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February, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Worship with Us!    


"Sharing Is Caring"

Join us for Mid-Week Lenten Gatherings on Wednesday Nights,
beginning February 17!

5:30 PM  Delicious Dinners:  Homemade Soup and Sandwiches, along with nourishing conversation in the Fellowship Hall!
Please sign up on the Worship Card if you can help make soup, sandwiches, set up, or clean up.  Let us know if you plan to attend, so we have enough food!  Join us whether you can help cook or not!  The meals are always sheer gift!  Bring the whole family!!
6:15 - 6:50 PM  Lenten Worship:  "Sharing Is Caring"
Wed., February 17 - 6:15 PM - "Grasping the Causes of Hunger"

Wed., February 24 - 6:15 PM - "Probing our Responses to the Hungry"
Wed., March 2 - 6:15 PM - "Seeing who is Hungry and Why"
Wed., March 9 - 6:15 PM - "Understanding the Impact of Unemployment"
Wed., March 16 - 6:15 PM - "Wrestling with Challenges to Local and Global Farming
6:50 PM  Clean Up, Cantata Rehearsal, Middle & High
School Youth Groups, Small Group Bible Study



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Training Opportunity - Sunday Worship Leaders - Everyone Welcome!
Training for Assisting Ministers, Prayer Ministers, Head Ushers, Ushers, Communion Assistants and Greeters will be held on Sunday, February 21st at 12:30 p.m.  We are hoping for an infusion of volunteers to help beef up some of our important worship ministry areas.  Many of you have already indicated an interest, but wanted to be trained. So here it is friends....not only will we give you the training to decide if you are called to a particular ministry.  We will also provide a pizza lunch. Please indicate your interest on the worship card and return it in by February 15th so we are sure to have enough food and beverages.  Hope to see you there!  
Early Service Liturgy
We are SO excited to have new member Andy Wyosnick introducing a new liturgy for us at the 8:15 AM Service! We're working on "This is the Feast" for two more Sundays; and then for Lent Andy will introduce a new "Kyrie!" Other parts of the liturgy will follow. Many, many thanks to Andy for his willingness to teach us this thrilling music!
The Season of Lent
The Season of Lent begins with Ash Wednesday Worship on Wednesday, February 10th at 7:00 p.m. Lent spans the 40 days leading up to Easter, excluding Sundays - because every Sunday is considered a "little Easter!  It is a more reflective time in the church year, modeled after the forty days Jesus spent in the desert being tempted by the devil.  Like our Savior, we choose to lay aside those practices that lead us into temptation.  Instead, we put on the "full armor of God" - through study of God's Word at home and in Small Group Bible Studies, as well as through prayer, generosity, and serving others in Christ's name.
Mid-Week Lenten Series: "Sharing Is Caring"
Join us for Mid-Week Lenten Dinners of homemade Soups and Sandwiches, at 5:30 PM, starting Wednesday, Feb. 17th. Please bring a dish to pass if you can. We also welcome help with set up and clean up! Sign up on the Worship Card if you plan to attend, so we have enough places set for everyone.
Informal Worship follows at 6:15 PM. in the Fellowship Hall. This year's theme, "Sharing Is Caring," is based on a new study launched by the ELCA Hunger Appeal. We are so excited to have our own very talented members leading the teaching! Each session we will hear about an aspect of hunger - from members who are serving "in the trenches" with those who hunger for adequate nourishment in their daily lives.
There will be discussion questions at each table, as we all grapple with the complexities of poverty and hunger. All are invited to bring a non-perishable food item each week if they can, to be shared with our local pantries.
Mid-Week Themes:
+++ Wed., Feb. 17, 6:15 PM - "Grasping the Causes of Hunger" - By W.C. Food Pantry Directors, Jim & Ardith Drescher and Frank Guske Jr..
+++ Wed., Feb. 24, 6:15 PM - "Probing our Responses to the Hungry" - By Director of Immanuel's Community Meal, Jill Rosenthal.
+++ Wed. March 2, 6:00 PM - "Seeing who is Hungry and Why" - By Directors of the Lake Geneva Food Pantry, Bev and John Erickson.
+++ Wed., March 9, 6:15 PM - "Understanding the Impact of Unemployment"
+++ Wed., March 16, 6:15 PM - "Wrestling with Challenges to Local and Global Farming," - By farmer Loren Johnson
