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August, 2015

Summer Fun!

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End of Summer Church Picnic: The Four "F"s

Share our Faith and have Fun with Family and Friends


  • When: Sunday, August 30th from 1:00 -3:00 Immanuel                            
  • Menu: Hot Dogs and Burgers and Beverages will be provided
  • What to Bring: ** A dish to pass and willingness to have fun and try some new wild and crazy things
  • Invite:   Your family members, friends and neighbors

**We would like to share our blessings with those who could use a "hand up". Please bring a canned good item if you are able or a donation toward purchase of fresh produce, meats and dairy products.


The Picnic planning meeting is Wednesday, August, 5th at 6:30 p.m. in conference room.


_____ I/We will help plan the event:  

Name: ________________________________ Phone No.: _________________

Email: __________________________________________________


How many will be attending:   ____Adults ____Kids        

Choice of _______Hamburgers or _______ Hot Dogs


Dish to Pass: ______________________________________ (how many of each)


I can bring:   _____ Bocce Ball Set     _____Horseshoes     _____ Ladder Golf  

                      _____ Bag Toss              _____Large Ball         _____ Tent          Other: ___________________________________________________


I/We can help: ____Set up Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m.

         ____ Set up at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday; _____Clean Up at 3:00 p.m

                        ____ Fill up 100 Water Balloons and bring Sunday morning.





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End of Summer Picnic


The church picnic is Sunday, August 30th from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. at Immanuel. Please bring a dish to pass and willingness to have fun and try some new wild and crazy things. Bring your family members, friends and neighbors. We would like to share our blessings with those who could use a "hand up." Please bring a canned good item if you are able or a donation toward purchase of fresh produce, meats and dairy products. Please sign-up on the flyer in the bulletins if you will attend or if you can help in any way. The Picnic planning meeting is Wednesday, August, 5th at 6:30 p.m. in the Conference room.

First Service Special Music

We thank God for Amberleigh Aller as she concludes her service as a worship leader at our 8:15 a.m. service. For the past six months Amberleigh has used her skill and experience in worship and music during our classical service. We are grateful for all instrumentalist and singers who worked with her to make a joyful noise to the Lord. The diversity of music enriched our worship and expanded our ability to praise God in fresh ways. We will continue to seek new opportunities to enliven our music and build on the rich tradition of Lutheran worship.


Continued Support for Nee Dow Too

Dear Immanuel Family,


We are writing to you on behalf of an inspiring young man named Nee Dow Too. Immanuel Lutheran Church sponsored Nee Dow and his family through the Lutheran Social Services Resettlement Program in 2006. They came to the United States from a refugee camp in Thailand, where they lived for ten years.


Their story is heart wrenching and terrifying. In 1997, the Burmese military attacked and slaughtered many people in small villages in the Karen Province, due to religious and ethnic persecution. The Karen people, including the Toos, are all Christian. Po Po and Paw Too, who are Nee Dow's parents, fled their village with their family, traveling only in the dark and carrying rice, cooking pots, and the youngest children. It was miraculous that they survived the grueling trek up and over the mountain to the Thai border.


But life remained perilous as the Thai refugee camp was filled to capacity from so many other Burmese Christians seeking asylum. The Too family had to live in the jungle outside the camp for an entire month before being admitted, every day with the risk of being discovered and killed by Burmese soldiers.


Nee Dow was three years old at the time. Since they lived unprotected in the jungle, Nee Dow contracted the mosquito-borne disease, malaria. By the time the Too family was able to get Nee Dow to a Thai hospital, his case was so severe that he was in a coma. When he awoke from the coma and was released from the hospital, he did not walk for one week and did not speak for one month. The malaria had caused damage to some of his brain functions.


Since coming to Lake Geneva, Nee Dow has worked very hard to learn English and go through our school system. However, due to the malaria, he was diagnosed with a cognitive disability. The Lake Geneva schools were wonderful, and in June of 2014, Nee Dow proudly graduated from high school. In 2013, Nee Dow achieved another landmark as he became a United States citizen. This past year, Nee Dow attended Shepherds College in Union Grove, Wisconsin - an excellent college for students with cognitive disabilities. He gained confidence, independence, and life skills during his first year. He also chose his major area of study - horticulture.


Nee Dow is an incredibly hard worker, which has been witnessed by any who have been on mission trips with him. All who work with Nee Dow want him on their team, because he gives his all to every task before him and is such a pleasure to be around. He is presently on the mission trip to Kentucky to work alongside the people who live in the Appalachian Mountains.


We are hoping you might consider making a donation of any amount so Nee Dow can continue his education. Although he has been awarded government financial aid and a scholarship through Shepherds College, he still needs to raise $14,500 per year, this year and next year, to complete his three-year program. Your contribution can make a significant difference in Nee Dow's future. Donations can be made out to Immanuel Lutheran Church and marked 'Nee Dow'. The church will write one check directly to Shepherds College in his name. You will of course get an accounting of your donation in your Financial Giving Statement from Immanuel. If you mail the check, our address is 700 N. Bloomfield Road, Lake Geneva, WI, 53147.


