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November 2013
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Dr. Rosenfarb's Published Research Study on Retinitis Pigmentosa
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Welcome to the AcuVision Newsletter!
This is our latest issue and I am very excited to bring you an entirely new approach in the field of holistic eye health.


Day-in and day-out I work with patients from all around the world dealing with all kinds of chronic eye issues - it is my life's work and my passion!  My success rate is quite high because I carefully select only those patients that I believe will respond best to our treatment.

Approximately 85% of accepted patients see a measurable improvement, and the others are "non-responders."  I always want to do more for my patients, which is why I tend to be a bit obsessive about researching new methods in order to help more people see better, faster.

Office Video Tour With Dr. Andy Rosenfarb
Office Video Tour With Dr. Andy Rosenfarb

Dr. Rosenfarb's Published Research Study on Retinitis Pigmentosa


The long awaited study of Dr. Rosenfarb's Acupuncture Research for Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) has been published and is now publicly available online.  


This is an acupuncture protocol that Dr. Rosenfarb created for by the investigated by Dr. Ava Bittner and her research team at the Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University.  The protocol was found to be highly effect for participants diagnosed with RP - genetic night blindness.

Here is a link to the abstract:

Dr. Rosenfarb has also just finished a certification course for acupuncturists who want to learn this protocol.  We want this treatment to be accessible to everyone.  
In order to do that, we need to get acupuncturists in the US and around the world trained up and certified so that they can properly administer the protocol.   
ONLY acupuncturists who have been trained and certified by myself should administer this protocol. We will have an updated list on our web site so you can find someone in your area.
If you know of an acupuncturists who may be interested, please let them know.
Training will include a full year of case support for acupuncturists.  Dr. Rosenfarb in essence will be in full collaboration with your acupuncturist on your specific case.
The course is available at:
Dr. Rosenfarb Guarantee's Results!


Dr. Rosenfarb is so confident in his acupuncture methods that you will not be charged if there are no measurable improvements!


If there are no immediate responses, then the treatment is probably not going to work for you.  We call this a "non-responder" and approximately 15% of patients who come to see Dr. Rosenfarb fall into this category.  Unfortunately, Dr. there are a few people who just don't respond.


Thousands of years ago, Chinese Medical Acupuncturists were ONLY compensated when they got RESULTS.  They were not paid for time spent, if they failed to help the patient. 


Dr. Rosenfarb is the ONLY known acupuncturists who guarantees his services.  There is no charge if there is no measurable improvement in vision during the first week.




If you are receiving acupuncture for an eye condition, a well trained acupuncturist should know that results will be evident within the initial series of 10 treatments. Very few (extremely advanced) cases may need an additional week to see improvement.


Why do some not respond?  Either acupuncture (in general) may not work for that person OR the practitioner lacks the understanding and skill to treat a specific condition.


Begin treatment ONLY after there is a clearly established baseline of your vision. This is critical - otherwise how do you know if treatment is working for you?  


Measuring should be done with conventional ophthalmic methods and reported as such.


I have had reports from patients that they were told to "keep coming back" for months (and even years) with no evidence of improvement.  That's just not right!  


Again, measurable results are almost always seen within the first series.  




For the first year or so, vision will continue to improve.  After 12-15 months or so, regeneration of damaged and dormant photo-receptors will most likely be maximized. 


At that point the goal is vision preservation and maintenance, usually 1-2 times per year.  We need to keep the blood flowing to the retina and optic nerve to preserve vision.




Dr. Rosenfarb has given workshops to hundreds of acupuncturists and personally trained many in Advanced Chinese Medical Ophthalmology & Acupuncture Ophthalmology.  


He has written two books and has an online course to offer his expertise to his peers. Any acupuncturists interested in learning has all of these resources available to them.


There is also our online courses at:


AcuVision Training for Acupuncturists




The 2 most important things you need to remember are:


1- Get a baseline vision test and test before and after a series of 10 acupuncture treatments.  Make sure testing is done using conventional testing methods.


2- If there is no measurable improvement by then, you are likely to be a "non-responder." 


No response can also be a failure on the part of the acupuncturist and/or you may need to try another method of treatment. 


We may still consider exploring herbs & supplements, micro current, laser therapy, etc.



 Yours In Lasting Health,


Andy Rosenfarb, ND, L.Ac
Doctor of Naturopathy
Board Certified in Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine
Meet Dr. Rosenfarb
dr. andy
Dr. Andy Rosenfarb is a world-renown leader in the field of Chinese Medical Ophthalmology.  For over 16 years he has been committed to helping patients recover and preserve vision using safe, natural and highly effective therapies. 
Dr. Rosenfarb combines the time-tested 4,000 year-old, Chinese Medicine with cutting-edge Naturopathic Medicine.
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