Wednesday Night Message and Gifts for the Children
Each Wednesday night we will have a special gift for each child present, along with a Children's Message during worship! Bring your children so they can also learn how to respond to the hungry here at home, and around the world!
"Sharing is Caring Valentines!"
Our Middle School students will be selling very special "Sharing is Caring Valentines," on Sundays, Feb. 7 and 14, after each worship service! The Valentines are produced by the ELCA World Hunger Appeal, and are absolutely adorable!
Three options for Valentines available for a contribution to the ELCA Hunger:
Appeal: #1 - "Orange You Glad You're My Valentine" - Purchases a Fruit Tree for $10 to help provide nutritious fruit to help children and families stay healthy and free from hunger year after year.
#2 - "Bee Mine, Valentine" - Purchases a hive of bees, and training in beekeeping for a family for $20.00. Beeswax is used to make soaps and candles, and honey and pollen can be sold at market. The bees also pollinate plants and boost crop growth.
# 3 - "Hogs n' Kisses Valentine" - purchases a pig for $30 for a family. Within months, a tiny piglet grows to over 200 pounds of meal to feed a family. If the family experiences a failed harvest, medical or other unexpected financial need, the pig can be sold at market for cash.
This year, your valentine can tell someone you love them so much that you want to help another feed another family in their name!!
"Sharing is Caring" Barnyard Banks:
Our Sunday School children will receive a "Barnyard Bank" to collect change from their family. Every quarter counts to feed hungry children around the world!   Children will take their banks home, and return them on Palm Sunday, March 20!
Bells of Immanuel: Rehearse Sundays, 9:15-10:15 AM
Get those arms swinging and ringing! The Bells would be so blessed by more ringers. Rehearsals are Sundays in the music room downstairs from 9:15AM-10:15AM. No musical training is necessary! Director Ellen Hanson leads the group-she is a God-send-and will train you and highlight your music parts. Consider joining this ministry of 4 generations! Contact Ellen at
Cantata Choir: Rehearses Wednesdays, 6:45 PM
The Cantata choir rehearses at6:45PM on Wednesday evenings. The choir is intended for ALL singers, regardless of musical training. Rehearsal CD's are available to help learn the music. Please help spread the invitation to new members, cherished longtime members, and even non-churched community members who love to sing, or play instruments. We always encourage newcomers and welcome your participation.
Youth Praise Team: Rehearses Wednesdays, 5:30 PM
The YPT rehearses at 5:30 PM on Wednesdays. The team is open to ALL teens 6th-12th grade! The kids have a blast as they learn vibrant new Christian music to inspire their generation! Vocalists and instrumentalists are needed! Newcomers are welcome!
After rehearsal, the team leads weekly confirmation classes in song at 6:30PM. Contact John Ivan for more information at
Praise Team: Rehearses Wednesdays, 8:00 PM
Praise Team rehearses at 8:00PM on Wednesdays. Participants vibrantly lead contemporary worship songs each week at 9:45 & 11:07. The group also leads special services throughout the year. Attendance at rehearsals is required. Contact John Ivan at if you are interested in participating.
Media Specialists
The media team utilizes modern technology during every worship service. We are so grateful for their incredible devotion and humble hearts. Positions include running the computer, managing the sound board, and operating live video. We are always inviting newcomers to learn the new system. Contact John Ivan at if you are feeling techy.
Assistance with Parking on Sundays
Assistance with parking is available on Sunday mornings. Inquire at the Welcome Center if valet parking would help you, and we will add you to the schedule.
2016 Offering Envelopes
The 2016 Offering Envelopes can be picked up in the Welcome Center.

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Click the appropriate link to sign up from your computer or see the schedules! You can ALWAYS visit our website also. Thanks for your willingness to serve! 

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Serving in the Military

John Allison, Chris Bollwahn, Jimmy Flores, Robert Knowlton, Alex Novak, Brian Novak, Tim Sireno, Andy Sireno, Ben Swatek, Jacob Swatek, Daniel Tschida.
In Hospice Care
LaVerne Anderson, Ray Christian