Thank you for helping Nee Dow fulfill his dream for a better future. If you have questions, please call Pastor Mary Ann at 262-215-3177, Lisa Carey at 262-215-8120 or Jan Bice at 262-949-7973. May God bless Nee Dow as he continues to achieve his educational goals.



Nee Dow Too - At Shepherd's College


Required School Supplies

5 three-hole punched plastic folders

Three packages of 5 x 7 index cards (blank or lined)

1 pair of adult sized scissors

1 zippered pencil pouch; 2 glue sticks

One 3 x 5 or 4 x 6 spiraled index cards, plain or lined

2 spiral college ruled notebooks that jagged edges can be removed

White out tape' Colored pencils or markers;

Black or Blue Pens; mechanical pencils and large erasers

Yellow Highlighters; Plastic ruler

Backpack/backpack on wheels

NIV Life Application Study Bible

2 USB flash drives labeled with student's name

Casio calculator (SL300SV) or similar basic calculator

Small desk waste basket

Sturdy folder 3-hole punch


Residential Life:

Shampoo, soap, towel, wash cloths, hand soap, mouthwash, toothbrush, toothpaste, razors.

Bedding for extra-long twin mattress, mattress pad, personal towels, alarm clock, hangers, laundry soap, laundry basket/bag

Cell phone

White mounting putty/sticky tac to post posters & room decorations

Dishwasher safe water bottle


4 plastic containers 60-72 quart size to store student items


Horticultural Work Supplies:

Garden Gloves: 2 pair Nylon with rubber palms for greenhouse work; 1 pair heavy leather gloves for grounds work (non thermal)

Ear protection for mowing

Eye Protection & Sun Glasses

Sunscreen SPF 15 or Higher

Knee Protection Pads - work variety

6 pair work socks; Winter Hat or Headband

Winter Gloves; Backpack or Fanny Pack

Water Bottle with Clip; Waterproof Watch

Lunch Box with Cooler Section; Ice Gel Packs, Re-freezable

GermX individual wipes or small bottles; Individual packages of tissue

Sturdy Key Clip


Please circle item/s you will purchase, and put in offering plate or drop off in the Office.


Name: _________________________   Phone # ______________



Bells of Immanuel: Rehearse Sundays, 9:15-10:15 AM

The Bells of Immanuel is taking a break for the summer. They will begin rehearsing in August on Sundays at 9:15-10:15 a.m. downstairs in the music room! Director Ellen Hanson will show you how to ring, no musical training is necessary. Contact Ellen Hanson at or 262-210-1001 if you are interested.


Classical Service Choir


The early service choral ensemble is taking a break for the summer. We'll reconvene rehearsals in September. Contact Amberleigh at if you would like to sing a special song or lay an instrument at the 8:15 a.m. service.


Combined Contemporary Choir

The Combined Contemporary Choir will take a summer break, and then start rehearsals for the mini cantata in September. Watch for details in the bulletin and newsletter.

Ministry Quick Links

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Worship Leader Schedule

Click the appropriate link to sign up from your computer or see the schedules! You can ALWAYS visit our website also. Thanks for your willingness to serve! 

Contact Us


Serving in the Military


John Allison, Chris Bollwahn, Jimmy Flores, Robert Knowlton, Alex Novak, Brian Novak, Tim Sireno, Andy Sireno, Ben Swatek, Jacob Swatek, Daniel Tschida.


