Carwash Site Tour was Sold Out !
  Exhibit Hall space was Sold Out !
Gala Dinner was Sold Out !
broke all existing records and set new standards  ....

64 Exhibit Booths with 130 Exhibitors set up displays in the Exhibit Hall
80 people went on the bus tour visiting car wash sites
280 people attended the EXPO
and 30 International Visitors from USA, Europe, Taiwan and New Zealand
Huge attendance at the Opening Breakfast and Gala Dinner Sold Out

What a Success
Some Feedback received ..... 
From exhibitors ...
'This is my 5th Expo and this was probably the best ever Expo in terms of good sales leads and booth traffic, especially Day 1 of the Expo'
'The 2015 Expo was a great all round event - venue 1st class, dinner 1st class and guest speaker 1st class.  Our thanks for the immense amount of hard work that went into it'
From attendees ...
'Bus tour - was a good comparison between sites, opportunity to see what others have done and where it is believed that we are heading in the market'
'Closing drinks and yarn a very good idea'
'Great choice of venue location'
'What a great expo and congratulations on a job well done' 
From a non-attendee .....
'I wish I could have been there, have spoken to a lot of guys & all reports were great to hear. Things that stood out for them were the easy access from the airport, venue, food & expo'
From an International Visitor .....
'I came away incredibly impressed with your membership and the show itself. Kudos for putting together what was universally recognized as a smashing success!'