Exotic Animal Care Center News
 September/October 2010
Dear Friends,
Wow, it's been six months since I've opened my own practice! Time sure flies! It has been very busy at the hospital, and it's so rewarding to be able to offer high quality, compassionate care to all the adorable pets brought in. I am so happy to see all my prior patients and their parents, and I'm excited to meet my wonderful new clients.

We have a dream team of support staff, and many of them are familiar faces. Jane has joined us and uses her extensive skill set and great personality to lead our front desk staff. LoriAnn is a newcomer that has impressed us with her enthusiasm and warmth at the reception desk. Our Registered Veterinary Technician Maureen brings her extensive anesthetic experience to help make sure your pets are safe; in addition she plays a large role in the support and growth of the hospital. Amy continues to amaze everyone with her innate ability to nurture sick and nervous pets. She is the rock solid center of the hospital, managing nursing care for hospitalized pets, coordinating doctor exams in the rooms, and educating clients. Beth is a "jack of all trades", helping with everything, everywhere she's needed, with a bright smile and eagerness we admire. I think the best part of our team is that we all get along very well. We enjoy helping animals, and I hope that our happiness makes you feel comfortable and welcome.

We have exciting news - because we've been so busy, we're trying to hire a second doctor. Dr. Tiffany Margolin has started working at the hospital, and we'll see if it's a good fit. Dr. Tiffany is a sweet and energetic experienced veterinarian, and she has treated birds, reptiles, exotic mammals, dogs and cats for many years. She is Avian board certified which allows us to offer advanced veterinary care to the pet birds in the area. Dr. Tiffany is also a certified acupuncturist and chiropractor. I would like to encourage all owners of exotic pets with chronic diseases or arthritis to take advantage of this service.

We are currently open five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday,
9 am-7 pm. As an additional convenience we are carrying several flavors of hay from Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue and Bunny Bunch, plus rabbit and guinea pig pellets. We just started to carry Zooh Corner toys for sale and will begin carrying Harrison's bird diet soon. We are taking requests and can supply you and your pet with almost anything you might need.

Thank you for your continued support,

Dr. Kanfer
Found Baby Squirrels 

Here at EACC, we often get local area wildlife in need of care.  This baby squirrel was found with its siblings lying at the base of a tree and a caring person brought them in since the mother was nowhere to be found.  Vet Assistant Amy was crucial in nurturing the squirrels and getting them healthy again.

Come See Dr. Kanfer

Dr. Kanfer will be at Bunny Expo 2010 at the Bunny Bunch Burrow on Sunday, October 3.  She will be giving a talk about rabbit and exotic care and offering private consultations for a suggested donation. Go to bunnybunch.org for more details. 
Contributions to EACC
We are always getting in local wildlife that needs our help and in these cases, EACC pays for the care and medications to make these animals well again.  Additionally, we have a few individuals who are struggling to cover their EACC bills, as well as rescue organizations whose bills mount up quickly helping rescued and homeless animals.
If you have a few dollars or more to spare, EACC welcomes donations to help cover the costs of care for these animals.  We appreciate any help you can give.  Thank you!
Animals for Adoption at EACC!

How about a Red-Eared Slider or a young female Guinea Pig?  Looking for a rabbit (we have four for adoption!) or a HUGE sulcata tortoise?  If you are interested please let us know.  They would very much like to go to a loving home.
Thank you for your support of EACC!


Hours of operation: Tuesday thru Saturday 9 a.m.to 5 p.m.

Email:kim@exoticanimalcarecenter.com (You may also make appointments by email)

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