In Hospice Care


Ruth Johnson, Lawrence Norem, Margaret Welsch

Health and Strength

Kelli Jo Anderson, Baby Lara, Pastor Ron Backman, Pam Baldwin, Elsa Baur, Christie Bevon, Brian Bulman, Stacey Carlson, Brian Carr, Jack Clarquist, Danielle Cloutin, Christina Conboy, Jack Cook, Shelly Cruz, Ed Dee, Lila and Doc DeVries, Amy Dorner, Carmen DuFour, Michael Edwards, Jeanette & Ed Fontaine, Doug Fossell, Jennifer Foster, Kevin Frank, Bob Freitag, Bill Fry, Vicoria & Trinity Gaheil, Debbie Garcia, Vicki Gibson, Philip Giese, Lynn Gilson, Jaxon Giovannoni, Susan Grenning, Patrick Hale, Mark Hall, Haley Hand, Lorraine Hanneman, Grace & Jim Hanny, Doug Harrod, Matt Haynes, Cynthia Hibbard, Jim Honzelka, Ken Hovland, Betty Howes, Tony Huml, Jordan Ivans, Mary Inwood, Darrell Iwema, Ruth Johnson, Darlene & Stud Jossert, Mark Justison, Betty Keissler, Tom Kerkman, Jen Klein, Mary Klein, Ruthie Kloppstein & Family, Lydia & Bruce Kraus, Ashley Lodarek, Jean Luerssen, Nancy Lyon, Ruby Madsen, Les Malsch, Manka Family, Deangelo Mantilla Family, Dave Mayerk, Joan Mellien, Craig Middleton, Randy Miller, Larry Moe, Yvonne Mol, Pastor Mark Moller-Gunderson, Brian Neidigh, Dean Nelson, Carrie Novak, Abby & Aemon O'Grady, Craig Olson, Gus & Diane Orozco, Patricia Owen, Pat & Gary Parsons, Denise Peck, Ken Pedersen Sr., Jerry Polek, Kaarin Quaerna, Trudy Rauch, Tom Riley, Brad Rindfleisch, Maggie Rosenthal, Maria Ruby, Karen Rudin, Don Sauerman, Tim Schaitel, Madgel Schluga, Tom Schmidt, Don Schmitz, Herte Schulte, Rick Schultz, Betty Schulz, Vivian Spanjer, Mckinnon Spraker, Dottie Swatek, Jeff Teel, Mary Teel, Mae Tenuta, Debbie Tews, Michael Tews, Doris Tolar, Mickey Tolar, David Totten, Ron Trochuck, Tom Van Maren, Beverly Vogel, Wayne Vorpagel, Teri Voss, Sara Wahlstedt, Megan Warner, Karen Wells, Sonia Wirke, Max Wiseman, Audrey Yakes,Linda Young, Sophia Zematis, Gianna Zernia, Ethan Zimmerman.



+ Barbara "Christine" Ruehlman, alongtime resident of Genoa City andgrandmother of Candace Ruman, died to Christ, at 101 years on July 2nd.


+ Mark Herich, son of Laurel Herich,died to Christ on July 8th.



Serving on the Mission Field


Zach  & Misa Harrod, Jenn and Jason Byers, Karen Flowers, Chris and Irene Okuna, Ginger Peterson



+ Congratulations to Lauren & Zach Zubow, on the baptism of their son, Beckett Joseph Zubow, on July 19th.


+ Congratulations to Jeremy & Mandy Adams, on the baptism of their son, Leyam Vincent Adams, on July 19th.


+ Congratulations to Breanne & Ryan Hornsey on the baptism of their son, Lincoln Gerhardt Hornsey, on July 19th.


Expecting a Child!

Kelsey Hanneman, Emily Soley-Johnson, Katie Nagel,

Erin Wester - twins



+ Congratulations to the following Cub Scouts: Tristan & Kason Klabunde and Luke Schuessler for completing the God & Me Program.  This program is designed to help children become best friends with Jesus and tell their story of "God and Me" together. Way to go boys!

New Members

Orrick & Heidi Otterness

133 Weber Street 

Walworth, WI  53184



Ryan & Bree Hornsey

Hudson & Lincoln

1440 E. Longneedle Lane   

Elkhorn, WI  53121




 Youth Praise Team: Rehearses Wednesdays, 5:30 PM

The Youth Praise Team rehearses Wednesday nights at 5:30PM in the music room downstairs. Newcomers are welcome, and will have a blast with this group! The YPT is open to ALL teens 5th-12th grade. Both vocalists and instrumentalists are needed! Contact John Ivan for more information at

Praise Team: Rehearses Wednesdays, 8:00 PM


The Praise Team rehearses on Wednesday's at 8:00PM. Their spectacular leadership each Sunday morning is outstanding. They are learning new contemporary music to keep worship fresh and innovative. If you are interested in joining the team, contact John Ivan at or 262-620-2349 for details.


Media Specialists


The media team utilizes modern technology during every worship service. Positions include running the computer, managing the sound board, and operating live video. We are continually inviting newcomers to learn the new system. If you are techy and interested in contributing your skills contact John Ivan at so we can get you involved!


Large Bulletins Available at Each Service


Large bulletins are available. Ask an usher for a large print bulletin prior to the worship service.


Ear Piece During Worship


If you want an ear piece to enhance your worship experience, stop at the sound desk at the back the church. This new system works far better than a hearing aid, as it brings the sound straight to your ear - with no background noise! You can control the volume with the dial on your unit.

Wheel Chairs, Shower Chairs


Immanuel has a few wheelchairs, shower chairs and accessories available for anyone who may need of these items. Contact the office at 248-4211 if you are interested.


Favorite Hymns


First Service worshippers are all invited to share the names of their favorite hymns! We would like to sing them all during these summer months! Write them on your worship card or drop off a list on Pastor Mary Ann's desk!


Welcome Center Volunteers

Do you like to meet people? We are looking for some fun people to be on the Welcoming Team.  They will set up coffee and water in the Welcome Center and then greet and help connect visitors to members between services. Contact Edith Draper at 248-1861 with any questions.

