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June, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

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Congratulations Graduates!




Congratulations to all the High School Graduates: Tess Bakken, Derrick Buntrock, Eric Carstensen, Amanda Danno, Michael Deegan, Nicholas Domalik, Sarah Fields, Laura Flynn, Evan Gibson, Alexa Hodkiewicz, Micaela Howes, Morgan Huemann, Angie Meinel, Jeremy Nelson, Matthew Newell, Sam Radtke, Brady Schmidt, Jackson Seeberg, Nee Dow Too & Max Tracy.


We are so proud of you!







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Easter Garden Flowers


Due to the craziness of Holy Week, the Easter Garden Flower memorials were omitted from the Easter bulletins. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Easter Garden Flowers which graced our Sanctuary on Easter.




  • My husband, John Long by Karin Hedlin
  • Albert & Mildred Stephan by Cami Brown & Carol Wahlstedt
  • My dearest mother, Helen Kelso by Bev Barnett
  • John Barnett, the keeper of my heart by Bev Barnett
  • My brother, Rich Jurica by Bev Barnett
  • Melvin and Randy Spanjer and Gary Fryrear by Sandy and Joe Anselmo
  • Our parents: Ruth & Harold Fry and Dora & Emil Schulz by Emmet & Betty Schulz
  • Our beloved husband & father, Brian Kelly by Janet & Brenda Kelly
  • Andrew Clark by Grant and Tracy Clark
  • My mother, Nancy Heinen by Barb Robers
  • Frank & Kathleen Walton by Art and Bettina Walton
  • Robert & Randall Sentieri by CynDee Sentieri
  • Josephine Twist by Jeff & Jayne Erickson
  • David Heller, Kristy Faurie & Rick Juergens by Pete and Pam Juergens
  • Jim Hoffman, Hellen Delorae, Pete Dorn, Adolph Delorae by Kyle and Gretchen Hoffman
  • My sister-in-law, Rita by Lorraine and Ray Schober
  • Helen Strube by Bob and Sue Strube
  • Our parents by Richard and Judith Dobson
  • Julie Marie Hanson by Ken, Ellen, Jennifer, Jarrod, Justin and Jacob Hanson
  • Our grandchildren: Mikella, Emma, McKenzie, Julius, Macie and Azden by Ken & Ellen Hanson
  • Our parents by Lawrence & Donna Carstensen
  • Our parents & grandparents by Bud and Jeannie Patchin
  • Connor Foulke by Jim, Michelle, Kyle, Brett Foulke
  • Art and Dona Hinzpeter & Oren & Esther Hallett by Don and Penny Hallett
  • Our husband and daddy, Kenny Pedersen by Susan and Kasey Pedersen
  • Bernard Polek & Edward and Mildred Kwiatkowski by Barb and Tom Kwiatkowski
  • Ed Gorz by Cheryl Bogard, Eddie Bogard, Shirley Gorz & the Pillman's
  • Denise Smith by the Mack Family
  • Mark Malsch & Keith Eytcheson Jr. by Pauline Malsch
  • Tim by Laurie and Kyle Cornue
  • Richard Folman & Frank and Helen Folman by Faith Folman Famly
  • Harold F. and Lucile Knaak by Donna Fortney family
  • David Wayne Knaak by Donna Fortney family
  • Josephine Danna & Dwight Sanders by Kristy Danna
  • Our dear parents and loved one by Mickey and Don Tolar
  • Emily Nelson by Eva Magill, Dena, Blake and Chase Lancour
  • Ross Kolb by Tim and Jan Sireno and Emily Sireno
  • My cousin, Alan Shane Foraker, who died to Christ after a valiant battle with cancer by Pastors Mary Ann and Mark
  • Our beloved fathers, Allen Moller and Bob Gunderson by Pastors Mary Ann & Mark
  • My mother, Eunice Moller who blessed so many with her music by Pastor Mary Ann
  • My dear brother, Don Moller, who died to Christ a year ago by Pastors Mary Ann and Mark
  • Our nephew, Cory Fleming, who was such an experience of joy by Pastors Mary Ann & Mark
  • Our cousin, Anale Konka, who died to Christ much too soon by Pastors Mary Ann and Mark
  • Our great grandma Ada Scheunemann, who taught us grace upon grace by Pastors Mary Ann & Mark




