October 2013
Shelter Crisis in Seattle
There is not nearly enough shelter space in Seattle for homeless families with children.
Night after night, more and more homeless families are showing up at Nickelsville at Jackson Street. Many have infants or very young children. Some of the women are battered. One woman lived in Ballard her whole life and is now homeless. She has a three month old girl and had nowhere else to go. Another woman was in a wheelchair with a broken leg. Her ex-boyfriend had beaten her up. She had a one year old child. They should not be staying in a tent this winter!
Please call and email the Seattle City Council members below to ask them to fund a new family shelter for 30 homeless families. The Seattle Human Services Coalition is requesting support for $199,000 in the City's 2014 Budget.
We need one more vote! Please thank council members Nick Licata, Mike O'Brien, Sally Bagshaw and Bruce Harrell and ask the others to support the SHSC request for $199,000 in the 2014 Budget for a homeless family shelter.
Sally J. Clark, Council President: 206-684-8802;
Sally Bagshaw: 206-684-8801;
Tim Burgess: 206-684-8806;
Richard Conlin: 206-684-8805;
Jean Godden: 206-684-8807;
Bruce A. Harrell: 206-684-8804;
Nick Licata: 206-684-8803;
Mike O'Brien: 206-684-8800;
Tom Rasmussen: 206-684-8808;   
Cold weather is upon us. This is the time of the year when the need for shelter is at its highest.* In very cold weather the City does open up severe weather sheltersincluding in City Hall, for homeless single men and single women. But these is no place for families with children.  Since September 1st, LIHI and the Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church began hosting the Nickelsville encampment at 2020 S. Jackson Street.
*In the 2013 One Night Count in King County at least 2,736 men, women, and children were found without shelter. This number is an increase of 5% over those found without shelter in 2012. This number is always assumed to be an undercount, because counters can't be everywhere, and because many people take great care not to be visible.
Kids at Nickelsville helping improve the site
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Volunteer Spotlight
Meet Patty.
"If you knew how many lives you touch just by saying hello," exclaims Patty, a 27 year resident of the Frye. Patty's daily mission is to do much more than that - she is an avid volunteer for the Frye and her community. During the holiday season she solicits donations from major department stores for the residents. "I always try to get a gift for everyone, but times are hard and more and more stores are saying no." Before arriving to the Frye, Patty was without housing for five years and she will never forget the moment when she first received the key to her unit!
Patty at the Frye
Now Patty "helps others because it helps [her]" and finds ways to ensure that the needs of her community are met. Her involvement includes looking after the elderly at the Frye, serving food, organizing BINGO night, and volunteering at other housing sites. When asked why she continues to help others she simply says, when you help others they will turn around and help someone else. Patty's continued involvement, commitment, and investment in her community makes her a stellar volunteer and highlights her love for others.
Inspired by Patty's commitment to volunteering with LIHI? Visit our volunteer blog today to learn how to join our volunteer community & start making a difference! Read up about our volunteer opportunity of the month - the Urban Rest Stop - here.
Thank you for your support!
Sharon Lee
Executive Director

Low Income Housing Institute