Worship Schedule Sign-up


You can sign-up for helping lead worship by going to the Immanuel website Click on "Worship Sign Up" and choose the month and service you would like to help. You will see highlighted in yellow the positions that need to be filled.  Click in the box or by the number, and type your name.  When you exit, it automatically saves your name in that spot.  Anyone who clicks on the link will see the updated version. 

There is also a sign-up board in the Fellowship Hall to manually sign-up if you prefer to do it that way.  Or you can always email me dates, times and position you would like to fill.  Thank you, again, for your willingness to serve!  You are a gift!  Know you are loved! Evie Schulz, Ministry Coordinator



Please help yourself to a hymnal at the entrance of the worship space if you like to follow the music for hymns. Hymnals are also available at each church entrance which can be taken home.


Memory Quilts

Barb Kwiatkowski has generously offered to make a memory quilt for the spouse of members of Immanuel whose partner dies to Christ. Quilts will be made out of fabric from favorite clothes of the deceased and may also include a photo. If you would like to be part of this very moving new quilt ministry, call Barb at 262-215-9614.

Coffee Hour


Beverages are available following the first service at the Welcome Center Counter in the Gathering Space. Help yourself to information about Immanuel on the counter. Our Coffee Hour follows the first service in the Fellowship Hall to the left of the worship space. Join us for treats, beverages, and conversation. It's a great way to meet new friends, and to share in fellowship with others. All are welcome!! Many thanks to those who help serve for these two ministries. If you are interested in helping, we need you!! Sign up on the Worship Card. Thanks!


Parking on Sundays and Special Services


Able bodied members are encouraged to park in the outer parking stalls or the Middle School Lot when they can, so visitors and seniors can be closer to the entrances. Many Thanks! It's a wonderful challenge to already be short on parking spaces! Praise God, who gives the growth!!



Sizzlin' Summer Series


Our Sizzlin' Summer Series, "Getting to Heaven by Going Through Hell," has been absolutely wonderful! Dr. Scot Hodkiewicz's presentation on his new book, relating his family's journey through the hellish auto accident that nearly killed them all, touched every listener in the depths of our spirit.


One session remains in the series, and we can't encourage you enough to attend! Mark your calendars: Wednesday, August 26, 5:30 PM dinner, 6:15 PM Worship. Please bring a dish to pass for the potluck meal if you can.


Worship includes music, powerful presentations from Dr. Scot, programs for children and teens, and time for informal discussion. We are honored that Dr. Scot is sharing his personal story of pain, addiction, tragedy, anger, hatred, forgiveness, new life, turning his life over to the power and control of God, and the salvation available through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord.


Copies of Dr. Scot's book are available at church, and we highly recommend it as a summer read. We guarantee that you won't be able to put the book down!!!  


Men's Friday Small Group Bible Study


A Men's Small Group Bible Study meets on Friday from 6:45 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. at Peet's Coffee and Tea in Lake Geneva. Come join them!


"The Story" Bible Study


"The Story" Bible Study is Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. at the home of Edith & Dan Draper, 1440 Linda Lane, Lake Geneva. Here is your opportunity to go through the Bible if you missed this Study a couple years ago. Please sign-up on the worship card if you are interested.


Saturday Morning Women's Alpha Bible Study: August 15th, 10:00 AM


The Saturday Morning Women's Bible Study meets the 2nd Saturday of the month, except for this month which has been scheduled for August 15, at 10:00 a.m. at church for the Alpha Classes. All are welcome! Please note that you will meet in Classroom A for this class only. Call Trish Fry-Misener at 262-949-2480 with any questions.


Men's Breakfast and Bible Study: Sat., September 19th at 7:30 AM


Join other men of faith for our Men's Bible Study and Breakfast at Immanuel! You will be treated to deep conversation about the issues in our time.  We will look at the Biblical teaching, and how to apply it to our lives. Please bring your favorite breakfast food to share with other men. 


Women of Faith Weekend: Farewell Tour


Women of Immanuel, this is a great opportunity to be inspired by other women of faith from all over the country. This tour is Friday, September 25th, 7-10 p.m. and Saturday, September 26th, 9 a.m. - 5p.m.,Sears Centre Arena, 5333 Prairie Stone Pkwy Hoffman Estates, IL 60192. $99 for 2 day event; $12 for lunch at Saturday's event (optional). For more information, call Evie Schulz at 262-203-0463 or check out this link: .


A Journey Through the Wilderness of Grief


Coming in September-October, an 8 week Christ Centered Bible based grief support group for walking the difficult path of the loss of someone special in your life facilitated by Evie Schulz, with pastoral support.  

Each weekly session will be 1 1/2 hours in length.  Immanuel members and their friends or relatives are welcome.  A minimum of four is needed to run the group. Maximum of 12. Watch for registration information to come.  Contact Evie 262-203-0463 if you have questions or concerns.




Sunday Morning Nursery Staff

A nursery is provided during worship for children 4 and under to the left of the Sanctuary. Children over 5 years are encouraged to join their families during worship. Little treats are available on the coffee bar counter. Grab a "busy bag" for your pre-schooler at the entrance to the worship space, to help your child stay focused during worship.
Please return it to the stand when the service is finished.