Health and Strength
Joe Anderson, Pam Baldwin, Bonnie Barrlie, Karen Beasley, Mustafa Beganovic, Tom Bernacchi, Christie Bevon, Pat Bogart, Marcus Brugger, Brian Bulman, Brian Carr, Darell Cloutel, Loretta Combs, Christina Conboy, Olivia Deering, George Elblein, Tom Eppers, Jen Foster, Bob Freitag, David Froemming, Trinity Galicia, Bonnie Gilbertson, Trinity Golocin, Tom Gorlinski, Jim Hanny, Austin Holmes, Tony Huml, Ruth Johnson, Ryan Johnson, Carleen Keller, Gary Kellimeier, Bruce Kelly, Chris Kerkman, Doug Kerkman, Mary Klein, Donna Kleinsman, Ruthie Kloppstein, Mike Lather Jr., Kathy Laubinger, Bill Lembke, Laura Langston, Mike Lathrop, Ashley Lodarek, Stephanie Luengen, Nan Lyon, Jeanne Madaus, Ruby Madsen, Barb Marcin, Becky McAuliffe, Louise McGilaray, Joan Mellien, Edie Michaelson, Craig Middleton, Randy Miller, Larry Moe, Yvonne Mol, Weston Morris, Dean Nelson, Bert Ortiz, Tim Padden, Deloris Parker, Patricia Owen, Dee Parker, Logan Parker & Austin, Everett Pearce, Denise Peck, Zlata Podlipnik, Sharon Pomeville, Topher Rabe, Trudy Rauch, Bea Riley, Tom Riley, Brad Rindfleisch, Judy Rocker, Maria Ruby, Lexi Runnells, Don Sauerman, Tim Schaitel, Madgel Schluga, Herte Schulte, Rick Schultz, Emmet Schulz Sr., Jackie Schuyler, Louise Schwandt Family, Joyce Smith, Vivian Spanjer, Karen Stein, Karen Stollenwerk, Helen Suda, Joyce Sutton, Steve Sutton, Dottie Swatek, Mae Tenuta, Doris Tolar, Symon Uecker, Tom Van Maren, Elaine Vorpagel, Wayne Vorpagel, Sara Wahlstedt, Kathryn Ward, Carolyn Warfield, Cassidy Weilerdt, Karen Wells, Libby Wolf, Aimee Yakes, Audrey Yakes, Sophia Zematis.

+ Mickey Tolar, belovedwife of Don Tolar and precious member of Immanuel, died to Christ on January 5th.Many thanks to all who helped with the Celebration of her life and the funeral luncheon.
+ Charles "Al" Kline, precious uncle of Karen Stein and cherished member of Immanuel, was buried to Christ on January 8th.
+ Caroline Kube, beloved mother of Jane Wall, died to Christ on January 13th.
+ Doc DeVries, beloved husband of Lila DeVries and longtime member of Immauel was buried to Christ on January 28th.
Connie Shadewaldt lost her very dear 96 year old mom, Dorothy Whiteman, on January 25th.

Serving on the Mission Field


Zach  & Misa Harrod, Jenn and Jason Byers, Karen Flowers, Chris and Irene Okuna, Ginger Peterson


+ Congratulations to Scott and Liz Bedow on the baptism of their daughter, Scarlett Mae Bedow, on January 10th.
+ Congratulations to Erin and Timothy Wester on the baptism of their daughter, Alexandra Judith Wester, on January 24th.
+ Congratulations to Justin Thuecks and Rae Anne Beevers on the baptism of their son, Adin Michael Thuecks, on January 24th.

Expecting a Child!
Michelle Edson, Christy Feller, Jessi Jooss, Ali Mansky, Jenny Pearce

New Member

Scott and Liz Bedow


500 S Edwards Blvd #11 

Lake Geneva, WI  53147



Lynn Wesolek

W3494 Lakeview Drive

Lake Geneva, WI  53147



Jarred Keller & Jackie Sieber

2920 Carrousel Lane Apt. 4   

Janesville, WI  53545 



Cheryl Blood

W4698 County Road A

Elkhorn, WI  53121 



Evelyn Johnson

723 Henry Street 

Lake Geneva, WI  53147


Welcome Center Volunteers

Do you like to meet people? We are looking for some fun people to be on the Welcoming Team.  They set up coffee and water in the Welcome Center, greet and help connect visitors to members between services. Contact Edith Draper at 248-1861 with any questions.

