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Look After Your Staff on those HOT Summer days ....

Changing seasons and as the days heat up we have to think about more than just making sure a cold beer or wine is on chill ready for the evening wind down.


Equipment adjustments have been mentioned before -  like keeping compressors drained, oil changed and soap ratios corrected.  But there is one important piece of equipment that can be over looked when the heat is on ...... our attendants!!


They're likely to be the ones on the coal face during the summer months greeting, talking and managing your customers to ensure their needs are met and experience is consistent.  Ensuring attendants have adequate access to shade and cold drinking water are a few of the basics to consider along with hats and sunscreen.   Although we work around water and it's supposed to be cool, work is work and it gets hot; ensuring they drink and eat consistently both before, during and after work is key to consistent performance.


Lack of water makes it hard for the body to regulate heat and elevates heart rate, making the person more fatigued than usual and affecting motor control, decision making and concentration which around a carwash can be dangerous.


It's not always possible to take time out to sit down every few minutes  to drink and eat, and you may laugh at this,  but at a busy wash where a lot of labour is used then consider providing energy gels for workers to quickly ingest on the go!  These gels, consumed with water every hour are the kind endurance athletes use to encourage slow consistent energy replenishment during exercise, they include a blend of carbohydrates, glucose and other vital ingredients that aid in refuelling.  Whilst they will not replace a proper lunch they go a long way in eliminating the peaks and troughs fatigue brings and maintain the concentration and alertness of employees on the coal face on a busy day.


Now that you've finished laughing at this recommendation whilst sitting in your air conditioned office, sipping on your 2nd skinny soy latte and counting how many cars are banked up on your security cameras, spare a thought for the ones that are the faces and often a customer's first contact at your wash, greeting customers in 35-40 degree heat ....... (about 50 degrees by the time it bounces back off the concrete)


Ask yourself if you are giving your employees every chance to provide the best service and experience possible, rain, hail or shine?   Because if you don't look after them how will they look after your customers ..... and if they don't look after your customers .. somebody else will!


Kind Regards

ACWA Director, Rhys Lyster

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