NewsletterMarch 2015
Warners Bay Community Garden

Things are really moving along and the garden is starting to take shape. We're aiming to have regular scheduled working bees once a month so we'll announce the dates in future correspondence so everyone can plan ahead. Depending on the jobs to be done, we may also have other gardening activities on other weekends too. To keep up to date on what's happening, check our Facebook page and contact our Project Manager Paul Power (see notice below).


Activities This Weekend, 28th February

Our seedling growers have been hard at work and will be participating in the Boolaroo Fun Fair from 9am. Drop in and grab yourself some seedlings and catch up on the latest. There will also be a team working on the compost bays Saturday morning from 10am so if you would like to assist or just take a sticky-beak at what's happening, drop in at Bunya Park to take a look. 



The WBCG Committee


All helpers wanted


Your Community Garden is really starting to take shape. Have you seen it lately?

This is a large task requiring many people. Anyone who is able to assist in even the smallest way, is encouraged to contact us or attend a working bee.

We are attempting to arrange working bees every weekend. Tell your neighbours, tell your friends, as everyone can benefit from the garden! We have a few more tasks to complete to finalise Stage One, prior to our official opening.

I am also planning Stage Two which is even bigger.

Please register your interest even if you are unable to assist now, and I'll ensure you are contacted at the appropriate time.

Phone me on 0427 066 573 or email me at for more information.


Paul Power

Project Manager

Warners Bay Community Garden

Compost Bay Working Bee

Our compost Bay Working Bee was well attended on 15th February. The last post was cemented into place at about 7 pm. After such a hot day, we enjoyed a few raindrops as we packed the equipment into our vehicles. Great effort everyone!


Have You Made Your Pledge Yet?

Please be aware that all members participating in gardening activities are required to complete the Member's Pledge. This can be done online here  or at a working bee.

Bush Tucker Seedling Offer

We have a limited number of bush tucker seedlings to offer our members and friends. Seedlings are in 150m pots and will be available for pick up when the roots are well established.

Seedlings available include Finger Limes, Davidson Plums and Plum Pines.

Cost: $12 each. Payment on pickup.

Orders Only. Please Contact Trish 49471821 


Seedling Market Stall
Boolaroo Fun Fair
Saturday 29th February, 9am - 2pm
24 Main Road Boolaroo

From Our Members


Rebecca and Eddy

"We cut drain holes in an old kitchen tidy bin, placed foam blocks in the bottom and are using it as a pot for cascading herbs. The foam helps drainage and it is a nice deep pot for the root system."



"Remember to water freshly potted or transplanted seedlings. Watering ensures that pockets of air around the roots will be avoided. Roots exposed to the air will die."



"Coffee revived my failing parsley plant. Now it is thriving."



"Thai basil can be heavily pruned. New growth appears quickly. Thai basil will grow through winter and attracts bees into the garden."


Let us know if you have a hint or tip to pass on to other gardeners.


March Jobs in Your Own Veggie Garden
  • Weed and fertilise vegetables and pick crops regularly.
  • Prepare ground for autumn seedlings by adding compost and manure.
  • Keep up the watering as permitted.
  • Start a compost heap.
  • Lightly trim and tidy woody herbs like rosemary, thyme, sage and lavender then fertilise and water well.
  • With the warming climate, fruit flies are becoming an increasing problem. Maintain baits right through summer and into autumn.
  • Check all fruit trees and rake up rotting fruit on the ground. Put in your rubbish bin not your compost.


Recent Activities 
  • John took delivery of the timber for our garden beds.
  • Adelle and Trudy attended the Native Bee Workshop and picked up our bee box.
  • Patricia Smith donated parsley seeds and milk bottles.
  • Di Winterbourn prepared milk bottles to use as seedling pots.
  • John mowed our grassy patch at Mt Hutton greenhouse.
  • Shari and Trish Smith offered cuttings from their lemon myrtle trees.
  • Adrienne donated a worm farm, advanced lime and lemon tree, compost bins and potted herbs.
  • Grahame, Rosalie and Donna potted more bush tucker seedlings at our greenhouse.
  • John mowed the compost bin area at Bunya Park.
  • Keira and Trish discussed WBCG and Eastlake Youth Centre projects.
  • Steve and Paul are preparing materials to complete compost bins.
  • Janice and Trish distributed Market Stall posters to local businesses, Child care Centres, Libraries, Cafes, Warners Bay Village.
  • Shelley displayed our stall poster at The Place.


Planting Guide

Amaranth, Asparagus Pea/Winged bean, Broad Beans & Fava Beans, Beans (Climbing - Pole & Runner), Beans (Dwarf - French & Bush), Beetroot, Broccoli, Burdock/Gobo, Cabbage, Cape Gooseberry, Carrot, Chilli peppers, Chives, Collards, Cucumber, Dill, Endive, Florence Fennel, Kale, Kohlrabi, Leeks, Lettuce, Mustard greens, Oregano, Pak Choy, Parsley, Radish, Rocket, Rosella, Salsify, Silverbeet/Swiss Chard, Spring Onions, Sunflower, Swedes, Turnip


For more planting advice see:

Note: Newcastle on the border of the temperate and subtropical regions and as such, local weather conditions may need to be factored when deciding what to plant. This planting advice provided here is as per subtropical region only. If you have a specific question regarding to planting, please feel free to post it to our Facebook page.


Upcoming Meetings
Working Bee
Date: Saturday 28th February, 2015 
Time: 10:00am
Venue: WBCG, Bunya Park
Address: Cherry Road, Eleebana

Coffee Morning Tea
Monday 9th March 2015
Time: 10:30am
Venue: Warners Bay Hotel
Address: 5 John Street Warners Bay 
Members, Friends, New Members welcome.  
If you'd like any more information on the activities of the Warners Bay Community Garden please feel free to call or email us. Click here for contact details.  
Warners Bay Community Garden Inc.
Coming Events 

Seedling Stall
Sat 28th Feb, 9am-2pm
Boolaroo Fun Fair
24 Main Rd Boolaroo

Garden Working Bee
Sat 28th Mar, 10am
WBCG, Bunya Park

Coffee Morning
Mon 9th Mar, 10:30am
Warners Bay Hotel
5 John Street
Warners Bay