Worship Schedule Sign-up
Sign-up to help lead worship on Immanuel's website:  Click on "Worship Sign Up" and choose the month and service you would like to help. The positions that need to be filled are highlighted in yellow.  Click in the box or by the number, and type your name.  When you exit, it automatically saves your name in that spot.  Anyone who clicks on the link will see the updated version. 
There is also a sign-up board in the Fellowship Hall to manually sign-up if you prefer to do it that way.
  Or email me dates, times and the position you would like to fill.  Thank you, again, for your willingness to serve!  You are a gift!  Know you are loved! Evie Schulz, Ministry Coordinator

Memory Quilts
Barb Kwiatkowski has generously offered to make a memory quilt for the spouse of members of Immanuel whose partner dies to Christ. Quilts will be made out of fabric from favorite clothes of the deceased and may also include a photo. If you would like to be part of this very moving new quilt ministry, call Barb at 262-215-9614.
Coffee Hour
Beverages are available following the first service at the Welcome Center Counter in the Gathering Space.  Help yourself to information about Immanuel on the counter. 
Our Coffee Hour follows the first service in the Fellowship Hall. Join us for treats, beverages, and conversation.  It's a great way to meet new friends, and to share in fellowship with others.  All are welcome!!  Many thanks to those who help serve for these two ministries.  If you're interested in helping, we need you!!  Sign up on the Worship Card. Thanks!
Parking on Sundays and Special Services
Able bodied members are encouraged to park in the outer parking stalls or the Middle School Lot when they can, so visitors and seniors can be closer to the entrances. Many Thanks! It's a wonderful challenge to be short on parking spaces! Praise God, who gives the growth!!

All Church Small Group Bible Study: Believe
"BELIEVE!" The second section of our Small Group Bible Study, "Believe," continues. If you missed the 1st section, consider joining us for the 2nd one!
Whether in Sunday School, Confirmation, High School Youth Group, Small Group Bible Studies for adults, or Sunday morning worship and preaching - we are all gaining a better understand how to think, act, and be more like Christ. Know what you believe and why!
Check out the list of Small Groups below for January!    
Mon., 9:30 AM at the home of Maria Dean, 395 Oakwood Lane, Lake Geneva, 262 215-3179. Group is for moms & tots. Facilitator: Sarah Beauregard, 414 699-9156.

Mon., 6:00 PM at the home of Ashley Miu & Travis Alexander,
513 Danielson Dr., Darien, WI 53114. Kids and families welcome! Facilitators: Ashley & Travis, 262 325-4443.
Mon., 6:00 PM at the home of Cyndi Dietze, W1019 Aralia Road, Genoa City, WI Facilitator: Cyndi Dietze, 262 374-1026.
Tues., 10:00 AM in the Conference Room at church. Facilitator: Kristy Danna, 512 966-8488.
Tues., 6:30 PM at the home of Susan and Gene Krinn, 1125 Terrace Court in Geneva National. (Use gate on right before the Club House). Facilitator: Susan Krinn, 262 245-5579.
Wed., 9:30 AM in the Conference Room at church. Women's Group. Facilitator: Jill Rosenthal, 262 949-2569. Group meets 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month.
Wed., 6:30 PM in the Conference Room at church. Facilitator: Grace Peterson, 414 322-0388. 
Wed., 6:30 PM, High School Youth Group in the Youth Room at church. Facilitators: Sharon and Sean Payne, 262 745-9341 & 262 745-1471; Carolee Hanny-Barnett, 262 215-1008.
Wed., 6:30 PM at the home of Phil and Donna Neimeyer, 364 Waubun Dr., Fontana. Facilitators: Phil, 314-488-8884, and Donna 262 725-3453.
Thurs., 10:00 AM, at the home of Jeri and Buz Bozovsky, 1800 LaSalle St. #5, Lake Geneva. (Top of Edgewood Hills). Facilitators: Jeri and Buz, 262 203-5400.
Thurs., 6:30 PM at the home of Pat Schulz, 117 Johnson St. in Burlington, # 262 763-7105. Facilitator: Ellen Hanson, 262 210-1001.
Thurs., 6:30 PM, bi-weekly, starts at home of Karen Crusey, 500 S. Edwards Blvd. #40, in Lake Geneva. Group rotates homes, so call Facilitator, Karen Crusey, for details, 262 348-9502.

