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Everything you need to know about the 2014 Cookie Sale 
Cookie Locator
Don't forget to go to to tell us where your booth sales are!  Simply fill out the  Booth Reservation Form so we can upload your booth information into the Cookie Locator.
Tell Us HOW! Essay Contest Winners  
GSCV is excited to announce that Rebkee Co. actually chose two essay winners because they couldn't decide on just one! Congratulations Emma Krusz and  Amanda Marshall, who both chose how selling Girl Scout Cookies has provided them with people skills that they wouldn't have otherwise had. Mr. Rob Hargett, owner at Rebkee, is now purchasing 400 boxes of cookies, 200 for each essay contest winner!
Top Cookie Sellers   
There were two outstanding Girl Scouts who went above and beyond during the initial order phase of the Cookie Sale. Daisy Girl Scout, Madison McDaniel (pictured left) and Junior Girl Scout, Makenna McReynolds each sold over 1,500 boxes of cookies during the initial order! Way to go, girls! For your efforts, you will each be receiving the limited edition Girl Scout Commemorative Silver Dollar Coin!

Shout Out to Troop 3240

On Saturday, February 22, Troop 3240 sold 1,333 boxes of GS cookies in 8 hours (10:00 am - 6:00 pm) with a 2-day weekend total of 2,059 boxes sold! Troop Leader Raquel Demery shares some tips for a successful booth sale so you too can sell over 2,000 boxes in a weekend!
  • Location, location, location! A great booth sale location means everything! Try your local IHOP. The site is small, but you can run shifts with 2 girls & 2 adults and switch every 2.5 hours.  
  • Have the girls try tailgating because troops have gotten away from the traditional door to door.
  • Change your booth signs for the last weekend of cookie sales to say: "Last weekend for cookies! The cupboard is now closed till next year!" This always works for me.
  • Do some research! Look into local places that are having BINGO nights; they always buy cookies.
  • And always have Girl Scouts IN UNIFORM present at your sales - girls sell cookies, not adults!   
Find the Golden Box  
Willy Wonka, Girl Scout style! To make the cookie selling season even more exciting, we've wrapped ONE box of Girl Scout Cookies in gold. The troop that finds this box of cookies inside a case of cookies will win a $250 gift card! Here's what you need to know: the box will be on the top of the case (no need to pull out all the cookies to find it); once you find it, DON'T OPEN IT! Contact the Mechanicsville office if you find it and we will make arrangements to trade your golden box in for your $250 gift card! Make sure to open each case of cookies being sold to a customer to ensure the golden box isn't in there! Is the golden box not in your cases of cookies? Maybe it's still out there! Your only chance to find it is to get more cookies from the cupboard, so SELL, SELL , SELL!
Bling My Booth Contest 
We are proud to present the first ever "Bling My Booth" photo contest! Show the world how creative the Girl Scouts of the Commonwealth of Virginia are when it comes to "blinging" your Cookie Booths!

The rules are simple. Decorate your cookie booth by making it fun, bright, colorful, and most importantly, attractive to customers! Here are some tips from our friends at Little Brownie to help you!

Email your photos to to submit. Photos will be posted on Facebook, so make sure to tell your family and friends to vote for their favorite! The troop with the most votes will have their photo featured on the GSCV Facebook page as the cover photo!

5 for 5 Promotion  

During the 2013 Cookie Sale, GSCV held a contest called "5 for 5."  Anyone who purchased 5 boxes of cookies at a booth sale was placed into a drawing to win 5 cases of cookies. Five winners were chosen in total. More than five thousand (5000) entries were received for this contest. The entrant's information was used to create a sales list for future product sales. Specifically, those people were alerted that the Fall 2013 Product Sale was underway and that the 2014 Cookie Sale had begun.  This information has not been shared with or sold to any outside groups.  As with all GSCV communications, anyone wishing to opt out of further communications may do so. We will follow this same procedure for the 2014 Cookie Sale. 

Troop Payments  

As previously stated troop payment dates have been extended. You need to use the coupons in your cookie book. The first payment from the troop is due on March 10, 2014. This first payment should include the entire girl initial order. If booth cookies were ordered in your initial order you DO NOT need to pay for those in this first payment. To calculate your first payment follow steps below. All troop payments should be mailed to GSCV, 7300 Hanover Green Dr., PO Box 538, Mechanicsville, VA 23111

  1. Calculate your total GIRL initial order.
  2. Multiply box total by base troop proceeds level. (ex. Your troop initial girl order is 100 boxes. Your payment will be 100 boxes x $3.45)

Use the base proceed level of $.55 cents per box EVEN if your troop PGA is higher at this point in the sale.


Before you make the next payment check the troop Ebudde sales report to verify that your payment has been applied. The troop remaining balance will show. Ebudde will calculate your remaining balance based on the troop PGA. See chart below.


Your next payment is due on March 24, 2014 and should include booth sale cookies you may have ordered with your initial and all cupboard pick ups through March 15. If your troop is finished selling this will be your final payment. The troop sales report should also be mailed at this time. Payments for initial orders and cupboard pickups through March 15 that are not made by these dates will be considered late. Late payments affect the troop proceeds amount and service unit bonus payment. 


If you are participating in the sale extension and have picked up additional cookies from the cupboard between March 15 and 22 you will make a third payment. This final payment is due on March 31, 2014.  The troop sales report should also be mailed at this time.  


The following cupboards will remain open until March 22: Mechanicsville, Fredericksburg, Colonial Heights. Click here for your 4th payment coupon.   

Before you make your final payment check the troop Ebudde sales report to verify that your payment has been applied. The troop remaining balance will show. Ebudde will calculate your remaining balance based on the troop PGA. See chart below.  

Troop 425 at their Cookie Booth Sale

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