Sunday School Teachers


We are looking for adults and high school students who are willing to teach Sunday School for this Fall Quarter. Rally Day is September 13th. We would like children to be able to meet their teacher that day. Our hope is for team teachers for each grade level, so teachers always have a partner in case they are sick or absent. It's also possible to teach only twice a month if you prefer. Please sign up on the Worship Card, or call Katie at 248-4211. Thanks! There will be a Sunday School meeting for those who are interested in teaching on Monday August 17th at 6 pm.


Just For Kids


JFK is gearing up for the school year! We are seeking applicants who love children and would like to serve in the mornings before school from 6-8:15 a.m. and after school from 3:45-6 p.m. Contact Mark or Mary Ann with any inquiries. Applications are available in the church office.


Vacation Bible Camp

We had such a Blessed Adventure this year! Thanks to all of the Volunteers that spent countless hours preparing and Serving during VBC.

VBC children will sing songs from our Everest Program to uplift the congregation with their adventure on Sunday, August 2nd for all 3 services. Please have your child here by 8:45.


Back to School Sale (Clothes and Supplies for Kids)


The Back to School Sale will be Saturday, August 29th 9am-12pm at Immanuel. Gently used clean children's clothing available for $.25 per item (bring laundry basket, bags or a box to put items in), and school supplies. We welcome donations of gently used clean or new clothing and school supplies. Backpacks are an incredible gift as well. All proceeds will benefit Side By Side. We will also need volunteers to help setup and sort the items, during the sale, and tear down.


Little Sprouts Day Care News


Little Sprouts Learning Center Hours of operation are 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., for children 6 weeks through 4 K. Full-time registration is available for child care for the Fall 2015 for the following ages: 5 day positions for 4-K noon drop-offs. We are looking for volunteers for child care advisory board for Fall 2015. Please call Sue Gifford at 262-812-7346 if interested.



Painters to paint Sunday School classrooms (July 31-August 7) 

Movers to move desks between offices  (August 10-14).

Installers to install more vinyl picket fencing (August 10-14)


Call Katie Nagel (262) 949-6393 or Sue Gifford (262) 812-7346



Middle School Youth Group Summer Schedule


Our Middle School Youth Group will have a full summer schedule with awesome activities and learning opportunities.


Wednesdays, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Bible Beach Bash Come join Zach Ortiz for a Bible Beach Bash through August 5th. Middle School students are invited for a fun afternoon of learning and activities with the group. Kids should bring money for beach admission and lunch.


August 14th-15 6:30pm-3pm Fire 2015 - Immanuel is also hosting a brand new event this summer: FIRE 2015. We and 10 other local churches have partnered up to create an amazing event for middle school kids. The event will be filled with Christian speakers, Bands, and fun breakout sessions. The event is August 14th-15 6:30pm-3pm (Next Day) at our church. Cost is $10 and registration will be available in the church office.



High School Youth Group


High School Youth Group will be meeting on Wednesday, August 19th.  Watch your email and texts for what is planned!  Any questions, please contact Carolee at 262-215-1008.


High School Helpers!


The children's program is in need of High School helpers once per month. The church is having Wednesday Worship Service on Wednesday, August 26th. We need High School helpers to lead our elementary children in activities associated with our theme each time. Contact Katie Nagel if you are interested!



Preparing TOO Lead Boys and Girls Basketball Skills Camp


"Preparing TOO Lead Boys and Girls Basketball Skills Event", Friday, August 7th, 12-3 p.m. (first round) and 5:30-7 p.m. (final round) at the Sportcenter Gym at Badger High School. Many of us are familiar with Nee Dow Too's story. We have been inspired by Nee Dow and his family and how they have overcome many obstacles. David Jooss, a teacher at Badger High School and member of Immanuel, has organized a fundraiser for Nee Dow. This event has basketball skill sessions and contests for all ages, ranging from 2nd grade-adult. Please come and support this effort to raise money for a young man with a bright future! All proceeds go to help pay for Nee Dow Too to attend Shepherds College in Union Grove. Please make checks payable to "Badger Scholarship Fund".


Prices for event: 2nd - 3rd Grade skills - $20; 4th -6th grade skills - $25; 7th - 12th Grade Advanced Skills Camp & Leadership Session - $30; 4th -12th Grade Free Throw Contest - $10 per entry; Adult Free Throw Contest - $ 20 per entry; 7th Grade - Adult 3 point Contest - $10 per entry. Call David Jooss at Badger High School at 348-3000 ext. 3210 for more details.


Habitat For Humanity


Habitat For Humanity has scheduled another project in the area. Please join the Nichols family and friends as they break ground of their new home on Franklin Street in Whitewater. The groundbreaking ceremony will take place at 12:00 p.m. on August 2nd at 896-3A S. Franklin Street, Whitewater. For further information, please contact Larry Green at 2626-949-0542 or email .


