church Doctor Ministries, 1230 US Hwy Six, Corunna, IN 46730.


Thank you, and many blessings to you and your families as we continue into 2013!

Josh Humberger
SEND North America