Thurs., 6:30 PM, at the home of Dan and Edith Draper, 1440 Linda Lane, Lake Geneva. Facilitators: Dan, 262 903-5898, and Edith, 262 903-5333. Group is full.
Thurs., 6:30 PM at the home of Pastors Mary Ann and Mark, 325 Oakwood Lane in Lake Geneva. Facilitators: Pastor Mary Ann, 262 215-3177, Pastor Mark, 262 215-5214. Group is full.
Thurs., 6:30 PM, at church. Men's Group. Facilitator: Steve Guy 262 210-9332.
Fri., 6:45 AM at church. Men's Group. Facilitator: Ken Field, 262 374-1795.
Fri., 9:30 AM, in the Fellowship Hall at church. Women's Group. Facilitator: Shari Lundberg, 262-245-6212, Janet Kelly, 262-725-6404, & Arlene Redell, 248-6108. Group is full.  
Sat., 6 PM, meets in rotating homes. Children are welcome.   Facilitators: Lisa and Greg Bunge, 248-4804. Group is full.    
New Members Class: February 28th, 12:30 p.m.
A New Member Class will be on Sunday, February 28th, at 12:30 PM at the church. A pizza lunch will be served! We will talk about God's Plan of Salvation, and opportunities to get involved in ministries at Immanuel and our community! Please sign up on the Worship Card, or call the office at 248-4211. Let us know if you need child care, too!
Saturday Morning Women's Bible Study: February 13th, 10:00 AM
The Saturday Morning Women's Bible Study will meet Saturday, February 13th at 10:00 a.m. at Trish Fry Misener's home, W3026 Weaver Road, Elkhorn. Contact Trish for directions at 262-949-2480.    
Men's Breakfast and Bible Study
Men's Breakfast and Bible Study meets Saturday, February 20th at 7:30 a.m.   Join with other men of faith for deep conversation about the issues in our time.  We study the Biblical teaching, and how to apply it to our lives. Please bring your favorite breakfast food to share.
Sunday Morning Bible Study
Sunday Morning Bible Study meets in the Conference Room, in the administrative area to the right of Sanctuary, at 9:45 a.m. This group is studying the book of Daniel. All are welcome! Contact Trish Fry-Misener at 262-949-2480.
New Men's Bible Study
NEW MEN'S BIBLE STUDY. Meets on Wednesdays at 6:00 a.m. in the Conference Room at church. Charlie Brown leads a study by Robert Lewis, "THE QUEST FOR AUTHENTIC MANHOOD." Refreshments and study materials are available for everyone. This series is open to the whole community. It's a great opportunity to gather with other men, share in fellowship, and help one another discern what God's Word has to say to our lives.
Coffee, Tea and Thee - A Women's Retreat
Save the Date: March 11, 6:30-9:30 p.m. and March 12, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. at Immanuel Lutheran Church. Beginning January 31st - Advance Registration.  Cost is $50 for both days; however those who register by February 12th will get a 20% reduction or $10 off. Cost includes all materials, Supper on Friday, Brunch on Saturday, and snacks and beverages during breaks.
Friday March 11:  6:00 pm check in, 6:30-9:30 pm program. Saturday, March 12:  9:00 am check in, 9:30-4:30 program. Watch for Retreat Agenda with Breakout Choices coming out soon. Contact Evie Schulz via phone, 248-4211 to register!


Sunday Morning Nursery Staff

A nursery is provided during worship for children 4 and under to the left of the Sanctuary. Children over 5 years are encouraged to join their families during worship. Little treats are available on the coffee bar counter. Grab a "busy bag" for your pre-schooler at the entrance to the worship space, and
return it to the stand when the service is finished.
Sunday School
Sunday School is from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Bring your children to our classrooms. Preschool (3 and 4 year olds that are potty trained), kindergarten and first grade classes are near the church office to the right of the sanctuary. Second through fifth grade classrooms are to the left of the sanctuary, just off the fellowship hall.
If you want to teach, give our Children's Ministry Director, Sarah Beauregard, a call at 248-4211. We welcome donations of juice or snacks!
Sunday School Singers
Sunday School Singers will perform on February 14th at all 3 services. We'd love to have our children arrive at 8:45 so that all services can be blessed with the joy of their singing!
Early Release Day
The next Early Release Day is Thursday, February 11th, at 1:45 - 3:45 PM.  If you are looking for a fun, engaging, and safe environment for your child during that time, look no further!  We are also looking for volunteers to help with this great ministry. Please see Sarah or Holly for details.
Just For Kids
Our JFK After School Ministry for elementary school kids is each school day from 6:00-8:15 a.m., and 4:00- 6:00 p.m. Contact Holly at 262-949-6227 for more information.
Little Sprouts Day Care News
Little Sprouts Learning Center is open from 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., for children 6 weeks through 4 K. The center is full. Lunch is provided before or after school for 4-K students, as well as transportation to and from school. Call Sue Gifford to enroll at   262-812-7346.
Scouts Lock-In at Immanuel
The Scouts Lock-In is at Immanuel on Friday, February 12, 6:00 pm - Saturday, February 13, 8:00 am.

