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Bike to Work Day
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April 2014

Upcoming Events:
  • April 25-27: SLO Marathon
  • April 27: Earth Day Fair & Music Festival at Rancho El Chorro Park
  • April 28 - May 2: Air Quality Awareness Week
  • May 3: National Train Day at Union Station in LA
  • May 10: Outdoor Discovery Festival at Lopez Lake
  • May 16: Bike to Work Day
  • May 21: SLO Chamber Expo
  • June 21: Blues Baseball Game
Air Quality & Your Health Infographic

Ever wonder how air quality affects your health? Check out our Infographic that highlights what air pollution is, who is affected by it and what YOU can do to help us protect our blue skies in San Luis Obispo County. Click here to see the full infographic!

Bike to Work Day 2014 - Hop on Your Bike and Get Energized!
Join us on May 16 and visit an energizer station in your community!
Building off Bike Month celebrations that have been highly successful locally and across the nation, APCD is sponsoring Bike to Work Day in San Luis Obispo County! We are collaborating with 18 schools, local businesses, chambers, cities, and organizations to host 11 morning and/or evening Energizer Stations throughout our region. 


Plan Your Bike Trip & Visit and Energizer Station in your Community!

Eleven stations will be set up throughout the County and each one will have a different look and feel. Riders will be greeted with snacks, swag and bike safety checks. For a listing of the locations and hours of the Energizer Stations, visit for a complete list. 


Join us on May 16 on Bike to Work Day to encourage, recharge & celebrate bicycle commuters throughout SLO County. Plan your trip today and make SLO County Bike to Work Day a huge success. 

Congrats on 20 Years! 

On March 26, Paul Reitz, an Engineer with Air Pollution Control District was recognized by the APCD Board for his 20 years of service with the Air District! Paul has been an instrumental part of the APCD over the past two decades, as a major contributor to the last Clean Air Plan update, lead for the Toxics Risk Management Plan and Air Toxics Program and Agricultural Engine Registration Program. Paul also helped the APCD write and implement several rules and regulations that work to reduce air emissions in SLO County.


Paul's favorite part about working for the ACPD is working with the qualified, professional staff and the sense of camaraderie he has with all of his coworkers.


Outside of work, Paul loves to play guitar, kayak, hike, build guitar amplifier and effect kits and go wine tasting, especially when music is involved! This summer he plans to get married to his long-time fianc´┐Że, Patricia, and he is currently helping his daughter, Megan, through school and learning to live on her own.

APCD Board Reaches Agreement with State Parks
Consent Decree Proposed to Replace Permit Requirement

At the March 26 meeting, the SLO County APCD Board took action to sign a Consent Decree with California State Parks to jointly petition the Court of Appeal to approve the Consent Decree and dismiss all appeals in the pending litigation related to Implementation of Rule 1001 (APCD's Oceano Dust Rule). 


Through a four month negotiation process, the California Air Resources Board facilitated discussions with the APCD and State Parks to develop a viable alternative to the standard APCD permit typically used to ensure compliance with air regulations; issuance of such a permit to the Oceano Dunes facility was the primary objection raised in the appeals. The Consent Decree will be filed as a joint motion to the Court of Appeal for final approval. Neither party can predict what action the Court will ultimately take on the Consent Decree, but both parties are optimistic the Court of Appeal will determine the Consent Decree process is reasonable, both procedurally and substantively consistent with the law, and was mutually agreed to in good faith and in the public interest.


If approved, the Consent Decree will replace the permit requirement of Rule 1001 while retaining all other aspects of the rule, including the Air Pollution Control Officer's enforcement discretion as defined by State law. The Consent Decree creates an effective process for implementing Rule 1001 while preserving the Rule in its entirety.


"The Consent Decree represents a lot of hard work and a shared willingness to develop a process that will work well for all parties," states Larry Allen, Air Pollution Control Officer. "The Air District is ready to move forward with implementing Rule 1001 and work with State Parks to employ the measures needed to reduce particulate matter from the dunes and protect public health."

To find out more about the proposed Consent Decree visit the SLO County APCD website
Get Some Green with the Old Car Buy Back Program!
The SLO County APCD is offering $1,000 to owners who wish to voluntarily retire their model year 1993 or older car, pick-up truck or van. This incentive program is designed to accelerate the reduction of air pollution by encouraging citizens to retire older, high emitting vehicles.

Motor vehicles produce more than half of the air pollution in SLO County. Removing high emitting vehicles from the roadways helps clean the air! 

Program Requirements include:
  • Vehicles must be registered as an operable vehicle in SLO County for the past two consecutive years;
  • Vehicle must be in operating condition;
  • Vehicles within 60 days of a required smog check must take and pass their smog check. 
Additional requirements may apply. To determine whether your vehicle qualifies, please call 800-717-7624. 
Thank you for taking the time to read our e-newsletter! If you have any questions regarding programs of the Air Pollution Control District, please give us a call at 805-781-5912. You can also email the APCD at [email protected]
SLO County Air Pollution Control District