Walworth County Adult Special Olympics Pig Roast


The Walworth County Adult Special Olympics Pig Roast Fundraiser is Tuesday, August 18th, 5:30-8:00 p.m. at Champs Sports Bar and Grill in Lake Geneva. The price is $8.00 per person and it includes all you can eat pulled pork, tolls, cole slaw, baked beans and apple sauce. There is a cash bar and raffle prizes. Presently there are 200 athletes in Walworth County. Please stop by and support our Adult Special Olympic athletes. Contact Betty Aguirre at 248-3034 with any questions.


"Cross" Into Immanuel with Love


We would like to involve everyone who worships with us to CROSS into this wonderful place with LOVE. Here's how! Bring in any type of cross you would like to donate - new, old, bought, given and you don't have a place for it. We will place each cross somewhere in this building so everyone knows they can cross into this church with love always. Dig deep into those closets, cedar chests, and basements and bring your unused crosses into the office and put them into the box provided in Jeri's office. Thanks so much! Be sure to watch for your cross to appear somewhere on the walls of Immanuel.


St. Vincent De Paul (Milwaukee) Soup Kitchen


We are starting to collect clothes again for St. Vincent De Paul - Milwaukee Soup Kitchen. They are in need of socks, underwear, toiletries and towels. Please bring them to the church office. If you have any questions regarding clothes call Mickey Tolar at 248-0506. Our next service date is Sunday, August 16th. The carpool leaves Immanuel at 4:00 p.m.


The "Pillowcase "Ministry


Adorable handmade pillowcases are available for sick or hospitalized children. Their therapeutic effect is heaven sent! Contact the office for one.


ELCA - South-Central Synod of Wisconsin


Immanuel is part of the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin, of the ELCA.  During the last weekend of May, they held their annual gathering in Madison.  I had the privilege and honor to serve as your delegate to this gathering.   There were 350 delegates in attendance.  This convening is where the business end of the Lutheran Church at the synod level is reviewed and approved or modified as need be.  We considered reports, reviewed and approved a budget, and voted many times for delegates and candidates who would serve in various positions at the synod level of the church.  I now have a better understanding of the workings of the hierarchy of the church.  But this gathering was much more than just a parliamentary exercise.


This year's theme was "The Open Table - Always Room for One More".  We were asked to consider; who first invited us into the fellowship of Christ?  Who isn't represented at our gathering?  And, how can we invite and include those who might be left out?  The stage was graced with a kitchen table and several chairs, but always one empty chair to signify "room for one more".  References were made to the kitchen table, the picnic table and of course, the altar table.  The kitchen table, where togetherness is experienced, hunger is satisfied and many important decisions and announcements are made, where strangers, family and friends are welcomed and where faith is handed down from generation to generation. The picnic table, always close to nature, where celebrations and reunions are held, and finally, the altar table, where the kitchen tables of the parish are united and where there is always room for one more, the invitation having been extended to anyone who wants to be in relationship with God.  We can be proud and grateful that in our Lutheran church there is always room at the table We were challenged to consider new tables or new thinking in the church.  We heard inspiring speakers, experienced new music, enjoyed good food and fellowship and participated in a variety of workshops.  We considered and passed resolutions (official statements of the synod) on racism and climate change.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve in this capacity and if you should be asked to attend next year's gathering, I heartily recommend it.

                            Loren Johnson

P.S.   Loren was the primary author of the resolution on climate change.


Health Newsletter


"Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food."   Genesis 1:29


Parish Nurse, Karen Stein, addresses Eating Disorders in her August newsletter:


In Need of Prayer Shawls?


Prayer shawls made with Christ's love are available through the office for anyone in distress. Wrap your loved one in comforting prayers. Call Karen Stein at 262-203-5260 or Donna Hove at 262-749-0599, for more information.


Blood Pressure Checks


Blood pressure checks after the 1st service on the 3nd Sunday of each month in Pastor Mary Ann's office.


29th Annual Lutherdale Fest Quilt Auction


The 29th Annual Lutherdale Fest Quilt Auction is Saturday, August 8th. For more information call 262-742-2352 ext. 103 or


Community Connections Meal: August 20th, 5:15-6:30 PM


The next Community Meal, providing the gifts of nourishment and fellowship is set for Thursday, August 20th at 5:15 PM. Please sign up on the Worship Card if you can help cook, set up, serve, or clean-up for this delicious meal available to all in the surrounding communities.


Side By Side Screening


Side By Side screening is the 3rd Tuesday of each month, August 18th, at 7:00 p.m. at the First Congregational UCC Church, 715 Wisconsin Street, Lake Geneva. Funds are available for rental assistance and utilities - for those living in the Lake Geneva School District. Bring a copy of the bill you need help paying.


