June Newsletter   
Next Monthly Meeting - Sunday 5th June


We look forward to catching up with you at the monthly meeting of Warners Bay Community Garden. Hope you can come along for a cuppa, a chat and a catch up with friends.  

Gold coin donation for hall hire welcome.  


2pm - Sunday 5th June 

Warners Bay Lion's Club Hall

Sweet St, Warners Bay 


Afternoon tea provided. Children, New Members and Friends always Welcome!


The Monthly WBCG meeting is a great opportunity to show, tell and share! 


Belmont Library Talk and Display 28th June

Tuesday, 28th June at 11.30am. 19 Earnest Street Belmont.


WBCG members Collis and Trish will talk on our community garden plans for 

Bunya Park and activities of our group.


Sheena from Belmont Neighbourhood Centre will talk on 

Belmont Community Garden and Men's Shed.


Warners Bay Community Garden, Belmont Community Garden and Men's Shed will share a display of photos and children's art and craft from participating schools.


Visit Belmont Library to see our display from 21st June to 1st July.


Letter of Appreciation
 To Warners Bay Community Garden
We wish to thank you very much for your support and help recently to the Warners Bay Early Learning and Care Centre Inc. Your contribution to the centre during the Working bee on Sunday 27th March 2011 was greatly appreciated. The garden beds look magnificent and the children have been busily planting lots of vegetables. Their experiences with the natural world have been meaningful and enjoyable. Our playground redevelopment has begun and is looking amazing already.
Yours Sincerely

Julie Alexander
Warners Bay Early Learning and Care Centre Inc.

Pre-DA Meeting with Lake Macquarie City Council                                                                                    Steve Taylor


We have advanced another step towards finally planting some community fruit & veg!


On Wednesday 18th May, four committee members met with LMCC to discuss the submission of the Community Garden Development Application. The DA has been six months in the making and an incredible amount of work has been generously donated by many people.


The latest revised design has been included and incorporates a huge amount of feedback from both the council and the community.


The general feeling from the council staff is that it is a worthwhile project. Many of the concerns previously raised have been addressed in the DA but the council have requested further detail, including the following aspects:

         a disabled-access parking space located within the park grounds

         extra detail on our plans indicating all existing park facilities

         mitigation strategies of risks relating to the compost bays

         specific dimensions and drawings of all proposed structures


In order to meet council's requirements we are going to need to undertake a formal survey of the park area as well as perform further development of the plans. Once the DA has been submitted, it will be put on public display by the council. The community in the surrounding vicinity will be formally notified. 


We will keep you posted of further developments as they happen.




  June is time to sow seeds for cabbage, garlic, kale, mustard greens, onion, peas, radish, shallots, snow peas and sugar peas.


 Full Planting Guide for June click here


Growing Guide for June click here



Dwarf bush beans, beets, onion, marigold, nasturtium, rhubarb, sage, dill, chamomile and celery will thrive together. 
 Cabbage butterfly
 Hint - Garlic helps to keep aphids away from roses and raspberries and repels cabbage butterfly

More companion plants here

Culinary hints - Coriander


I love the taste and aroma of fresh coriander leaves in Indian, Thai and Chinese cooking.

I buy spices in bulk and to some people's amazement I have had great success growing coriander by simply sprinkling seeds straight out of the spice jar into rich moistened compost.

Although this coriander is not as long-lasting before setting to seed as the specialised leaf-producing variety, this is a much cheaper way of buying coriander seed.

Coriander seed and leaves 

Coriander absolutely hates being transplanted, so you really need to plant the seed where it is to grow (full to half sun). 

Cover with a thin layer of mulch and carefully prick out any weeds that germinate. 

Sometimes the seed has been in storage too long to be viable but I've been amazed at how readily coriander germinates.

You need to keep the soil moist (water everyday) for at least the first week or two.  

Then apply a good liquid organic fertiliser rich in nitrogen to help get strong leafy growth.

After a few weeks start another patch so you have a continuous supply!

I have an old wine barrel cut in half which is dubbed the "coriander forest".


Ben Henley


Alternative home remedies:



Ingredients: 1 tablespoon molasses

                  1 litre water

                  Few drops liquid soap




Mix ingredients together and put in spray bottle. Use as a foliage spray for fruiting trees, vine crops and vegetables. This solution will deter beetles and caterpillars due to the bitter residue left on flowers and foliage. 



  • Wash fruit and vegetables well after harvest. 
  • Store mixture in clearly labelled glass jars. 
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes. 
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.



DISCLAIMER: Home remedies are designed to have minimal impact on the environment, but no solution that is meant to kill should be regarded as safe. This remedy is not intended to replace professional advice.

Do you have an organic recipe to share with the group? 
Please send recipes to Trish, to email please

click here.

Get more involved with WBCG   


We currently have 3-6 monthly seedling growers. More are very welcome and needed, all materials provided along with advice and support. Go on, give it a go! A patch of sun and a watering can is all you really need. You'll love sowing seeds, seeing the first green shoots come up, and marvelling at the new seedlings unfolding.


We have 3 potmakers who prepare newspaper pots for our seedling growers. More are very welcome and needed. Wonder how they are made? Watch this YouTube clip of Steve making them! (Click here)

VOLUNTEERS for composting needed!


VOLUNTEERS willing to transport people to/from meetings, events please contact Trish.  

(Someone is needed in Eleebana at the moment please).


MEMBERS needing transport to meetings/events, please contact Trish.

If you can assist with any of these roles, please contact Trish, phone 49471821, 
or to email click here.

A new family membership rate is now available, for just $30 for two adults (children free).  


Current annual membership rates are:


$20 - adult

$10 - concession, health-care card holders

$10 - students (Uni/Tafe),

$30 - family (2 adults)

FREE - children up to 18yrs 


All membership renewals are due on 1st July 2011.


Membership fees contribute towards such things as insurance, garden materials, market stalls and advertising. Financial Members have access to additional topics in the online forum.


NOTE:     All membership fees are renewed at the start of each financial year (1st July). 

Fees for new members registering between 1st Jan and 30th June are reduced by 50%.

Warners Bay Community Garden Inc.
ABN: 49 117 244 067