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Australian Car Wash Association                                                                                25.06.2013
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Australian Car Wash Association
PO Box 4390, Langwarrin 3910 VICTORIA Australia

Telephone: Office 1300 00 2292
Mobile 0400 070 417


Credit Cards Update


Although the banks and credit card companies have done nothing officially to penalise non-compliance card readers, it has become apparent that many of the new credit cards being issued do not have their magnetic strip activated for use. Apparently when a customer 'activates' the card, only the chip is being activated. The card owner has to specifically request that the magnetic strip be activated otherwise it is not done. You will find that more and more of your customers are being inconvenienced by card rejections. As a matter of urgency contact your card reader supplier to take action to comply as soon as possible.

Upgrading Australia's Banknotes


The Reserve Bank of Australia invited note
reader suppliers and other relevant stakeholders to a meeting this week, to update them about progress with a new range of Australian banknotes expected to be released over the next few years.


The first indication of the planned upgrade came in a media release dated September 2012.  For full release read here  


Apparently it is not intended to change the size of the notes but the new security features could have issues for existing note readers and the associated software.

This is an early heads up for ACWA members who might be planning changes to their existing change and auto entry machines.

Contact your suppliers and check for further updates on the Reserve Bank website before making decisions. 

New System


The Association will cut costs and take advantage of the widespread use of emails in Australia to send out Membership Renewal invoices this year by email instead of post.


Please assist the Accounts Department and email your correct accounting email address for invoicing. 


If you prefer to receive a hard copy invoice mailed to you in the traditional way, email this to us


ACWA works very hard to support and promote the industry so that each member's business will grow and prosper.


Not a Member ? but interested in joining ....