September 2014 
Septimus and Black Stax to Play
Upbeat on Jackson Concert Series
(this) Saturday 9/22 at 7:30pm
Ernestine Anderson Place:  2010 S. Jackson St. Seattle
Septimus: now and then
Septimus is a Seattle based group recently given attention as part of the 2009 documentary film "Wheedle's Groove." The group formed in the early 70s and has been an integral part of the Seattle soul and funk scene ever since. Leader Herman Brown was part of the Motown group "Ozone," and has played with Sammy Davis, Jr, Billy Preston, Teena Marie, Shalimar and Al Green. Septimus is comprised of Frankie B (vocals & keyboards), Coleman 'Bluesman' Brown (guitar), Ronald Abraham Brown (bass) and Herman HB Brown (guitar). 
The show will also feature the powerful Seattle based, Black Stax, which combines new hip hop and soul. Black Stax is comprised of MC Jace ECAj and vocalist Felicia Loud. Their music carries messages of social justice and community uplift delivered in an eclectic urban sound laced with jazz and 70s-era soul.
More info:  Upbeat on Jackson







Nickelsville Move into New Home Delayed


Due to permitting delays with City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development the move by Nickelsville to their new location at 1010 S. Deasrborn St. has been delayed.  They have temporarily moved to a makeshift spot down the street on Dearborn across from Goodwill.  The Seattle Times and The Stranger have been covering this story closely.  Please see these articles from 9/9 and 9/13.  Nickelsville will needs help (labor, vehicles, money) with the move.  Please email or call Scott Morrow to help: (206) 450-9136. Please click to donate.


Nickelsville temporary site while permit issues resolved


Sharon Lee (left) and Nickelsville Residents thanking Reverand Manaway (3rd from left) of Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, which sponsored the encampment at 2020 S. Jackson.  Nickelsville moved off the property as scheduled on September 1st ending their year stay.


InterIm CDA will be hosting a community dialogue with Nickelsville on September 22 at 5pm at 409 Maynard Ave (This is PDA's IDEA Space-enter through Hing Hay Park).


LIHI Opposes SHA Plan to Raise Rents on Tenants


City Councilmember Kshama Sawant (center) speaking against SHA plan at Town Hall meeting on 9/14


The Seattle Housing Authority recently released a plan to increase the rents of some residents yearly so as to motivate them to move out of subsidized housing.  Read full press release from SHA.  Also see today's Seattle Times article.


LIHI is taking a position opposing SHA's proposal, as we believe it:

  1. Disproportionately affects immigrant/refugee households and people of color in a negative way. 
  2. Proposes significant rent increases that will overburden working families, with rents that increase faster than salaries increase. 
  3. Will not tackle the real need for MORE affordable housing, this proposal will put more funds back in to SHA to limit their internal budget cuts without producing more housing for those that need it most
  4. SHA is gouging existing residents with high rents and forcing people to leave their homes and neighborhoods. More low-wage working families would be forced to move out of Seattle. 

 If passed this proposal will:

  1. Affect people 24-61 who do not have a disability that impedes them from working
  2. Rents will increase each year regardless of income. Rents will no longer be equivalent to 30% of their income
  3. Rents will be dependent on the number of bedrooms in the apartment with starting rents ranging from $85 to $630 and will continue to increase by $50-$200 per year for 7 years until the family moves into market rate housing or is evicted from their housing and dropped from the program
  4. Go into affect starting in 2016 for public housing and housing choice vouchers, and starting in 2018 for project based units

 There are several community meetings scheduled.  Please come and voice your concerns:


Date & Time


Sept. 16, 6 p.m.

Meadowbrook Comm. Cntr., 10517 - 35th Ave NE

Sept. 17, 6 p.m.

Yesler Community Cntr., 917 E Yesler Way

Sept. 22, 6 p.m.

Rainier Community Cntr., 4600 38th Ave S

Sept. 23, 6 p.m.

New Holly Gathering Hall, 7054 - 32nd Ave S

Sept. 29, 6 p.m.

High Point Comm. Cntr., 6920 34th Ave SW


LIHI Gala & Auction Oct. 24 - Four Seasons
Tickets Now Available


Tickets for LIHI's Annual Gala & Auction can now be purchased here.


Please join us on October 24th at the Four Seasons Hotel Seattle for a fun and tasty evening of raising funds for LIHI's Supportive Services Programs and the Urban Rest Stop.

There is still time to donate an auction item or to become a sponsor.  Call or email

Aaron at 206-957-8069. 


LIHI supporters bidding for fabulous auction items


Thanks for you support!
Sharon Lee
Executive Director
Low Income Housing Institute