Side By Side


Side By Side is a collaborative ministry between area churches and civic groups that raises funds to help individuals and families in crisis in the Lake Geneva Area School District.


Card Ministry


Our Card Ministry will gather on August 20th at 6:30 p.m. in Classroom A, to create greeting cards to encourage the ill, hospitalized, or grieving. There is no cost to participate! Join us!  


Ronald McDonald House Charities


Greetings Immanuel Community! I am Stacy Dennis, member of Immanuel, wife of Matthew and mother of our 3 kiddos! I wanted to take a moment to ask for your kindness and support in running my very first FULL marathon this October: The Chicago Bank of America Marathon. That's 26.2 miles, folks! I am very scared but extremely excited in this endeavor. I am fundraising for Team Ronald McDonald House Charities, and my goal is to raise at least $1000! Please consider any donation made to the following website! Or feel free to email me personally! Thank you all and many blessings. Email:


Debtors Anonymous Meetings


DA, Debtors Anonymous, meets Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. in the Library in the church office. Is your life unmanageable because of debt? Are you sick of bouncing checks, paying late fees, & having creditors hound you? Is your marriage or other relationships in constant strife due to debt? DA Statement of purpose: to stop incurring unsecured debt one day at a time. Come join us & break free of crushing debt!


Meals on Wheels Volunteers Needed


We are looking for volunteers to substitute or help occasionally with Meals on Wheels. Please contact Pauline Malsch at 262-248-6050.


Fellowship Hour


If you can help staff our "Coffee Hour" it would bless a huge number of people! We need folks to bring goodies or to help serve or to clean up. Thanks! Please sign up on the worship card.


AA Meetings


Women's AA Meeting - Sun., 4:00 p.m. in the Community Room off the Fellowship Hall. Open AA Meeting - Tues. 8:00 p.m., Community Room.


Weight Watchers Meeting


Weight Watchers - Mondays at 9:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. in the Youth Room. Leader: Deb Olkives, 262-496-9965,; Weight Watchers Hotline 1-866-204-2885.


Coupons for Servicemen and Women


Servicemen can use all coupons (except restaurant and store specific). If possible, please cut them out before you bring them in. Thank you from Mary Rose Long and the American Legion Auxiliary.


WC Food Pantry


The WC Food Pantry, Wednesdays from 1:00-5:00 PM, and Saturdays from 10:00 AM-2:00 PM, at 205 East Commerce Court, Elkhorn, 262-723-4488. They are in desperate need of bar soap and razors.


The Lake Geneva Food Pantry


The Lake Geneva Food Pantry, Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9:00 - 11:30 AM at First Congregational Church, 715 Wisconsin Street. 262-248-2337.



Lake Geneva Symphony Orchestra


The Lake Geneva Symphony Orchestra presents "Back to the Wild, Wild West" on Saturday, August 1st, 7:00 p.m. at the Phoenix Park Bandshell in Delavan and August 2nd, 3:00 p.m. at Flatiron Park in Lake Geneva. Admission is free at both concerts. For more information call 262-359-9072 or go to .


Church Council and Staff Dinner


Members of the church council, staff and their families, are all invited to a barbecue at the Pastor's home, 325 Oakwood Lane in Lake Geneva, on Tuesday, August 18th at 6:00 p.m. Please bring a dish to pass for the meal. Come share in fellowship with other leaders of Immanuel!


Immanuel Book Club


Our Book Club will meet on Wednesday, August 26th at 2:00 p.m. in the Community Room off Fellowship Hall at Immanuel. Our next book to review is " How to Get to Heaven by Going Through Hell" by Scot Hodkiewicz. New members are welcome!




Anyone who would like a sailboat ride or would like to learn how to sail, contact Pastor Mark.




Call Pastor Mark if you would like to so some group cycling. All levels of experience are welcome.


Thrivent Financial Open House


The Thrivent Financial Open House is Tuesday, August 4th, 4-7 p.m., 1407 Racine Street Unit E, Delevan WI. Stop by for food drink, bouncy house, raffle prizes and more. RSVP by calling Kate Abbe at 262-740-9040 or email .


Thrivent Day at Miller Park


Thrivent Day at Miller Park is Saturday, August 29, 6:10 p.m. The Milwaukee Brewers play the Cincinnati Reds. Loge Outfield: $17, Terrace Reserved:$9. Ticket includes access to the Thrivent tailgate party starting at 4 p.m. complete with food & non-alcoholic beverages. All attendees are asked to bring a school supply to support the back to school Drive through the Salvation Army. For questions or more information, call Lisa Truong at 262-777-1435. To purchase tickets, go to


Awesome Soup Recipes from Lenten Dinners


Many of us enjoyed the wonderful soups we had throughout Lent. Jennifer Kramp has volunteered to compile and share these recipes on a blog or a page. Those interested in contributing recipes can email them to Jennifer at .


