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                                           e.News APRIL 2016       Issue No: 3
Carwash used as Inspiration for ART !!!  ....
Opening in Melbourne at the National Gallery in October 2016  
Melbourne architects have won the gallery's coveted Architecture Commission with a hot-pink, car wash-inspired design.
Warning for Northern Territory Car Wash Owners and Suppliers
ACWA was contacted recently by the Northern Territory EPA with regards to a Vehicle Washing Inspection program they are currently running under the NT Waste Management and Pollution Control Act, as part of the Darwin Harbour Stormwater Strategy.  It appears that many of the premises visited and/or observed were not complying correctly with the provisions of the ACT.
ACWA Members - both suppliers and car wash owners - please log-in and read Information Letter to ensure that you are aware of the need to comply with trade waste obligations.
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