Earth Day Edition           April 2015
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Earth Day Every Day!

In Vermont, Earth Day, April 22nd, falls at the ripening of spring - when the snow melts, the days warm, the first snowdrops and crocuses color our muddy lawns and we awake at first light - ever earlier - to the sound of songbirds back from their winter respite in points south. These sure signs of the end of nature's winter slumber remind us of our connection to the environment. Read more about what you can do in honor of Earth Day...

Earth Day Heroes
In honor of Earth Day and the many people at ANR who have dedicated their lives to protecting our environment, we have profiled a handful of our outstanding staff members from across the agency. Each one of these state employees has played a part in helping Vermont move toward a healthy and sustainable environment. It is my hope that by learning more about the work that goes on every day at ANR you will be inspired to get involved and to rededicate yourself to doing more this year to make our world a better place.
A Report on Forest Fragmentation
By Michael Snyder, Commissioner, Dept of Forest Parks and Recreation
Last week we presented to the Vermont Legislature a report on forest fragmentation.  The report describes the forests of Vermont, and outlines their many benefits and corresponding values. The report also looks at forest fragmentation, considering the causes and trends as well as the impacts that fragmentation will have on all of those same forest values - and it lists policy options to maintain forest integrity. Read more about forest fragmentation...
Citizens and Clean Water
By David Mears, Commissioner, Dept of Environmental Conservation
The Vermont General Assembly is poised to pass new clean water legislation this session in response to a statewide call to ensure that Vermont continues to deserve its reputation for green hills and blue waters. The public's engagement in this issue, and support from all quarters and every sector of our state, is contributing to a legislative response that hearkens back to the 1970s, when concerns about the environment - particularly water quality - led to the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, a national day of citizen engagement.  Read more about clean water initiatives...
VT's Climate Cabinet Takes on New Challenges in 2015
By Sarah McKearnan, Special Assistant on Climate Change
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Even we hearty Vermonters were amazed at the tenacity of this year's winter. Bone chilling winds and temperatures dominated our January and February days, and well into April, that spring thaw seemed like it would never arrive!


When the weather delivers a tough winter, it can be hard to stay tuned to the urgency of addressing climate change - and yet the National Weather Service just announced that 2014 was the hottest year on record globally.
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