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July 2014      
Message from Greg Cummins
ACT/NSW Director

Dear Members,    

Previous messages from my fellow board members come with great advice; keeping  your finger on the pulse with regular maintenance and presenting your wash to

the best of your ability is the first initial perception of your customers.  


The real question is, "how do we turn these customers into regular users of your wash"?  ACWA Surveys have shown that on average people wash their car 8 times a year. If this is a typical scenario at your wash, by encouraging your customers to wash 12 times a year, you have just increased your turnover by 50%. I'm sure a lot of members have thrown large amounts of money at advertising, but have little knowledge if it was money well spent.


I have found spending money on the customers you have on site and going beyond their expectations gives the customer a more enjoyable experience and after 21 years of standing on the driveway, the feedback and gratitude keeps me returning to the site as well!

Back to the Driveway! Greg 

Results Members Survey
Thank you to all the members who took the time to complete the Member Survey recently.  The Board of ACWA is made up of hard working members just like yourselves.  Sometimes it is quite difficult to gauge whether we are going in the direction you want us to go in and making the right priorities and decisions.  This feedback is invaluable and your opinions and suggestions will be taken into account for future planning.
The Survey Report is available to all current ACWA members 
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Pashas Turkish Restaurant, Collingwood Melbourne 
Meet for drinks from 5.30pm
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Did this happen at your Site ?
The Founder and CEO of international electronics manufacturer KOGAN got down and dirty in a self serve bay at a Melbourne carwash site this week.

In an attempt to get his staff more active, one of
Australia's richest men Ruslan Kogan (who is worth more than $320 million) promised to wash the car of any of his employees who beat him in a 10 klm charity run. 

He lost the bet and published a livestream back to his staff at the office of himself at a carwash site washing a four-wheel drive as punishment. 
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