  • Pastors Mary Ann & Mark, the wind beneath my wings by Bev Barnett
  • Our children by Dennis and Evie Schulz
  • Our wonderful Pastors by the Newell Family
  • Bev Barnett, an awesome friend by Brenda and Janet Kelly
  • Doris M. Butler by Art and Bettina Walton
  • Our parents by the Bunge Family
  • Lawrence and Donna Carstensen by Their Children
  • Marcia Gunderson by Joan Mellien
  • Given to the Glory to God by Sara Wahlstedt
  • My parents 68th Wedding Anniversary by Ina Cunningham
  • Kenyan Orphans by Ina Cunningham
  • John and Marilyn Erbentraut
  • For our many blessings by Earl and Joyce Vorpagel
  • My mother, Doris Giese by Sandy and Mike Boales
  • Brenda Follensbee by Sandy and Mike Boales
  • Kathy Middleton by Sandy & Mike Boales
  • Our children by Lawrence and Donna Carstensen
  • Dan and Angie Schmidt Family
  • Our 55th Anniversary on 4/25 by John and Bev Erickson
  • Our loved ones by Steve and Judy Guy
  • Glory of the Lord by Patrick Fleming and Shelley Cruz
  • My beautiful daughters, Katy & Christina by Betsy Kanelos
  • My cherished friend, Mary Ellen by Betsy Kanelos
  • Our family by Harry and Jackie Kuehl
  • Dr. Joe Danna by Kristy Danna
  • Kate & Kyle Ketterhagen, Lauren & Zach Zubow, Kendal Danna, Joey Danna, Gia Danna by Kristy Danna
  • Our dear family by Mickey and Don Tolar
  • Yvonna Mol - faithfully made coffee every Friday by the Friday Morning Bible Study
  • Albert Allen by Eva Magill, Dena, Blake and Chase Lancour
  • Our brand new grandson, Robert Alan, born to Maria and Dustin - with gratitude to God for the miracle of his life by Pastors Mary Ann and Mark

  • Our beloved son, David, and his wife, Kathy, for always expanding our mind by Pastors Mary Ann and Mark

  • My partner and soulmate, Mark Robert, for the abiding gift of doing life together for 40 years by Pastor Mary Ann

  • The people of Immanuel for your vision and tenacity in following God's lead to our new location! You are an inspiration! by Pastors Mary Ann and Mark

  • Our precious daughter, Maria, and her husband, Dustin in gratitude for their 1st year of marriage by Pastors Mary Ann and Mark

  • Our beloved mother, Marcia Gunderson, in awe of her courage, faith and sense of humor in the face of significant physical adversity by Pastors Mary Ann and Mark

  • My lovely wife, Mary Ann by Mark

  • Our delightful granddaughter, Haley, and the joy she brings to our lives by Pastors Mary Ann and Mark


Jubilate Choir


Mark your calendars for a special presentation on May 25th at all three services that will honor our veterans. The Jubilate choir will sing a marvelous arrangement of "Battle Hymn of the Republic" accompanied by an orchestra-we are calling it a "mini cantata celebration". The choir will be learning the song during weekly Wednesday night rehearsals (6:45-8:00PM in the music room) and ALL are invited to participate. You will love the arrangement of this timeless piece. Instrumentalists check your schedules and let John Ivan know if you can play along so he can get the parts to you! Be sure to wear red, white, and blue that special day!


Praise Team


The Praise Team meets from 8:00PM-9:00PM on Wednesday nights for weekly rehearsals. The team leads contemporary worship music and introduces fresh new music at two services. If you play an instrument, love singing, or have technological interests, contact John Ivan at to see how you can participate.


Bells of Immanuel


The Bells of Immanuel rehearse on Sunday mornings from 9:00AM-10:00AM. Director Ellen Hanson has exciting anthems for people of ALL different skill levels. The Bells are open to ALL ages and encourage newcomers, especially at this time of season. For more info and to find out the ringing schedule contact Ellen Hanson at


Youth Praise Team


Immanuel's Youth Praise Team will resume after Easter on Wednesday evenings from 5:30PM-6:30PM. The group for teens 6th through 12th grade needs vocalists, instrumentalists, and other participants to expand this promising and vital ministry-especially as we transition into the new church. Parents, encourage your children to join and cultivate their growing musical talents. The youth will gain vital experience in church leadership and discover new ways to connect with God! Contact John Ivan via email at cell 262-620-2349.


Media Specialists


The media team utilizes modern technology during every worship service throughout the year. We are so grateful for their incredible devotion and humble hearts. Positions include running the computer, managing the sound board, and operating live video. As we transition into this new building, we are especially outreaching to new people to come and learn the new system. Now would be a perfect time to get involved as we will ALL be learning the new system! Contact John Ivan at so he can inform you of the training sessions forthcoming.




Please help yourself to a hymnal at the entrance of the worship space if you like to follow the music for hymns.


Coffee Hour: 


Beverages are available following the first service at the Welcome Center Counter in the Gathering Space. Help yourself to information about Immanuel on the counter. Our Coffee Hour follows the first service in the Fellowship Hall to the left of the worship space. Come join us for treats, beverages, and conversation. It's a great way to meet new friends, and to share in fellowship with others. All are welcome!! Many thanks to those who help serve for these two ministries. If you are interested in also helping, we need you!! Sign up on the Worship Card. Thanks!


Worship Needs


We have commissioned Matt Schulz to build the new pulpit, which will match the design of the altar. Your donations to this project in honor or in memory of a loved one would be a huge gift! The pulpit will serve generations to come - especially those who come hungering for a relationship with our Savior. Thanks!





Ministry Quick Links

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Serving in the Military


John Allison, Chris Bollwahn, Jimmy Flores, Erik Heinz, Alex Novak, Tim Sireno, Andy Sireno, Daniel Tschida.