Electronic Giving


Throughout the year, if you can't make it to church we encourage you to automate your regular donations. Immanuel relies on the consistent financial support of the congregation and electronic giving offers an easy way to give on a recurring basis. Visit or contact the church office for more information. We have authorization forms in the church office. We thank you for your continued support!







All Hands on Deck


We have more good news to share. As of July 24, we have 180 pledges totaling $1,272,887.00. Thanks be to God. In addition, several of the large pledges have already been received, enabling us to make a payment of $387,000.00 toward the principal of our loan. Our new balance is $1,910,005.00. We are so thankful for the generous stewardship of so many members and friends of Immanuel. Over the long haul, this will save the congregation thousands of dollars in interest payments that can go to vital ministries instead. It also returns money to the Mission Investment Fund of the ELCA so that other congregations can receive loans to build new church facilities. Your weekly contributions to the ALL HANDS ON DECK appeal will enable us to make our monthly mortgage payments. If you have not yet had the opportunity to make a commitment to the appeal, extra pledge cards are available at church.


Free Smoke Detectors


The Lake Geneva Fire Department is committed to ensuring the safety of all citizens in this area. A working smoke detector is the most important measure you can take to prevent injury or death in the event of a fire. The fire department if offering to install smoke detectors, free of charge, for any resident in Lake Geneva. Call 248-7228 to request a smoke detector. Check with Pastor Mark if you have questions. 




 + Thank you all who worked and donated extraordinary dishes for the luncheon for the funeral of Lester Broihahn. It was such a gift to our family. Shirley Broihahn


+ Thank you to you and your Shawl group for the beautiful handmade gift. It is like the arms of friends around my shoulders. It's nice to be remembered at times like this. Jeanette Fontaine, Michele Rindfleisch's mom


+ Thank you Pastors Mark & Mary Ann for visiting me in the hospital. Your prayers and encouragement lifted my spirits. Betty Schulz


+ Thanks to the card ministry folks for the cheerful and creative card you sent while I have been in the rehab center. Betty Schulz


+ Thanks to Reverend Herb Priester who celebrated Holy Communion here a week ago. It is so appreciated when one is unable to get to church services. Betty Schulz


+A heartfelt thank you to Kunes Ford Dealership for letting our mission team borrow vehicles to transport us all to Kentucky. Their generosity was extremely helpful on our mission to help rebuild homes with the SWAP organization.


+ Thanks to Charles Brown for guest-speaking and offering his message entitled "Restoration" on July 12th! He humbly revealed how diligently reading his Bible and praying with hope and thanksgiving opened his heart to hear what God was saying, that restoration begins with Him. Thanks also to Eileen Weyrauch (flute), Kan Pai (violin), and John Ivan (piano) who accompanied Charlie in the reflective and powerful song "The Love of God". See the whole message and song here:


+ Thanks to Lauren Pitcher, Kelly Gerlitz, and Ron Ganansky who spoke about their experiences during the Harlan, Kentucky summer mission trip! They did a fabulous job representing the group of 49 participants. See the video (that includes photos from the trip) here:


+ Thank you Sue Gifford for donating a motorized awning in the playground area to provide shade for the children. Thanks also for the your contribution of new child chairs and cribs for the Little Sprouts Day Care.

+ Thanks to Steve Zlotnik and crew for landscaping the church grounds & new plantings in the parking lot islands.


+ Thank you to Mike Brooks for doing the weekly mowing of the church lawns. We appreciate your weekly commitment!


+ Thank you to Sara Wahlstedt for caring for all the indoor plants at church.

You "water with love" and it means so much to us!


+ Thanks so much to Eunice Abresch for her weekly dedication of weeding all of our flower beds.


+ Little Sprouts wants to thank Dale & Michelle Castleman (B & J Landscape) for the donation of landscaping in our infant playground!!


+ Thank for the Vacation Bible Camp decorations provided by: Weber Builders; Copies, Prints & Plus; St. Benedict's in Milwaukee, WI; St Paul's Lutheran in Melrose Park, IL; Trinity Lutheran in Burr Ridge, IL; LA Grange United Methodist (Polly Walgren - coordinating) Bob and Bobbi Shaw.

With opportunity, love and blessings, Always Randi


+ Huge thank you to Madeline Engerman's expertise and late nights; Joanie Schultz Carlson & her niece, Hollie, for always being there, Kalie Fos' last minute pick-up and advice; Bruce for support; Zach for dealing with my mess; Mickey for keeping me on task and for her love; my children and husband & Ken for always picking up the pieces and loving me always!

With opportunity, love and blessings, Always Randi


+ To all the quilters, thank you so much for the beautiful quilt. What a surprise to receive a call saying a quilt had been made for me for my 80th birthday - I didn't think anyone even knew how old I was. Every time I look at the quilt, I will think of the Immanuel Lutheran family that I'm so grateful to be a part of. Joan Dee


+ To My Immanuel Family! Thank you so much for the food cards! You have no idea how that helps us! Love to All, Kathy & Craig




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