After an inspiring National Poetry Month full of new work from many of today's poets, May and the end of the academic year bring an opportunity to continue a personal and lasting engagement with poetry. In the spirit of lifelong learning, below you'll find resources that we hope will expand your poetic horizons.

If-- by Rudyard Kipling
Carpe Diem by Robert Frost
Dreams by Langston Hughes
Be Drunk by Charles Baudelaire
it was a dream by Lucille Clifton
You Can't Have It All 
by Barbara Ras
by Wislawa Szymborska
by Henry David Thoreau
O Me! O Life! by Walt Whitman
A Psalm of Life by Henry                                              Wadsworth Longfellow
Summer Reading
Start your summer off with new poetry from John Ashbery, Anne Carson, Clark Coolidge, Juan Felipe Herrera, Susan Wheeler, and others. Take these ten titles with you to the beach or wherever you find yourself spending the summer months. 

As another academic year comes to a close, we asked five poets to share their creative writing and literature syllabi with us. Take a look at what Camille Dungy, Elaine Equi, Dawn Lundy Martin, Ronald Wallace, and Matthew Zapruder have been teaching, and design your own summer poetry course around what interests you.  
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Former Academy of American Poets Chancellor, W. S. Merwin, talks about meeting Ezra Pound, a poet's life outside of academia, and how reading and writing poetry informs how we live.

This month, the Library of America will publish the two volume set The Collected Poems of W. S. Merwin

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W. S. Merwin video still taken from 
The Poet's View, directed by Mel Brooks.