Battling Cancer


Betty Aguirre, Kim Audetat, Pastor Ron Bachman, Brenda Backhaus, Lisa Barnhart, Elsa Baur, Al Bettisch, Jamee Borstein, Mary Brandt, Mike Bureca, Anne Chant, Christopher Botts, Danny Coleman, Bethany Crawford, Jim Daily, Ed Dee, Cyndi Dietze, Marian Engstrom, Phillip Giese, Paul Hainstock, Anne Heck, Eric Jelnik, Sherry Joyce, Jason Kazinski, Doug Kerkaonan, Deb Kopek, Esther Laskowski, Pat Lincoln, Judy Lindner, Lynn McAdams, Kim Michaelson, Nick Palozzolo, Kathy Paquette, Beverly Peacock, Denise Peck, Mickey Petranek, Trudy Rauch, Molly Reek, Hunter Schwab, Barb Searle, Shelly Shepstone, Anita Smith, Marty Smith, Dottie Swatek, Monika Swing, Mary Teel, Ed Thiel, Sara Wahlstedt, Rick Walters, Liam Wester, Barb Whitney, Sharyl Wilkins, Linsey Young.


In Hospice Care

Lawrence Norem, Margaret Welsch, Jeannette Helfers


Health and Strength



Betty Bauman, Karen Baumgartner, Brian Belot, Ed & Catherine Blechner, Hope Block, Mrs. Bloskio, Chris Bollwahn, John Bollwahn, Nancy Bollweg, Mike Braam, Brian Britnall, Stacey Carlson, Ray Christian, Danielle Cloutier, Loretta Combs, Janet Derus, Bobby Joe Fritz, Mike Gerlitz, Sue Grenning, Marcia Gunderson, Lorraine Hanneman, Zachary Harrod, Betty Howes, William Hundsrucker, Abbie Ivan, Shellie K., Ernie and Ruth Kloppstein, Caroline Kube,Ruth Johnson,Anthony Jovani,Linda Jurica, Mark Justison, JoAnn Koch, Tom Kuttnauer, Maegan Lambert, Colton Lazzaroni, Gary Lechner, Don Ledenbach, Jean Ledenbach, JoAnn Lindner, Char Luepkes, Ruby Madsen, Larry Malsch,Marco Mancilla, Patrick McBean, Jim Michalek, Pam Millar, Larry Moe, Larry Miller, Tom Mol, Yvonne Mol, Pat Morrissey, Dean Noble, Carrie Novak, June Ann Novak, Shea O'Machel, Patricia Owen, Carolyn Phillips, Jerry Polek, Lydia Polek, Carl Rahn, Frank & Mike Rizzo, Andrew Rocha, Hannah Ruebisch, Gesine Schmidt, Madgel Schluga, Gesine Schmidt, Nomi Schultz, Emmet Schulz, Ione Schopen, Vivian Spanjer, Mackinnon Spraker, John Switalski, Gordon Van Heel,Wayne Vorpagel, Marie Voss, Shelly Weis, Valarie Weyrauch, Mary Ann Wieberg, Debbie Winters.



Awaiting / Recovering from Surgery / Hospitalization


Carol Annen, Justin Border, Nick Dunski, George Elblein,Penny Erickson,Lester Gilbertson,Ken Hanson,Kim Kirkpatrick,Ruth Kloppstein, Sandy Lechner, Craig Middleton, Linda Moreau, Nina Pappas, Mickey Petranek, Trudy Rauch, Bonnie Sigman, Clarence Thompson, Carolyn Warfield, Mike Woods.






+ Bill Binn Sr., father of Bill Binn, died to Christ on March 25th.


+ Richard Sievert, husband of Marilyn, died to Christ on April 2nd.


+ William Leitzen, beloved grandpa of Tamara Pettijohn, died to Christ during Holy Week.



Serving on the Mission Field


Zach Harrod, Jenn and Jason Byers, Karen Flowers, Chris and Irene Okuna, Ginger Peterson




+ Congratulations to Mark McAuliffe and Becky Kohlman on their engagement. They will be married in October.


+ Congratulations to Samantha Moehling who was awarded Employee of the Year by the Milwaukee Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry ((NARI)


+ Congratulations to Evan Gibson on receiving the "A Day of Difference" award given to individuals in Walworth County who make a difference in their community.





+ Congratulations to Maria & Dustin Dean on the birth of their son, Robert Allen Dean, of April 1st. Pastors Mary Ann & Mark are the proud grandparents.


+ Congratulations to Kelly and Scott Vanderstappen on the birth of their daughter, Elle Dahlia Vanderstappen, on April 3rd.


+ Congratulations to Jayne and Jeff Erickson on the birth of their son, Oliver Jeffery Erickson, on April 8th.


+ Congratulations to Mike and Chelsie Koronkiewicz on the birth of their daughter Mia Marie Koronkiewicz, on April 11th.


+ Congratulations to Tiffany & Jacob Erbentraut on the birth of their daughter, Mallory May Erbentraut, on April 17th.




+ Congratulations to Doug and Liz Ehlert, on the baptism of their son, Joseph Brian Ehlert, on April 13th.


