To:  All Australian Car Wash Operators

Please join in and offer a FREE car wash
to all veterans and service personnel in your local area
Remembrance Day - 11 November 2015 
The Australian Car Wash Association is seeking your support again to honour Remembrance Day 2015 and our armed services personnel by joining this international program which unites the car wash industry.   

Founded in 2004 by Mike Mountz in the USA, the Grace for Vets Program now extends to four countries with over 3,000 car wash sites now registered to participate.

First Step
Register your Car Wash in the Program
If you have not participated before or are not sure if you confirmed your previous registration, go to and check the Australian listings.  If necessary do the quick registration online.

All supporting documents and signage can be accessed from the  Grace for Vets information box on the Home Page of the ACWA website  These can be used as templates and personalised to suit your individual circumstances.  Everything has been done to make it as easy as possible for you to join in and make a success of this special car wash community event. 
Why You Should Join the Grace for Vets Program
  • Increasing the number of washes under this program reflects the international car wash industry's commitment as a whole to our service personnel and identifies you in the eyes of your local community as a good citizen who gives back to those who protect this country.
  • It is a good news story for the local media, particularly if you can provide them with photographs as well as the media release. It helps them to get to know you and perhaps be more willing to promote other activities at your site in the future.
  • It can be a fun-filled day for the veterans, service personnel and your staff, as well as an opportunity to retain a new segment of the market
  • Generally a good public relations exercise, good publicity for the car wash and the messages you want to promote, a feel good sense of belonging for your customers.