Australian Car Wash Association                                                                                  23.12.2013
Summer time brings a different dynamic to our car washes, most notably and hopefully more customers!  Given summers harsh bright sun and high ambient air temperatures our washes behave differently as well as our customers washing habits.  If you haven't already then now is a good time to evaluate the performance of your products you currently use to wash your customers cars.
TEMPERATURES - even if the sun isn't shining doesn't mean it's not a hot day.  The surface temperatures of cars coming into your wash can be boiling hot causing product to dry and evaporate before it's had a chance to do its job and be rinsed off, particularly persoaks, waxes and degreasers, these products you definitely don't want drying on customers cars as streaking, marking or baking on the cars surface can be a costly "make good" for any operator.
RATIOS - whilst no 2 days are the same nor can you wash the same dirty car twice you may want to set aside a day to adjust your tip ratios, air/water ratios as well as swapping your hot water to cold for the summer months and monitor the cars coming through your bays, autos and tunnels.   By no means be "tight" on your product delivery to your customers, be "responsible" and keep them coming back, remember to them you're supposed to be the Carwash guru!!  This also represents a perfect time to re educate your customers washing practices as summer is a harsh time for cars.   Re enforce a wax or  UV clear coat protectant be used every time you wash and ensure customers are rinsing the car thoroughly.
A good first point of reference is check with your product supplier the effects summer will have on their products and how you can make adjustments accordingly whilst still delivering outstanding results for your customers.  A simple titration test will let you know where you stand in terms of value, strength and show both for you and your customers and remember "if you don't look after your customers, somebody else will". 
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