Expecting a Child!

Alison Mansky, Kimberly Pillman, Jennifer Ott-Wilson

New Member

Samantha Johnson

W3161 County D

Elkhorn, WI 53121





Liturgical Arts Team


We are so grateful to God for the very talented group who have been serving on our Liturgical Arts Team. Their first meetings have focused on new "paraments": the colorful hangings on the altar, pulpit, and credence table (behind the altar) - in the colors of the church year. Team members include: Dennis Schulz, Sandy Tonn, Carol Smith, Jackie Kuehl, Gretchen & Kyle Hoffman, Jeff & Jayne Erickson, Sara Wahlstedt, Randi Mikrut and Pastor Mary Ann. The new paraments will be in the worship space for the season of Lent! Eventually the team will also work on other artistic needs in the building. If you're interested in helping, let any member of the team know. 





The Adult Sunday School Class


The Adult Sunday School Class will meet in the Conference Room, in the administrative area to the right of Sanctuary, at 9:30 a.m. They are studying the book of 1 Corinthians. All are welcome!


Men's Breakfast and Bible Study


Men are all welcome on Saturday, May 31st at 7:30 a.m. to gather at church for a delicious breakfast, and conversation about God's Word! Bring your favorite food to share for the meal - and come with a hunger to go deeper in your relationship with Christ.


Saturday Morning Women's Bible Study


Immanuel's Saturday Morning Women's Bible Study group will meet at Marilyn Heiden's house, 807 Madison Street, Lake Geneva, on May 10th at 10:00 a.m. We are studying the Beatitudes. Call Marilyn at 248-6439 with questions or if you need directions.





Sunday Morning Nursery Staff

A nursery is provided during each service for children 4 and under to the left of the Sanctuary. Children over 5 years are encouraged to join their families during worship. Little treats are available on the coffee bar counter. Please help yourself to a "busy bag" for your pre-schooler at the entrance to the worship space, to help your child stay focused during worship.


Sunday School


If you haven't had a chance to visit our classrooms, or have a child that would like to join us, please come any Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. We are always looking for juice or snack donations.  Donations can be dropped off in the Activity Room. We would be so blessed to have additional Sunday School teachers, especially for our soaring Preschool class! Even if you can only help once a month, we need you! Sign-up on the worship card or call Brianna at 248-4211.


The last day of Sunday School will be Sunday, May 18th for our Sunday School Lessons.  We will have a special Sunday Celebration on June 1st to kick off our Vacation Bible Camp Celebration. 


Sunday School Singers


The Sunday School Singers will be sharing their music on Mother's Day, Sunday, May 13th..   The children will be singing at the 1st and 2nd Services, and should be at church at 8:45 a.m. Thank you to Tami Buntrock for leading the kids in song.


Mother's Day Bake Sale


Mark your calendars for the annual Mother's Day Bake Sale coming up on May 13th. We will be selling bake goods between services.  A great gift for mom!! All proceeds benefit the programming for our Vacation Bible Camp this year. If you would like to donate bake goods, please drop them off at the church by Saturday, May 12th.  Feel free to contact Brianna at 248-4211 with any questions.


Just For Kids


"Just for Kids Before School Program is looking for help some weekday mornings, from 6:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. Our program is open to children ages 4K to 5th Grade, attending Central-Denison or Eastview Schools. If you have experience working with children, and would like more information, contact Brianna at 248-4211.


Early Release Day


Our next Early Release Day will be Thursday, May 8th, from 1:30 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.  We continue to provide games, snacks, crafts, and more to the children in our area. If you would like to help with this great program, please contact Brianna at 248-4211.


Immanuel's Children's Programs are looking for donations of juice, milk, or snacks for our many programs for kids. Besides Sunday School, we could use these items for both Early Release Day and Before and After-School. Donations can be marked "Kids" and put in the Activity Room. Thanks! 


Vacation Bible Camp


It is that time again, time to start thinking about Vacation Bible Camp! This year's theme is, "Weird Animals: Where Jesus' Love is one-of-a-Kind ". The camp will run from Sunday, July 27th through Thursday, July 31st. We need lots of help!


Vacation Bible Camp Meeting


The next Vacation Bible Camp meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 15th at 6 p.m. We still need lots of volunteers for crafts, games, food prep, leadership, and more! We average over 200 children each year, so we need lots of volunteers. Questions? Contact Brianna at 248-4211. 


Day Camp Scholarships


Covenant Harbor Bible Camp is offering scholarship money for Immanuel kids to experience a life changing week of Day Camp during the summer. This is a wonderful opportunity for children in our congregation to try camp who might otherwise not be able to go. Brochures are available at Immanuel. Please see Pastor Mark if you have questions or are interested in having your child attend.


Day Care News


Progress is being made for the opening of a Day Care Center at Immanuel, with a target date of August 2014. This ministry is in response to a huge need in our community for quality child care. "LITTLE SPROUTS LEARNING CENTER" is the name that has been chosen, with the tag line "Where children grow in faith." This will be a full day child care center that provides exceptional care for children ages 6 weeks through 4 years. LITTLE SPROUTS will offer differentiated faith based programs for infants, toddlers, and pre-school aged children to ensure they receive developmentally appropriate experiences in a safe and loving environment.


