August Newsletter   
Next Monthly Meeting - Sunday 7th August

We look forward to catching up with you at the monthly meeting of Warners Bay Community Garden. Hope you can come along for a cuppa, a chat and a catch up with friends.  

Gold coin donation for hall hire welcome.  


2pm - Sunday 7th August

Warners Bay Lion's Club Hall

Sweet St, Warners Bay 


Afternoon tea provided. Children, New Members and Friends always Welcome!

 The Monthly WBCG meeting is a great opportunity to show, tell and share! 


Seedling Growers Needed


We are looking for more WBCG volunteers to grow organic seedlings for sale at our Monthly Market Stalls. Our seedlings are grown in newspaper pots made by members. Newspaper pots make planting easy and reduce transplant stress - just pop the seedling in the pot straight into the ground. 


How to make a newspaper pot click here for video


All you need is a sunny spot in your yard, on a veranda or balcony. Make your own newspaper pots and WBCG supplies all other materials including potting mix, seedling trays and seeds.


All unsold seedlings are donated to local schools, pre-schools and childcare centres for use in the vegetable gardens tended by the children. 


Our next market stall - Sunday, 11th September

If you can help please contact Trish -

Make Your Own Backyard Habitat

 Learn about the importance of backyard habitat for local native animals, and discover how to create a frog pond and possum nest box in your own backyard.


Saturday, 13 August 2011


9:30 AM- 11:30 AM


Landcare Resource Office

 Cnr Teralba and Five Islands Road

 Teralba, NSW 


'Free' - Please register - bookings essential

Customer Service Centre - 02 4921 0333 


Car pool - if you need a lift or can offer a lift please contact Trish: or Ph: 02 4947 1821



Recipe of the Month

Sweet Pumpkin Pie




Shortcrust pastry to cover a 23cm pie tin
2 cups cooked pumpkin puree (approx 500g raw)
1 cup firmly packed brown sugar
6 teas plain flour
2 teas ground cinnamon
teas ground nutmeg  teas ground ginger
1 large egg, lightly beaten
2 egg whites, lightly beaten
cup skim milk
1 teas vanilla essence

sweet pumpkin pie


Preheat oven to 200C. Lightly grease pie tin and line with pastry, trimming and crimping edges. Line with greaseproof paper, fill with beans or rice and blind bake for 10 min. Transfer to a wire tray to cool and reduce oven to 180C.
Combine pumpkin puree, sugar, flour and spices in a mixing bowl. Whisk in egg, egg whites milk and vanilla. Pour mixture into pastry case.
Bake for about 45 minutes until filling is set lightly, like a custard tart. Place on a wire rack and allow to cool completely.
Serve with vanilla icecream
Sustitute pumpkin with sweet potato    

Recipe supplied by Steve





August is time to sow seeds for cabbage, garlic, kale, mustard greens, onion, peas, radish, shallots, snow peas and sugar peas.


Seed potatoes can be planted now. Find them in nurseries and gardening supply stores. 


 Full Planting Guide for August: click here


Growing potatoes advice: click here


Garden Calendar and Growing Guide: click here


Culinary Hint


How to dry Parsley:


Simply tie the parsley together by the stems and hang upside down in a dark and dry location. You do not want them exposed to light as this can cause the herb to lose potency. You can also place a brown paper bag over the herb to help prevent light from affecting the herbs. Check the herbs in 2 weeks to see if they have dried. If there is still moisture, let dry for another week.


Once fully dried, take the herbs and over a flat clean surface, rub your hands over the leaves causing them to fall off the stems. Place the crushed and dried parsley in a container, such as a glass jar. Keep in a cool and dark location such as a cupboard or pantry. Dried herbs will keep their freshness for 12 months at which point potency will begin to decrease.



Beetroot, onions, lettuce, cabbage, peas and dill will thrive together.

Companion plants for potatoes are: peas, beans, brassicas, sweetcorn, broad beans, nasturtiums and marigolds.


More companion plants here



 Carrot Seed Collecting



Carrot seeds form on top of the green foliage of a carrot. If you let just one carrot 'go to seed', it will shoot up into lots of branches, not just floppy foliage. At the top will appear little umbrellas of tiny white flowers. These flowers hold the seeds. Cut your stem down near the carrot, and put into a paper bag. Scrunch it closed, and within a couple of weeks, the seeds should have dried out, and are then ready for planting again.


By the way, you can plant carrot seeds all year round. They just grow a bit slower in winter. Leave your carrots in the ground until you need them, if possible. Pick them when you can see a big round end. Put into a plastic bag in your crisper drawer. They seem to last for over a month and they are still delicious!


More gardening hints:  click here
 fresh carrots


Home Remedy for Weed Control
The best way to control weeds is to out compete them. Ensure healthy soil and multi-layered gardens so there is no room for weeds. Boiling water will kill weeds if you pour it directly onto them. Take care not to get the water on the plants you want to keep in your garden though, as it will affect those too. 
This method is especially useful for paving cracks if all the plants between the pavers are weeds. Vinegar will kill couch grass.
couch grass image



Next Market Stall - Sunday 11th September, 8.00am - 1.00pm

Lions Club Markets, John Street car park, Warners Bay.


John Street market stall photo 


Grow your own delicious vegetables and herbs this summer. Provide healthy, organic food for your family while keeping costs down.


Drop in to our stall and pick up some organic vegetable and herb seedlings.

Warners Bay Community Gardeners grow seedlings in hand-made newspaper pots for easy planting while avoiding transplant stress for the seedling.

Simply dig a hole and pop the pot and seedling straight into the ground.


In season herbs and vegetables available.


*** Volunteers needed at Belmont Community Garden ***
Please call Sheena - Ph; 4947 0031 or Email:


Get more involved with WBCG   


We currently have 3-6 monthly seedling growers. More are very welcome and needed, all materials provided along with advice and support. Go on, give it a go! A patch of sun and a watering can is all you really need. You'll love sowing seeds, seeing the first green shoots come up, and marvelling at the new seedlings unfolding.


We have 3 potmakers who prepare newspaper pots for our seedling growers. More are very welcome and needed. Wonder how they are made? Watch this YouTube clip of Steve making them! (Click here)

VOLUNTEERS for composting needed!


VOLUNTEERS willing to transport people to/from meetings, events please contact Trish.  

(Someone is needed in Eleebana at the moment please).


MEMBERS needing transport to meetings/events, please contact Trish.

If you can assist with any of these roles, please contact Trish, phone 49471821, 
or to email click here.

A new family membership rate is now available, for just $30 for two adults (children free).  


Current annual membership rates are:


$20 - adult

$10 - concession, health-care card holders

$10 - students (Uni/Tafe),

$30 - family (2 adults)

FREE - children up to 18yrs 


'Current Membership valid until we commence work at Bunya Park'


Membership fees contribute towards such things as insurance, garden materials, market stalls and advertising. Financial Members have access to additional topics in the online forum.

Warners Bay Community Garden Inc.
ABN: 49 117 244 067