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Lieutenant Sid DeJesus
Bureau of Professional Standards

City of Vallejo Police Department
Releases First Recruitment Video
On March 26 and 27, the Vallejo Police Department, in collaboration with 32Ten Studios out of San Rafael, Ca, created the Department's first official recruitment video, produced, directed, and edited by 32Ten Studios.

The video was created to recruit the best and brightest law enforcement professionals who are genuinely interested in making Vallejo their home, and the VPD as a destination where they will dedicate themselves to serving the Vallejo community. The video's theme is "My Family," the message the Department hopes to deliver to those interested in joining our team, our family.

The video includes some of the most dedicated public safety professionals who work hard every day to make Vallejo the very best it can be. The City and Department hopes this will bring it one step closer to creating a better place to live, work and thrive.

As recruitment efforts expand, the video will run on local Vallejo cable, Bay Area Television and in surrounding theaters.  The City wants to attract home-grown talent and those most qualified to serve the Vallejo Community, in addition to those who are community minded and driven toward public service. We hope to showcase the City of Vallejo with those who represent the Police Department.


Lieutenant Sid DeJesus, and Sergeants Todd Tribble and Steve Darden worked exclusively with 32Ten Studios.  CEO and Director, Tim Partridge, COO and Producer, Greg Maloney, and Cinematographer, Phil Hudson, captured the core values of the Vallejo Police Department, and the video represents a message of those we wish to attract, the best and brightest law enforcement professionals.


The Video would not have been made possible without the support of 32Ten Studios, who provided a hefty discount to the City.  "We felt this was a good opportunity to put our team's considerable experience to work for a good cause helping our community, and more specifically, helping the Vallejo Police Department promote their recruiting efforts to add additional officers to their force," said Partridge.


A state C.O.P.S. grant, or Supplemental Law Enforcement Services Grant, funded the effort.  The City receives approximately $100,000 of earmarked funds annually.  The funds must be used for front line law enforcement activity within three years.  Recruitment is a high priority for the Department and the City, so it was only natural to use a part of this year's allocation to aid in this process.  As an organization that has experienced catastrophic staffing reductions --
going from 153 officers in 2006 to 80 in July of 2013 -- we are finally on the road to recovery. We have 90 sworn officers today, and our hope is to reach our authorized staffing levels of 110 by the end of 2014, with an additional 4 hired via a federal C.O.P.S. grant," said DeJesus.


Please visit the City's new YouTube Channel to view all four video cuts.  32Ten Studios is located at 3210 Kerner Boulevard, San Rafael, CA 94901 and can be contacted at (800) 717-3210.


Interested applicants can apply online. Additional information may be obtained by calling (707) 649-4862. 

Media can contact the Vallejo PD at 707-651-7147.
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