A Day Care team has been working for several months to develop this exciting ministry. Next steps include licensing from the state, development of a business plan, outfitting rooms for children.


Day Care Staff Positions


Anyone interested in staff positions for the "Little Sprouts" Day Care, please contact Pastor Mark for a job description and application.


First Communion Class


Please contact Pastor Mary Ann if your child is interested in attending our First Communion Class. 





6th-8th Grade


Join us on Sunday mornings from 9:45-10:45a.m. for our Confirmation Classes, and Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:00pm for our 3:16 Youth Group! The group is growing by leaps and bounds! Be sure to bring a friend.


3:16 Youth Group


Join us on Sunday mornings from 9:45-10:45a.m. for our Confirmation Classes, and Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:00pm for our 3:16 Youth Group! The group is growing by leaps and bounds! Be sure to bring a friend.


Middle School Ministry Staff Positions


Anyone interested in staff positions for the Middle School After School Ministry, please contact Pastor Mary Ann.





Crusaders High School Youth Group


Join us on Monday nights from 7:30-9:00 p.m. in the Youth Room off of the fellowship hall. Please invite your friends to join us.


High School Youth Mission Trip


Our Youth Mission Trip to Puerto Rico will be June 21-28 for students in 9th grade and up. We have 41 teens and adults on The Team and a waiting list! Praise God for this incredible opportunity to serve alongside our new partner congregation, Sion Lutheran Church.


High School Mission Trip Fundraiser


Please join us at Simple Café on Thursday, May 8th for a great meal being served with 5, 6, and 7 p.m. or carry-outs. Help our team raise funds for their trip to Puerto Rico. Tickets are $10.00 with $8.00 going to the Youth Group. 




Yoga Class: Mondays at 4:00 p.m.


Cindy Conlon is offering a free Yoga class at Immanuel that is available for the community. The one hour class will meet on Mondays at 4 pm, and run from May 12 through June 23. Cindy is a certified Yoga instructor with many years of experience.


This one hour class is designed for people who have no experience with Yoga, but would like to see how connecting movement with the breath can lead to a deep sense of calm and well-being. These classes will present gentle physical poses and introduce basic concepts such as proper alignment and muscle engagement. The classes are open to anyone age 16 and older with no significant health issues. Wear comfortable clothing and please bring a Yoga mat if possible as well as a water bottle.


Free Beachbody Fit Club at Immanuel


A FREE weekly Fit Club meets every Tuesday from 8:00-9:00 p.m. at Immanuel Lutheran Church. Join Diamond Beachbody Coach, Erin Effenheim, for a free weekly Fit Club. You will work out to fun music in a hip, high-energy environment, get introduced to cutting-edge fitness programs, learn about Beachbody products and sample Shakeology. ALL fitness levels are welcome! It's 100% FREE!!!

Hosted by: Erin Effenheim, Beachbody Coach, Certified P90X Professional

Contact me: or 262.745.0789 (call or text)

Workouts will include: P90X3, Focus T25, TurboFire, and 21 Day Fix

Come to network, meet more like-minded people, get in shape, and find some accountability to your own fitness goals.


Vision Walk is May 18, 2014


Marilyn Heiden and a friend of Immanuel, Pauline Malsch, are planning to walk in the 2014 Vision Walk, held at the lakefront on Sunday, May 18th. They will be helping to raise funds for the Foundation Fighting Blindness, whose goal is "to drive the research that would lead to prevention, treatments, and cures for the entire spectrum of blinding retinal diseases." This includes macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa among other conditions, throughout the world. We all probably know someone who has or is suffering from one of these issues. If you would like to know more and/or are interested in supporting or joining in this effort, please contact Marilyn Heiden at 262-248-6439 for more details.


Relay For Life


Immanuel will be sponsoring a team at the "Relay For Life" of Walworth County on July 18, 2014. Sin-up with Sara Wahlstedt or Ashley Miu- Alexander to walk or help the American Cancer Society finish the fight against cancer. Look for a sign-up sheet and details for this event at the church information center.


Welcome Volunteers


Do you love meeting new people? Would you be excited to welcome newcomers to worship and to describe ministry opportunities to them? If so, you're a perfect fit to help staff our "Welcome Center!" We need volunteers to serve at 9:00 a.m. or at 10:45 a.m. in order to welcome our guests. Please sign up on the worship card if you can help. Thanks!


A Volunteer to Take Photos


We would be so blessed to have a volunteer take photos of new members and the newly baptized! Pictures would be taken after the worship service when people are received as members or baptized. If you are interested, please sign up on the worship card. Thanks!


Fellowship Hour


Our "Fellowship Hour" is a great opportunity for worshipers to visit and welcome newcomers over a cup of coffee and a treat. If you can help staff our "Coffee Hour" it would bless a huge number of people! We need people to bring goodies to help serve or to clean up. Thanks! Please sign up on the worship card.