Sunday Middle School Confirmation Class
Our 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Confirmation Sunday morning class is from 9:45- 10:45 a.m. in the lower level theatre room. Join our Middle School Director Zach on Sunday's and grow your faith, while also having a blast!
3:16 Middle School Youth Group
3:16 Middle School Group is Wednesdays from 6:30 - 8:00 pm. All 6th, 7th, and 8th graders are invited to join the outrageous fun and great learnings! Bring your friends. Between 40-50 kids attend each week!  
VIBE for Middle Schoolers continues Monday through Thursdays from 3:00-6:00 p.m. VIBE is for Middle School students who need a safe place to gather, and is a free ministry. We need volunteers willing to spend time with middle school kids, and to be positive influences in their lives!  Come play games, tell stories, help with art projects, any and all talents welcome!
Youth Quake
The 3:16 Youth Group's annual Youth Quake trip is fast approaching. The dates for the trip are February 19-21. Let Zach Ortiz, our Middle School Youth Director know if your child still wants to register.

High School Youth Group
The High School Youth Group meets on Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m. at church. Check with Sean and Sharon at 262-745-9341 for details.
High School Mission Trip
2016 Mission Trip: Our 2016 High School Mission Trip will be in New Orleans, July 9th - 16th, 2016. Our team will be rebuilding homes and working on new low-income housing.
Many thanks to all who supported our recent fundraiser at Oakfire Restaurant, especially owners, Dan and Laurie Scotney; Amy Peterburs from Bittner's Bakery for her gift of goodies at the event.


Side By Side Fundraiser
The Side By Side Fundraiser is the Taste of New Orleans Wine and Dessert Pairing Event on Friday, February 5th, 7-9 p.m. at Studio Winery. This evening features Studio Winery and Local Pastry Chef Lisa Brynes. Tickets are $20 per ticket and available at from Judy Guy at Immanuel on Sundays between services, at , at the door or call 262-325-4502. All proceeds go to Side By Side.

Community Connections Meal: February 18th, 5:15-6:30 PM
Thursday, February 18th,5:15 pm Immanuel will host the next Community Meal.  Dinner is free to anyone in our community who might be hungry, lonely or need fellowship.  How can you participate? We need volunteers to help cook, set up, serve or clean up. We need cookies or bars for this meal. Contact Jill Rosenthal at 262-949-2569.
Side By Side Screening
Side By Side screening is the 3rd Tuesday of each month, February 16th, at 7:00 p.m. at the First Congregational UCC Church, 715 Wisconsin Street, Lake Geneva. Funds are available for rental assistance and utilities - for those living in the Lake Geneva School District. Bring a copy of the bill. Side By Side is a collaborative ministry between area churches and civic groups.
St. Vincent De Paul (Milwaukee) Soup Kitchen
During the winter the items especially needed at the Milwaukee Soup Kitchen are men's pants, jackets, coats, socks, boots and other warm clothing.  Sleeping bags are a very important need.  Toiletries, the small sizes, are also needed. Many thanks to all who have contributed to this great need! Most sincerely, Bob Rosenthal. Our next service day is Sunday, February 21st. The carpool leaves Immanuel at 4:00 p.m.
Join our Sunday Morning Coffee - Fellowship Hour Team(s)
Many of you have enjoyed our fellowship hour between the first and second services.  Lutherans are renowned for socializing - by providing coffee, wonderful treats, and time to get to know new members and reconnect with others. 
Sadly, we no longer have teams to organize and contribute to this valuable ministry on the alternating third Sunday of the month starting in 2016 (March/May/July/Sept/Nov) and on the 5th Sundays (May/July/Oct).
Please prayerfully consider coming on board. The most effective team consists of 4 members minimum.  Please also be aware that we have monies set aside to reimburse the costs of coffee, juice and treats. Team members are not expected to bake treats! They can be purchased instead, and all costs are reimbursed. Contact Evie Schulz to let her know of your interest in assisting on one of these two teams.
Card Ministry
Our Card Ministry has a surplus of handmade cards so they will take a break from meeting on a monthly basis. We will resume in the summer. Please watch for details in 6 months.
Health Newsletter
"Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits-who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion..."     (Psalm 103)
Parish Nurse, Karen Stein, addresses Colonoscopy in her February newsletter:
Blood Pressure Checks
Blood pressure checks after the 1st service on the 3nd Sunday of each month in Pastor Mary Ann's office.
Meals on Wheels Volunteers Needed
We are looking for substitutes to help with Meals on Wheels every 5 weeks. We will train you and work with your schedule. Call Pauline Malsch at 262-215-3121.
AA Meetings
Women's AA Meeting - Sun., 4:00 p.m. in the Community Room off the Fellowship Hall. Open AA Meeting - Tues. 7:00 p.m., Community Room.
Weight Watchers Meeting
Weight Watchers - Mondays at 9:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. in the Youth Room. Leader: Deb Olkives, 262-496-9965,; Weight Watchers Hotline 1-866-204-2885.
Coupons for Servicemen and Women
Mary Rose Long is no longer accepting coupons for Servicemen and women. Thank you for your generosity over the years.
WC Food Pantry
The WC Food Pantry, Wednesdays from 1:00-5:00 PM, and Saturdays from 10:00 AM-2:00 PM, at 205 East Commerce Court, Elkhorn, 262-723-4488. They are in desperate need of bar soap and razors.

