March 22, 2016
More Houses! Come Help!
Easter Work Party - Sunday, March 27, 11am-5pm
Othello Tiny House Village 
7544 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S
(1.5 blocks south of Othello Light Rail Station 
in fenced-in area behind 76 Gas Station)

Incredible Volunteer Crew from Hazel Wolf K-8 7th Grade Class!

Be part of the movement to eliminate homelessness in Seattle! Over 280 volunteer heroes (including a 7th grade class last week) worked tirelessly for weeks to set up Othello Village, and the village continues to grow! 

Join us on this special Easter Day of volunteering to help end homelessness. We're excited to announce that four more houses just arrived to be worked on! We'll also be insulating two container shelters, and if it's dry, we'll paint more houses and a community room building. 

We'll be doing this in two shifts, 11 am - 2 pm & 2 pm - 5 pm, with a big volunteer huddle at 11 am & 2 pm. Feel free to give as much or as little time as you have. 

The Othello Village is at 7544 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S, 1 blocks south of Othello Light Rail Station in fenced-in area behind 76 Gas Station. Parking is easy to find just east and south of the village. 

No experience required. We'll have food, snacks, water, soda, and coffee. We are gladly accepting donations of food and drinks for our wonderful volunteer heroes! 

We'll have a gigantic tent for the huddle, eating, hanging out and socializing. Prepare for the elements and wear clothes you're willing to get paint and dirt on.

Please bring family and friends along and help us spread the word. Thanks for all you do to help others and see you this weekend!

Want more info, have ideas, want to help? Email, call, or text Volunteer and Advocacy Coordinator Josh Castle at (206) 334-0508 or 

Thanks for your support!
Sharon Lee
Executive Director
Low Income Housing Institute

Low Income Housing Institute | 2407 First Avenue | Seattle | WA | 98121