R.E.A.D.S Mentor Program


Would you be willing to volunteer one hour a week to read with a child? Mentors are needed. Our R.E.A.D.S. program is Tuesday - Thursday from 8:00 - 8:30 am. If interested, contact Sarah Hatlestad at 


Side By Side Screening


Side By Side screeningis the 3rd Tuesday of each month, May 20th, at 7:00 p.m. at the First Congregational UCC Church, 715 Wisconsin Street, Lake Geneva. Funds are available for rental assistance, utilities and prescription medicines. Applicants must reside in the Lake Geneva School District. Bring a copy of the bill you need help paying.


Side By Side Fundraiser


The next Side by Side Fundraiser at Simple is Tuesday, April 29th, 2014.

Seatings will be at 5, 6, and 7 pm. Tickets will be on sale at Immanuel the 3 weeks before the dinner or at Simple restaurant. Side by Side assists people in need in the Lake Geneva school district area with rent, utilities, prescription medication and resources. For any questions regarding the dinner, fundraising, or Side by Side contact Steve/Judy Guy - 262-245-8898.


Meals on Wheels Volunteers Needed


We are looking for volunteers to substitute or help occasionally with Meals on Wheels. Please contact Pauline Malsch at 262-248-6050.


Prayer Shawl Ministry


Anyone who knits or crochets and is interested in joining the prayer shawl group is welcome. We would love to have you in our group. We are still in need of yarn (red heart from Walmart). Call Karen Stein at 262-203-5260 or for more information. Blessings, Nurse Karen


In Need of Prayer Shawls?


If anyone you know needs a prayer shawl please ask at the office or call Karen Stein. They are available to anyone in distress. They are made with Christ's love by church members, and then wrap you in their gift that has been made with comfort and prayers for the recipient. Call Karen Stein at 262-203-5260 or Donna Hove at 262-749-0599, for more information. Blessings, Nurse Karen


Announcing The "Pillowcase "Ministry


An anonymous member has started a new ministry for seriously ill children. These are beautiful handmade pillowcases to either have at the hospital, or have at home during their convalescence. This ministry came about by one very ill child who received a doggie pillowcase and the gift will "never be forgotten." It was such a comfort to see her little head on this darling pillowcase around a stark white frightening hospital room. It supplied constant hugs, and helped her not be so fearful. The therapeutic effect it had was definitely a gift from Heaven!! If you know of a seriously ill child that would like a pillowcase, please let the office know of your need.


Health Newsletter


"Let him have all your worries and cares, for he is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you."   2 Peter 1:7


In this month's health newsletter, Parish Nurse, Karen Stein, addresses Stroke. Check out Karen's newsletter at and click on "May Health Newsletter". Copies are available at church.


Blood Pressure Checks


Immanuel will have blood pressure checks after the 1st service on the 3nd Sunday of each month in Pastor Mary Ann's office.


Immanuel Blood Drives in 2014


Immanuel will have a Blood Drive on Thursday, May 1st, 2:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Make appointments at or contact Susan Krinn at 262-245-5579.




If you are interested in making a baptismal quilt contactCarol Morem (325-5119) or Jackie Kuehl (203-5296).


Card Ministry


Our Card Ministry will gather on Thursday, May 15th at 6:30 p.m. at church. This fabulous group creates greeting cards to encourage folks who are ill, hospitalized, or grieving. All are welcome - and there is no cost to participate! Thank you to each "card creator" as you give of your time and talents! Thanks, too, to the special angel who writes the encouraging words!


Geneva Lake Museum


Last year the Geneva Lake Museum celebrated its 30th Anniversary. The museum continues to grow and develop due to the support of the Geneva Lake area community, their members and volunteers. Due to the increased volume of visitors last year, they are currently looking for additional volunteers to help. Individuals who will guide patrons with a learning experience as they tour the museum; or office work, painting, exhibits, research, computer skills, cleaning, fund raising, carpentry or electrical skills. Call Karen Jo, Helen or Pat at 262-248-6060 or contact them at There will be a Volunteer Training Session at the museum on Thursday, April 17, 2014 from 9:30-11:00 a.m. Please contact the museum if you would like to attend.


Lutherdale Ministries


Lutherdale is building lives in Christ. They strive to keep camp affordable for today's families. All are welcome and no one is turned away for financial reasons. Help make camp an important part of a child's life by supporting a mission that transform lives. Please give a gift to Lutherdale's Annual Fund by going to and click on donate now on-line.


Women's AA Meetings


The women's AA group meets on Sundays at 4:00 p.m. in the Community Room to the left of the Fellowship Hall.


Weight Watchers Meeting


Weight Watchers meet at Immanuel on Mondays at 9:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. in Classroom C in the classroom area.Leader: Deb Olkives, 262-496-9965,; Weight Watchers Hotline 1-866-204-2885.


Coupons for Servicemen and Women


Servicemen can use all coupons (except restaurant and store specific). If possible, please cut them out before you bring them in. Thank you from Mary Rose Long and the American Legion Auxiliary.


