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June 2015      
Now that is Cold !

Earlier this week temperatures in Canberra overnight were down to -11.2 .... The soap on this brush stopped and froze once it hit the air
Winter Tip  As it is getting dark earlier monitor what time your carwash site lights come on/go off.  Check your timers regularly 'cause you don't want people washing their cars at your site and the lights go off ! 
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Benchmark Survey Results - log into the Members Area of the ACWA website - see under the Heading 'Services to Members' go to the Tab - 'Industry Benchmarking'

Website - Where to Wash My Car 
Google recently had a GEOcode outage which they have now fixed. Can you please check your entry and email ACWA if incorrect


Grace for Vets Could all Carwash sites who participated on Anzac Day please login to register your washes and remember to ensure you are listed for 11 November 2015

Interesting Reading
ICA Car Wash show in Las Vegas in April saw a 22% increase in attendance, the best for 7 years.  Go to the Australian Car Wash Association Facebook page for more information on the show and the latest car washing statistics from the USA.      
Stormwater Pollution Education Awareness Campaign

Stormwater Pollution The Dirty Truth: Home Car Washing
Stormwater Pollution The Dirty Truth: Home Car Washing
Two special animated videos have been created to tell the story - one just on car washing and a second shorter one widening the impact to include other home activities.
You can have FREE access to these videos

Stormwater Pollution The Dirty Truth: Home Activities
Stormwater Pollution The Dirty Truth: Home Activities


A new website has been set up to give you direct access to these videos and all the other
information go to

Promote the Stormwater Pollution messages in your local community with presentations at schools, sports clubs, community groups and business forums around your carwash as well as with your local Council.

Order Form download here 

On the Airwaves

ACWA President Darren Brown (Tasmania) recently hosted a local radio show at his car wash site in Hobart.  He showed the presenters around the car wash and into the sludge pit.  They were very responsive and sent out a strong message on air about stormwater pollution and home car washing.  The public was invited to the site for a Free wash that day
Listen here
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