The Lake Geneva Food Pantry
The Lake Geneva Food Pantry, Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9:00 - 11:30 AM at First Congregational Church, 715 Wisconsin Street. 262-248-2337.
Free Lunch Community Meal
A Free Community Meal will be offered the 1st Wednesday of each month at 12 noon at the First Congregational UCC, 624 Park Street, Genoa City. February 3rd, March 2nd, and April 6th.
Contact: 262-279-5547 or .

Thrivent Financial Members
Thrivent Financial members who have Choice Dollars to direct:  please direct your 2015 Choice Dollars by March 31, 2016.  There are over 10,000 enrolled non-profit organizations to choose from, including Immanuel Lutheran Church  If you have questions or need assistance, please call the Delavan Thrivent Financial office at 262-740-9040 or speak with your Thrivent representative.
Electronic Giving
Throughout the year, if you can't make it to church we encourage you to automate your regular donations. Immanuel relies on the consistent financial support of the congregation and electronic giving offers an easy way to give on a recurring basis. Visit or contact the church office for more information. We have authorization forms in the church office. We thank you for your continued support!

+ Andy Wyosnick & John Ivan presented a tender, yet dynamic and robust version of "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" on All Saints Sunday. What a treasure and inspiration our musicians are at Immanuel! Watch the amazing presentation here:
+ To My Dear Friends at Immanuel, Thank you once again for remembering me with the delicious treats at Christmas. You are so kind and thoughtful. As always, Betty Aguirre
+ Thanks to Laurie Cornue who played "The Sacred Romance" on violin on All Saints' Sunday. Laurie's ambrosial playing poured out from deep within her soul. Thanks be to God for her amazing gift of music and for sharing her talents! See video here:
+ Thank you to our church family for the Christmas goodie bags! We enjoyed every bite! Also, thanks for the poinsettia, since we were out of state for the holidays, our neighbor rescued it and we are assuming it came from Immanuel. Harvey and Lois Larson
+ Thanks to Charles Brown for presenting his original song, "Always a Mother", written for his mother just nine weeks before she died. The arrangement was created by Charlie and John Ivan. John also handled the post-production mixing. Thanks to the performance from the classical music group "Dolce Eleganza," with artists Eileen Weyrauch (flute), Laurie Cornue (violin), Clyde Bachand (Double Bass) and John Ivan (piano & recording and remix engineer). See video here:
+ Thank you to all who sent cards, called, visited, sent meals and were there for Mickey and I as she journeyed home to the Lord. Your outpouring of love was such a comfort to me. Don Tolar
+ The Praise Team triumphantly presented "The Great Day (The Second Coming)" on Christ the King Sunday. They knocked this piece out of the park! We thank God for our talented Praise Team and hope this inspires you, listen here:
+ I want to thank everyone for the good cookies and poinsettia plant for Christmas. Shirley Adams
+ Special thanks to the Choral Ensemble for singing "Thankful" at the Thanksgiving Eve service. Their beautiful singing adds depth to our services and we are so grateful for their time and talents.
+ What a nice surprise I had last Wednesday evening. Many of the Youth Group came to my apartment to sing Christmas Carols and deliver a bag full of goodies from Immanuel: homemade cookies, candy, etc. These young people really put on a show and some of the residents came to join in. Thank you! Thank you! You all made my day! Joan Mellien.
+ Thanks to the Bells of Immanuel for ringing two Advent pieces on November 29th. It is always a delight hearing the distinct sound of bells, especially at Christmas time. Special thanks to Ellen Hanson for leading the growing group!
+ Special thanks to Charles Brown who presented "A Christmas Medley" on the Hammered Dulcimer on December 20th! The musical offering was tender and calming, yet percussive and dynamic-absolutely perfect especially during the joyous Christmas season! His talent is superb and he is incredibly gifted.