WC Food Pantry


The WC Food Pantry is open Wednesdays from 1:00-5:00 PM, and Saturdays from 10:00 AM-2:00 PM, on the corner of Highway H North and Hwy. NN. They are in desperate need of dish soap.


The Lake Geneva Food Pantry


The Lake Geneva Food Pantryis open Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9:00 - 11:30 AM at First Congregational Church, 715 Wisconsin Street. 262-248-2337.





Church Council Meeting


The Church Council meets on Tuesday, May 13th, 7:00 church.


Building Team Meeting


The next Building Team meetingis Thursday, May 15th at 6:00 p.m.


Electronic Giving


A number of givers have signed up for our new electronic giving program. Go to our web page at and click the "Online Giving" option. This giving program allows you to give on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis depending on your preferences, as well as special gifts and mission donations.


Building Update:


Warmer weather has enabled us to move forward with several projects. We have a beautiful new sign in place on the east side of the building. The concrete will have stone facing added, along with plantings at the base. This will enable us to welcome all who pass by with digital messages from Immanuel. A smaller sign will be installed next to the driveway on Bloomfield.


All materials are now in place to construct the covered walkway and bell tower. When completed, we will have a protected area for people to get dropped off at the front door, as well as a bell to ring!


A generous, anonymous donation will enable us to complete the lower level, which was our hope for the future. This will provide storage areas, bathrooms, showers, a kitchenette, and three large rooms that will be used primarily for middle school and high school ministries. We are so excited to be able to have these rooms available for the start of new programs in September.


Landscaping will now move forward with lots of planting: grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers. If you can help with any of those projects, contact the church office.


Thanks to Pete Juergens, Steve Zlotnik and crew, the shed from 1229 Park Row has been moved to our new site. It needs a little tender loving care, including a new paint job. If you can help, please contact the church office.


Thanks to additional funding, we will be installing sinks, cabinets, and shelves in the classrooms. This will help us organize our space for Sunday School and our new Day Care ministry.


If our building was a ship, we would call these first few months a "shake down cruise," where it gets tested under various conditions to see how it holds up. Our new facility continues to exceed our expectations! We had capacity crowds for Lenten meals and worship, a full Easter breakfast, record attendance during Holy Week, and over 1300 in worship on Easter. Everything worked well and many were blessed beyond measure. We thank God for our new church building that is enabling us to expand our ministries and reach more people for Christ.


Parking at Immanuel


We are blessed to have 5 times more parking spaces than we did at our old building but now we're filling it to capacity. Thankfully we can use the Middle School Lot. We're grateful for those who can use this option. Please do not park on the grass, near the dumpsters or in the connecting driveway to the Middle School. It would be awesome if those who can, leave spaces closest to the building for guests and seniors. Thanks!


Lake Geneva Symphony Orchestra Chamber Concert at Immanuel


The Lake Geneva Symphony Orchestra will present "Strings Plus," a chamber music concert, on Saturday, May 3, 4:00 p.m., at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Lake Geneva. The concert is the third in a new series for the LGSO's 2013-14 season. Admission is free.


Two string quartets and featured players from the orchestra will perform. Quartet con Brio will present a string quartet by modern composer David Stone. The ensemble will also be joined by flautist Eileen Weyrauch in two movements of the Quintet in A Major by Friedrich Kuhlau, a composer of the classical period.


The LGSO String Quartet will be joined by cellist Matthew Frazier in a performance of the Quintet in C by baroque composer Luigi Boccherini. To close the performance both ensembles will combine in an octet to play Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings and Gustav Holst's St. Paul's Suite.

Weyrauch, from Lake Geneva, is principal flautist with the LGSO and has been a member of the orchestra since its founding in 2001. The members of the Quartet con Brio are Emily Calcaterra and Melissa Moon, violins, Duncan Pledger, viola, and Joy Mast, cello.


Frazier is also from Lake Geneva. He is a senior at Badger High School and principal cellist with the orchestra. The LGSO Quartet members are Pam Frazier and Kan Pai, violins, Bill Zartman, viola, and Mike Frazier, cello. Laurie Cornue will join the ensemble for the Adagio for Strings. Immanuel Lutheran Church is located at 700 Bloomfield Road in Lake Geneva. Contact Mike Frazier: Day 262-741-1526


Free Smoke Detectors


The Lake Geneva Fire Department is committed to ensuring the safety of all citizens in the Lake Geneva area. A working smoke detector is the most important measure you can take to prevent injury or death in the event of a fire. The fire department if offering to install smoke detectors, free of charge, for any resident in Lake Geneva. You may request smoke detectors by calling 248-7228. Check with Pastor Mark if you have questions


Immanuel Lawn Signs


Immanuel lawn signs are available in the church office. Please feel free to take one to post in your yard!





+ A big thank you to Brian and Eileen Weyrauch for building our much needed staff and council mailboxes. They are beautiful!


+ As one of Immanuel's musicians, I want to thank all of you for the love, support, and encouragement you have given us! It makes us even more eager to use our gifts to serve Christ's church. Your affirmation is an excellent ministry to all who serve! Bless You! An Immanuel musician.


