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Winter 2012

Dear Friends,

We survived the holidays, now back to work! For Christmas we treated our staff to a day of bowling and fun - too bad I forgot my camera. We discovered who could bowl, and who could not (me!). It was great to relax and socialize together in a different setting.

There are some new faces and changes at EACC. Yvette, our bunny-loving receptionist, will be spending more time as a tech, helping with the animals. We will have a new face up front as a receptionist and assistant office manager, Wing. Cindy has joined us as a full time technician; she is a Registered Vet Tech (RVT) and loves exotics and zoo animals, especially reptiles. Jenny, a part time tech, is also an RVT. She is a horse trainer at Santa Anita and is excited to learn everything she can about birds. Matt and Evan have moved on to other positions elsewhere. Sadly, we will miss our beloved Beth as she pursues her passion for art. But she promises to come back and visit. 

Our second anniversary is coming up in March, and we will celebrate with our second annual Exotic Pet Fair event. More details to follow soon! Let us know if you have any suggestions or want to help out. 

Bunny Bunch Valentine's Day Spa and Photo Shoot Day at EACC
Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bring your rabbits, piggies or other little critters for a Valentines Day photo shoot at Exotic Animal Care Center in Pasadena on Saturday, February 11th from noon to 4 p.m. The Bunny Bunch will have a lovely Valentine's Day photo set all ready to take some keepsake photos of your rabbits, chins, or piggies. We will also have volunteers standing by to give your rabbit a spa treatment before the photo shoot. Photos are a $10 donation; a spa and photo package is a $15 donation.  Spa services only are $5. Bunny Bunch Boutique will have all sorts of goodies for your rabbits, piggies and chins for Valentine's Day, plus all our usual favorites.

Thinking about adopting? Come and visit our rescued rabbits for adoption. Does your bunny need a honey? If so we will be doing bunny dating too. All money raised from this event will go towards our Bunny Bunch Pasadena building fund. For those of you who have not heard yet Bunny Bunch and Exotic Animal Care Center are planning on getting a place in Pasadena together later this year or early 2013. Please make this happen by supporting our fundraising efforts.

For those of you who are not in the Pasadena area we are holding Valentine's Day Spa and Photo Shoot Day events at the Bunny Bunch Burrow in Montclair, and in Orange County (location to be announced) on the same day at the same time. For more informaiton call Caroline at (909) 631-9552, or email caroline@bunnybunch.org
EACC Animals for Adoption! 



  Art: She's a cute young red slider turtle, found wandering about with a crack in her shell.  She's now healed and ready for a good home.

Rob Zombie He's a male neutered guinea pig who survived being attacked by a raccoon.  We nursed him though a nasty infected wound, he lost his left ear, but he doesn't seem to notice!  He's very playful and sweet, about a year old. 

Wicked: A healthy year old male neutered guinea pig.  He likes to burrow in his hay and popcorn with happiness at meal time. 
She's a beautiful black lop eared rabbit.  She is a spayed female, a year old and very curious.  She is recovering from complications from her spay, but is a healthy, happy bunny needing a loving home.  She misses her black lop sisters, and really wants to find a friend.

Georgia, Gidget and Gogo: Gigi's black lop sisters...shiny black and beautiful!  They were saved from a situation where they were living in a tiny cage.

  Guppy: A handsome year old male lop eared rabbit, white with black spots.  He was living in filthy conditions which led to huge painful abscesses on all four feet. Despite his abscessed feet he has a great attitude and zest for life.  His feet are nearly healed, and then he will be able to go to a good home.

  Whiskey:  This adorable guy is a three year old brown and white neutered rabbit.  After several years of a junk food diet (including french fries!) he now has irregular teeth.  He is extremely cute, very playful and loves to be petted.   He loves to pick up items and carry them around,  and can often be seen with a piece of paper in his mouth, streaming behind him.

   Swiss Cheese: Poor Swiss Cheese.  This California Desert Tortoise was attacked by a dog and now has 28 holes in his shell.  He is healing well, but slowly.  He still is on meds for his injuries. 

   Naughty and Dart: Naughty is a beautiful, healthy, blue-eyed white rabbit that isn't as naughty as her name suggests. She loves to race around the house and  play. Naughty is about 4 years old and is spayed.  Dart (D'Artagnan) is a gorgeous silvered black Jersey Woolly, about 3 years old and neutered. He is very inquisitive and explores everything, and loves to race across the house.  They are a happy couple, Dart and Naughty!

     R2: She was relinquished to us at EACC as the owners could not afford to keep her. She's an adorable, dainty, blue eyed, black and white dutch. She's very sweet and loves to be petted. R2 is about 4 years old. By the way, she's a snuggler too!


Please call us at 626-405-1777 or email Kim if you are interested in any of the animals above. 

photosPhotos of Animals for Adoption
Rob Zombie and Wicked 

Gidget  Georgia
Gogo    Gigi 

             Guppy          Swiss Cheese



Dart and Naughty

Contributions to EACC
We are always getting in local wildlife that needs our help and in these cases, EACC pays for the care and medications to make these animals well again.  Additionally, we have a few individuals who are struggling to cover their EACC bills, as well as rescue organizations whose bills mount up quickly helping rescued and homeless animals.


If you have a few dollars or more to spare, EACC welcomes donations to help cover the costs of care for these animals.  We appreciate any help you can give.  Thank you!

Guinea Pigs-The Importance of Vitamin C


Humans, primates, and guinea pigs cannot make their own vitamin C, so these species require an external source. Vitamin C's main activity is in collagen synthesis, but it is known to be an antioxidant and helps with enzyme function, as well as boosting the immune system. Vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy. Signs include lethargy and weakness, bleeding gums, teeth loosening and dental malocclusion, bone pain, bruises on the skin, wounds, and if not treated can progress to anemia, neurological signs and death. Humans can choose to eat foods rich in vitamin C or take vitamin supplements, but pet guinea pigs rely upon us to make sure they have enough vitamin C in their diet.


All of the pelletted guinea pig diets have vitamin C added. But the vitamin degrades over time and is only good for 6 months past when the pellets were made. Since the pellets don't list an expiration date, we can never be sure how old the pellets are, and how much vitamin C they contain. The nice thing is that you cannot overdose on vitamin C - any excess just passes out in the urine. Guinea pigs require 50mg of vitamin C each day. It can be difficult to get your guinea pig to eat enough fresh citrus fruit to fulfill their needs, so I recommend supplementation. The multi-vitamin drops sold at all petstores do NOT supply enough vitamin C per drop, so they are not recommended. Plus when you add vitamin C to the water, it starts to degrade immediately. You can use a chewable children's vitamin C tablet, but those contain sugar. The ideal supplement is a no-sugar added liquid vitamin C found at health food stores or a vitamin C tablet created specifically for guinea pigs by Oxbow.


Vitamin C supplements are vital to maintaining the health of your guinea pig, and your health too!

Can You Help?

Recently, a chinchilla was relinquished at the clinic - the owner could not take care of its overgrown teeth. One of our interns, a vet student from Massachusetts, is willing to take him but we need to find someone to help with transport. Is anyone flying or driving in that direction able to help? Please call us at 405-1777 if you can assist in any way. It would be wonderful to find this chin a great home.


EACC Facebook Page


Instead of updating our blog we will be keeping you posted on Facebook about things going on at EACC.  Look for impromptu photos, posts, etc. 

Thank You for Supporting Exotic Animal Care Center!  We truly appreciate you and your precious pets!

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