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Australian Car Wash Association                                                                                           30.07.2013

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ACWA has reserved a  large 'block'    of rooms at the Novotel for the EXPO ACWA has the option to 'release' certain numbers of these rooms at key dates - the 90 day mark has just passed -  so a quantity of rooms have been released from  the 'ACWA block'
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ACWA Depreciation Schedule 


ACWA has provided all Members with a Depreciation Schedule prepared for us by a professional accountants for many years.  This year we asked for an upgrade to that Schedule which is now available to ACWA Members.

It's interesting to note that the ATO introduced a specific category in relation to Car Wash equipment in the 2010 year - hence their guidelines in relation to the effective lives of the various plant & equipment should be noted by your members. The effective life of an asset determines the rate at which depreciation may be applied.
Further information and guidance is available on the ATO website

ACWA Benchmarking Survey Report  


The first Annual Benchmarking Survey was completed by a broad range of members and the comprehensive Report on the State of the Industry is now available to all those who completed at least one survey.  

As you all know, the survey was anonymous and participants were asked to send their email addresses to Fiona so that she knows who to send the report too.   If you completed the survey and do not receive a copy of the report within the next few days, please contact Fiona so that you can receive your copy.

For those members who did not take part, you do have another chance to receive the report.   The survey for the year ended June 2013 will be posted before the end of August, and any car wash member completing that survey will be sent a copy of the 2012 report as well as the 2013 report.   We anticipate that the 2013 Report will be completed by November this year.

All suppliers receive a copy of the Benchmarking Report.

Did you know ?
  • that the monthly wash counts for a self-serve bay are nearly 3 times greater than for an automatic bay?   
  • that way the most popular hand wash is a simple inside and out wash with no waxing? 
  • that 58% of small business sites recorded an increase in turnover for the 2012 year compared to the previous year? 
All this and much, much more in the ACWA Benchmarking Report.


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ACWA works very hard to support and promote the industry so that each member's business will grow and prosper


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