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City of Vallejo Operation Safe Net, a Crime Fighting Strategy, Yields Success



--Vallejo, CA-- July 2, 2014


The Vallejo Police Department announced today the rousing success of 'Operation Safe Net,' a crime fighting strategy launched on January 2, 2014. The primary goal of the program was to reduce the surge of violent crime and criminal activity that spiked in the City of Vallejo throughout 2013. A secondary but equally important goal was aimed at reducing the fear of crime, with an emphasis on providing a visible presence in the community; officers assigned to this detail wore uniforms and drove fully marked police vehicles. 


An analysis of the first six months of the program highlights the following successes:

  • 255 arrests for numerous criminal violations
  • 849 citations issued (the majority for moving violations)
  • 409 field interviews conducted
  • 160 vehicles impounded
  • 18 arrests for possession of firearms
  • Several stolen vehicles recovered


The community has been encouraged to report crime hot spots throughout the city by emailing the Operation Safe Net Commander at SafeNet@ci.vallejo.ca.us. More than 200 residents have made reports which have in turn influenced the programs patrol areas.


Even from inception, the program has been a huge success, beginning on the first day of the operation.  In an 18 hour period, 10 officers assigned to the operation arrested 32 suspects and issued 99 citations. In addition, the Department received only one call for a robbery and one for a burglary that day. 


On occasion, the City partners with the Solano County Sheriff's Department's Sheriff's Enforcement Team (SET) in this endeavor. Together the teams have worked enforcement days conducting probation compliance checks focusing on parolee's and other known individuals who were actively engaged in criminal activity.


Program Officers assisted patrol Officers during busy periods and high priority calls, including; robberies, burglaries, crimes in progress and other violent crimes. The team has also assisted the investigations division in conducting follow-up on crimes, and locating and arresting dangerous and wanted individuals.


The following incidents highlight just some of the many successes:

  • Program Officers assisted the Community Services Section and the Neighborhood Law Program with property abatements, arresting eight suspects for violations ranging from forgery warrants to possession of controlled substances. 
  • Program Officers assisted the Bureau of Alcohol & Beverage Control in undercover alcohol stings and compliance checks.  
  • Program Officers received information of a pending robbery at a marijuana cooperative on the 1900 block of Broadway. Officers conducted surveillance of the business and nearby area, and arrested three suspects armed with firearms.
  • Program Officers were instrumental in the arrest of a murder suspect out of the City of Turlock following a pursuit that began in Vallejo.
  • With the Department reinstituting the very popular Bicycle Patrol Unit, an operation include both teams yielded 37 citations and made 20 arrests, 15 for possession of controlled substances and 3 firearm arrests.
  • As of early June, Program Officers have expanded their duties to include conducting follow up search warrants on large drug arrests. A majority of the searches have yielded additional arrests for drugs and illegal firearms possession. 
  • While performing a routine traffic stop, Program Officers arrested two suspects for possession of controlled substances and a seized $27,000. During a follow up search warrant in the 1500 block of Delwood Street, four suspects were arrested for possession of controlled substances and probation violations. 


The Vallejo Police Department remains committed to reducing violent crimes, property crimes and all levels of criminal activity in the City of Vallejo.   Citizens should expect to see members of the Safe Net and Bicycle Patrol Team out patrolling the City on an ongoing basis.







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