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13 - 15 October
Novotel Twin Waters

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Why ?   Is a hot air balloon lifting a carwash .......


The Hot Air Balloon is the "symbol" of the Australian Car Wash  

Association lifting up the takings, the clientele and the visibility of car wash sites nationally 


The EXPO is ACWA presenting a wide range of equipment, services,  seminars,  workshops,  networking and information that can boost your car wash business.


Give your business a lift
what does that mean to me ? 


Car wash businesses today can no longer just sit back and rely on plenty of customers coming in and giving you the turnover you want.  


This EXPO is encouraging car wash operators to look at additional equipment and services. and other ways that can boost their businesses 


Attend seminars and hear how your fellow carwash operators have adapted and changed their sites to increase turnover

Visit the suppliers at their booths and see what equipment or service you can add-on or rejuvenate at your site

Find out at the EXPO what can give you the edge over your competition

Look at new wash features and brilliant chemical systems that produce a finish as good as any hand wash

On the Business side -  IR,  HR,  OH&S,  Legionnaires,  Council submissions, Promoting,  Marketing,  Charity Fundraising,  rising elecricity charges, energy audits,  government bodies,  water authorities  ----
Do You Know How to Deal with all this ?

Benchmarking - think you are down on numbers - but how does that compare with other car wash sites? 
Learn about what is REALLY happening in YOUR industry

Do you take advantage of boosting your business with your community?    What simple steps can you put into place to get the rewards of many new  customers

Coming into the Industry?  
New to the Industry?
Think of the EXPO as being equivalent to 200 phone calls and 100 meetings looking for information !  
Everything is there ....  Value ?  Priceless
Attend the EXPO 
* Special Rate for NEW members or OVERSEAS delegates  
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