August 2014

Cycle 2 Project Proposal Review Process  


The Cycle 2 Budget Delegate phase is coming to a close. After several months and hundreds, if not thousands of volunteer hours, 42 project proposals were submitted to the City for final implementation eligibility review.


During the period of July 21 to August 15, PB staff, City Department Heads and non-City public agencies collectively spent hundreds of hours reviewing project proposals to assess their eligibility for implementation.  After a rigorous review against the PB Rulebook, California Constitution Article XVI 6 "Public Benefit" law, California Government Code 1090 "Conflict of Interest" code, and the requirements set by the and PB staff for proposal submission, a total of 27 proposals were deemed implementation eligible, some with minor revisions.  

The following flow chart illustrates the vetting process:

Cycle 1 Implementation Q & A  


For the August Cycle 1 project implementation update, PB staff asked the project implementers to answer questions. Several questions were posed to Gabe Lanusse, Greater Vallejo Recreation District (GVRD), coordinating most of the Parks & Recreation Improvements, and Sean Sanchez, City of Vallejo Public Works Department, coordinating the Potholes & Street Repair Project.  


Potholes and Street Repairs - $550,000


How are PB funds different from other funds received for paving and street repair? 

Sean Sanchez
Street Maintenance Supervisor

The streets we are repairing with PB funds are streets that do not qualify for Federal Funding or Pavement Condition Index (PCI) projects. This includes all residential streets. Streets selected may be complaint driven or have a history of habitual potholes or other street distress.

How has PB impacted your employees and the community?
The public is generally happy to our see our crews making any repairs to their streets.  My crew and I appreciate having the PB money to help make needed repairs to City streets. 


Parks & Recreation Improvements - $621,500

(GVRD received $371,500)


The delegates requested improvements at specific parks based on need. What is GVRD's budget for park improvements, and how does the PB allocation help GVRD to supplement that amount? 

Gabe Lanusse
Maintenance Superintendent

We have a line item in our budget for Buildings and Grounds. This budget covers all buildings located within our park system, as well as the parks themselves.  [Before PB funds] it is roughly $24,000, which only helps with maintaining what we have, at a bare minimum.  The PB money has given us an injection of funds to raise the standard of improvements on key components within Vallejo Parks.


What are a few of the improvements that have been completed so far?
Since our work began in March, Grant Mahoney has received picnic tables, Ping Pong tables and a new pathway, completing the upgrades requested for that site.  We have plenty of other tasks to complete. 


What improvements will residents be able to enjoy this fall?
I am happy that improvements to the restrooms at Crest Ranch Park, Hanns Park, and Blue Rock Springs Park are in the works. My personal favorite though, are the upcoming improvements to the playgrounds throughout Vallejo.


To learn more about Cycle 1 project implementation, the PB Vallejo website features a page on each project:

Gearing Up for the Cycle 2 Vote 


From September 27 to October 6, residents 16 years of age and older will have the opportunity to vote at Project Expos, City Hall and satellite voting sites. Check out for the latest information!  

Join the Get Out the Vote Network
As the vote approaches, the City of Vallejo invites Vallejo organizations, community leaders and residents to join the Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Network. The mission of GOTV is to increase voter turnout and spread awareness of PB through community outreach and networking.  Activities will include: 

  • Canvassing residential and commercial areas
  • Phone banking
  • Flyer drops around the community
  • Presentations
  • Soliciting Media Coverage

GOTV members will receive these exclusive perks:

  • Access to the Vote Results Celebration Party on October 7
  • Exclusive PB promotional items
  • Advance notice of PB events
  • Recognition on the PB website
  • Recognition at Project Expos (events to be held on 9/27, 9/30, 10/2 and 10/5 where residents can learn about projects on the ballot and vote)

If you are interested in joining the GOTV Network sign-up here. For further information, please contact Alyssa Alford, Administrative Analyst I, via e-mail or phone (707) 648-4577


Stanford Partnership

The City of Vallejo has been working closely with a technology team from Stanford University to create a "digital" ballot to help make the Cycle 2 PB vote convenient and secure. The Stanford team is focused on using technology to improve democracy and public engagement.  Previously, the team created a digital ballot for Chicago's 49th Ward PB vote. This year, at every polling location, residents will have the opportunity to vote with either a traditional paper ballot or on a laptop computer (which are also being provided by Stanford). A sample digital ballot will be posted on the PB website on September 10! 

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