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Captain James O'Connell
Bureau of Support Services

Community Camera Project

Operation V-Cam



The use of private and commercial camera systems has grown at a rapid and steady pace.  In an effort to capitalize on this technology to improve public safety in our community, the Vallejo Police Department is pleased to announce Operation V-Cam.


Private citizens and businesses in Vallejo will be able to register their privately owned and maintained camera systems with the Vallejo Police Department. The location of these cameras will be available to VPD staff, who may contact the owner in the event a crime occurs in the area of their camera systems.  In many cases, privately owned camera systems have provided valuable evidence to criminal investigations, and have led to arrests that otherwise might never have been possible without the video. Evidence provided by these private camera systems might make the difference between bringing a perpetrator to justice instead of a crime going unsolved.


The Vallejo Police Department will not have direct access to the cameras, and will only contact the owner if it is believed that the camera might have captured criminal activity. 


Public safety is a joint venture that necessitates the investment and participation of the Vallejo Police Department and the citizens it is sworn to protect.  Operation V-Cam is yet another tool to help make Vallejo a safe place to live and conduct business, and to let the criminal element know that they are being watched and are not welcome.


Registration forms are available at the Front Desk of the Vallejo Police Department as well as by following the link below.











Media can contact the Vallejo PD at 707-651-7147.
Citizens can provide information to the Vallejo PD at 800-488-9383.
Citizens can also provide information anonymously  to the Solano Crime Stoppers™ tip line 707-644-STOP.  Solano Crime Stoppers™ offers cash rewards for phone tips that solve violent and/or serious crimes.  
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