+ Dear Immanuel, Sorry we are unable to join in all of the wonderful activities going on in that beautiful new building, but our health does not permit. We are so grateful for the memories we have of you all and pray for God's blessings on you all. We are so blessed to be a part of this Immanuel family and thank God daily for our many blessings. God is good! Doc and Lila


+ Thank you for the beautiful baptism of our daughter, Lily. God Bless, Jennifer, Tomas, Max, Eloise & Lily


+Thank you for allowing WPA - Dr. Nausieda, to see Parkinson patients at your place of worship. What an awesome gesture of Christian charity. We are extremely grateful! Joe & Kay McDonough


+ "Thank you to all who made The Easter Services, an incredible event"!  
Thank you to all The Head Ushers, All the Greeters, All the Ushers, All the communion assistants, All the parking lot assistants!


+ What a wonderful group of voices who sang God's Word on Palm Sunday! Thank you to all the Sunday School Teachers, especially Tami Buntrock for helping us share our songs on Palm Sunday.  Thank you to John Ivan for accompanying our songs.


+ Thank you to everyone who helped make Immanuel's Easter Egg Hunt a huge success! Over 50 children enjoyed hunting for eggs, coloring eggs, snacks, prizes and more! We also shared in the story of Good Friday. Thank you to all those who donated to this event.  A special thank you to the Youth Group for helping to fill the eggs. 


+ "Thank you to all who made The Easter Services, an incredible event!"  
Thank you to all the head ushers, all the greeters, all the ushers, all the communion assistants, all the parking lot assistants!


+ The presentation on Easter morning of "Alive" was absolutely phenomenal! It far exceeded even my expectations of sound, balance, presentation, dynamics, grander, and passion! You could literally see the joy in ALL your faces! It was so spirit filled that we have had countless phone calls and emails raving about the Cantata. Your music was a gift and God was glorified to be sure! Thanks for gifting your time and talents Easter morning to share the news of the Resurrection gospel to over 1300 people.


+ Thanks to the entire TEAM for making it possible to present and offer such an epic event that gives glory to God and touches hearts of those who hear. We are blessed to have superbly talented musicians to collaborate with. Our first-rate orchestra blended perfectly with the singers, it was the best blend ever! Thanks especially to our behind the scenes helpers on sound-Bruce Reek and Rick Ruby-we literally couldn't do it without your help! 45 voices sounded as 1, a true achievement that you should be proud of. The cut offs were perfect at all three services. Words cannot describe the splendor of it all! The first cantata at the new building was definitely worth remembering! I am still riding on a high! John Ivan


+ Special thanks to the Bells of Immanuel for ringing two songs for Good Friday! The bells were luscious - haunting and deeply moving. The congregational song "Go to Dark Gethsemane" was beautifully accompanied by the bells. Walking out to the bells ringing in the gathering space was so moving! Thanks to all and especially Ellen Hanson for leading the group!


+ Thanks to the Bells of Immanuel for ringing "Largo from Winter" at all three services on March 30! The heavenly sound of the bells "rang out winter" with this timeless piece! We are grateful for their growing ministry and that a benefactor has supplied the needs for their wish list!!! If you missed it, see video here:


+ Excellent presentation and anthem of "Thine is the Kingdom" on Maundy Thursday by Jubilate choir! Your beautiful singing and gentle presentation was a poignant, tender way to present the Lord's Prayer on the night HE taught it to us. It was our first time on the new risers, and we were ecstatic! It looked professional, sounded blended, and everyone was able to see me (and be seen by the congregation)! Hallelujah!!! They are beautiful looking, sturdy, and very easy to set-up and take down. I couldn't be happier! See the video here:


+ Special thanks to Bobbi Gutman for her exquisite solo "Jesus is a rock in a weary land" on April 6th at the Classic service! The song complimented our Lenten journey and Bobbi sang it with such powerful passion. Together with God, we were blessed by your gift of song! Thanks also to Kathy Middleton for accompanying her on the organ!


+ Thanks to Eileen Weyrauch and Laurie Cornue for ending Maundy Thursday worship with the duet "Abide With Me". It was so beautiful and very poignant way to end service, with Jesus praying the garden.


+ Thanks to Laurie Cornue - violin, Eileen Weyrauch - flute, and Kathy Middleton - organ, for their beautiful trio that started the Good Friday service! The Bach Concerto set the "tone" for the evening and we are so grateful they shared their precious gifts with us!


+ Thank you to Nancy Alberty for picking up our communion bread every week. We appreciate your time and dedication.


+ I want to thank everyone who enjoyed Easter Breakfast on Sunday. We served 455 people. As usual, the breakfast was successful and even considered by many, our best yet. The day was magnificent: a hearty meal, a beautiful message from Pastor Mary Ann and an absolutely fantastic Cantata by our singers and musicians. Thanks to the many people who worked behind the scenes to make this day possible. I want to especially thank the men of Immanuel who helped out with the fabulous breakfast that so many enjoyed. Thank you to Steinke's for the donation to cover the cost of the grills. Thanks to everyone who made our first of many Easter celebrations at our new location a success. Rick Ruby, breakfast coordinator



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