+ What an inspirational, remarkable, and memorable Christmas Cantata presentation on December 20th! Words cannot adequately define how stirring your music was and how it touched those who heard it! It was breath-taking-in all its majesty-the cantatas get better each year! The blend among singers was superb! You could hear the promising words of the birth of our Savior through-out the entire church. Your "angelic" voices resoundingly echoed the glorious Christmas story! The instruments were lush, complementary, and magnificent! The tender, soft moments contrasted perfectly with the majestic, robust moments. The orchestra reverberated enthusiastically reaching every crevasse of the church! Both singers and instrumentalists collaborated beautifully creating a sensory overload! It was the perfect musical celebration! I could not be more pleased with your dedication and commitment, it certainly showed. To each and every participant: it wouldn't have been the same without YOU! Consider Romans 12:4 "Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body." Each one of you added the perfect component to the complete sound. The combined sounds of the ensemble were astounding! I cherish your unique talents and thank God for the opportunity to share our gifts together. Thanks to ALL for presenting at three services, for extra rehearsals, and giving your time and talents during such a busy season. Special thanks to Rick Ruby for his incredible behind-the-scenes work with the sound! Thanks to Pastor Mary Ann for eloquently speaking the Gospel into our hearts and uniting music with spoken word. Thanks to all who brought food and drink and for your generous hospitality! The truth is I am running out of superlatives to describe how fantastic the presentation was! I heard uncountable positive remarks and saw joy in people's faces. You undoubtable touched hearts and turned people towards God! John Ivan
+ Thanks to ALL the musicians who dynamically led Christmas Eve worship! It was a Holy night of celebration and joy! The music of carols expressed love, hope, and joy. The many instruments triumphantly echoed the Christmas spirit! Many thanks to ALL who participated and helped. Thanks to the brass quintet (Greg Bunge, Doug Ehlert, Liz Ehlert, Terry Madsen, & Keith Addison) for their majestic music. Special thanks to the Praise Team for their poignant anthem. Thanks also to the Choral Ensemble (and Kathy Middleton) who presented the beautiful anthem, "It Was a Starry Night"! Thanks to Mikella Plitzuweit and Emma Hanson who sang a touching duet. Special thanks to teens Adam Smith and Kelly Gerlitz who also sang an inspiring duet!
+ Thanks to Andy Wyosnick who offered his robust voice in a powerful version of "O Holy Night" on Christmas Eve! Andy & John's extraordinary and improvised version of "O Holy Night" echoed through the sanctuary during our treasured candlelighting ceremony near the end of worship! It was heavenly! See video here:
+ A big thank you to Dan and Edith Draper for organizing, decorating and hosting the Christmas Eve Dinner for all individuals and their families who lead worship in various ways during our Christmas Eve services. Thanks for bringing us together on this blessed evening! It was a FABULOUS time!
+ Special thanks to Makayla (piano) & Payton (voice) Hayes for presenting an adorable version of "Go Tell it on the Mountain" on December 27th. The girls were just precious! It's such a gift when our youth share their musical talents!
+ Thanks to the trio Dolce Eleganza (Charles Brown, Laurie Cornue, & Eileen Weyrauch) for playing several songs on December 27th. We continue to be inspired by their tender and reflective music.
+ Thanks to the Bells of Immanuel for their lovely selection "Carol of the Bells" presented on January 3rd. The Christmas bells were still ringing on the 3rd and we thank God for the treasured sound of bells. They also accompanied Pastor Mark during "We Three Kings". Special thanks to all the ringers and director Ellen Hanson for their preparation.
+ We heard a beautiful duet by Heidi Otterness & Adam Smith on January 3rd titled "Christmas Makes Me Cry". Thanks to the dynamic duo for sharing their talents at all three services. Video to follow.


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