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June 2012

"Healing Vision Begins with a Vision of Healing...."
Dr. Rosenfarb on the Radio - Live!
Sunday June 10, 2012
8pm - East Coast Time
(5pm Arizona Time) 

"On Sunday June 10th  my guest will be Dr. Andy Rosenfarb, a brilliant acupuncturist who is doing remarkable work is using acupuncture in the treatment of eye disease!"

-  Dr.Edward Kondrot


*Are you losing your vision?
*Have you had surgery or injections without help?
*Are you looking for safe alternative methods to improve your eyesight?


Learn how Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine can help you manage your eye problems. 


Your calls are welcome on Dr. Kondrot's Healthy Vision Talk Radio Show!


See  Dr. Kondrot's Healthy Vision Talk Show Schedule 



Unable to receive the station in your area? 


Then join us on the internet http://1100kfnx.com/

Call 602-277-KFNX or toll free to 1-866-536-1100 during the radio show to have your questions answered! You can also email Dr. Kondrot at drkondrot@healingtheeye.com during the show.

Meet Dr. Rosenfarb
dr. andy
Dr. Andy Rosenfarb is a world-renown  leader in the field of Holistic Eye Care.  He is committed to helping you recover and preserve as much lost vision as possible using safe and natural therapies.
Dr. Rosenfarb combines the time-tested 4,000 year-old, Chinese Medicine with cutting-edge Naturopathic Medicine.
E-mail Dr. Rosenfarb TODAY to find out if you qualify for this treatment.
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