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March, 2013

Happy Easter!

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 Easter 2013




Holy Week Schedule


March 24th, Palm Sunday

8:15 a.m. Classic Worship; 9:45 & 11:07 AM Contemporary Worship

Procession with Palms and Special Music - All Services


March 28th, Maundy Thursday

5:30 p.m. Potluck Dinner

6:15 p.m. Worship

Last Supper Drama and Communion

Stripping of the Altar


March 29th, Good Friday

7:00 p.m. Tenebrae Worship Service


March 31st, Easter Sunday

8:00, 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. - Celebrative Easter Worship:

"He is Jesus, our Savior and King"

with Easter Cantata: "He Is Risen! Celebrate the Savior!"

7:30 - 10:30 a.m. Easter Breakfast





Easter Cantata


Rehearsals for our glorious Easter cantata are Wednesdays at 6:45 p.m. immediately following Lenten Services. ALL are invited to join this riveting ministry! Vocalists, Instrumentalists, AV, etc. are encouraged to participate regardless of musical training, age, or worship style. The dynamic presentation is slated for Easter morning, March 31st at all 3 services. An important dress rehearsal is Saturday March 30th 10:00AM-12:00N. Contact John Ivan at 262-620-2349 or for more information.




Jubilate rehearsals coincide with Easter cantata rehearsals on Wednesdays at 6:45 p.m. Winter plans also include learning special music for Holy Week! We welcome extra voices as we prepare special worship services for Lent and Holy Week. Contact John Ivan at 262-620-2349 or for more information.  


Youth Praise Team


Immanuel's Youth Praise Team presents teens, 6th through 12th grade, a way to connect with God through fresh, dynamic sacred music. We are resuming rehearsals again! ALL teens are encouraged to join this progressive ministry, learning vibrant new Christian music to inspire our next generation! The YPT team rehearses Wednesday evenings at 5:30PM in the sanctuary. The group needs singers, instrumentalists, among others to complete the growing team. Contact John Ivan at 262-620-2349 or for more information.


Praise Team


Praise Team members enthusiastically lead contemporary worship songs each week, special services throughout the year, and represent Immanuel in the community. Weekly rehearsals are Wednesday nights at 8:00PM. The Praise Team is learning new music to introduce to the congregation and preparing special music offerings for the upcoming Holy season.


Bells of Immanuel


Immanuel's celebrated handbell choir rehearses on Sundays, from 9:15-10:15 a.m., in the small room on the top floor of the church. Newcomers are encouraged to give this ministry a try. Director Ellen Hanson will show you how to ring and which part to read. They are preparing special anthems for Lent and Easter. Contact Ellen Hanson for more information:


Christmas Cantata CD's


The music department will offer CD's of the Christmas Cantata presented on December 16th. A suggested donation of $10.00 covers costs, and serves as a fundraiser to help purchase music. If you missed the event, want a keepsake, or would like to give a copy to a friend, be sure to pick one up in the church office.




Mid-Week Lenten Series



 Mid-Week Lenten Series






Wednesday Nights during Lent - Join us for Mid-Week Lenten Gatherings!


 5:30 PM Delicious Dinners: Homemade Soup and Sandwiches, along with nourishing fellowship!

Please sign up on the Worship Card if you can help make soup, sandwiches, set up, or clean up. We also hope you will sign up if you plan to attend, so we have enough food! Join us whether you can help cook or not! The meals are always sheer gift! Bring the whole family!!


6:15 - 6:45 Lenten Worship: Lessons from a Boy and his Horse!"


Brief, uplifting, interactive, child-friendly worship, based on the WW1 movie, "War Horse." A special gift is planned each week for the children.  


Wed., March 6 - 6:15 PM - "Learning to Jump"

Luke 10:3 - "I am sending you out as lambs in the midst of wolves."


Wed., March 13 - 6:15 PM - "Learning to Overcome Divisions"

Luke 6:35 - "But love your enemies . . ."


Wed., March 20 - 6:15 PM - "Learning to Recognize the Cross"

Mark 8:34 - "If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.



A Spiritual Growth Experience for All Ages!


"Gospel Revolution:  Recovering the Power of Christianity"

All-Church Bible Study has begun.


The most gospel-centered books ever written are the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. You'll find Jesus there. Saturate yourself in the gospel every day! Dwell with Him in the Gospels for 16 weeks! Let the Gospel Prayer saturate your heart and mind in the beauty and love of Christ.


We encourage you to consider doing a couple of things with this new study.



Read through the four Gospels with us: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. We have an easy-reading schedule for busy lives that you can do on your own.


Read the power-packed devotions for each week. There are 3-4 devotions for the week in the study guide, along with a couple of questions you might want to ponder.


Participate in a Small Group Bible Study, which includes superb DVD Teachings by Pastor J.D. Greear. Questions for the group will lead participants deeper into the gospel, so it becomes foundational in our lives.  


Worship weekly, to hear more teaching on the lessons we've all been studying.


Pray the Gospel Prayer daily, allowing it to saturate your heart and mind with the love of Jesus!


  • "In Christ, there is nothing I can do that would make You love me more, and nothing I have done that makes You love me less."Your presence and approval are all I need for everlasting joy. 
  • "As You have been to me, so I will be to others."


  •   "As I pray, I'll measure Your compassion by the cross and Your power by the resurrection."

Check out the list of Small Groups below! Please sign up, and put your form in the offering plate. We need to know how many plan to attend so we have enough curriculum. The Participant Study Guides have arrived, and can be found on the table in the Overflow area.


Sun., 9:30 AM meets in the Youth Room Upstairs at the church. Middle School Confirmation Group. Facilitators: Rich Howes, 262 723-1144, Sami Moehling, 262 949-1472.


Sun., Eve, rotates between the home of Carol and Marty Smith, 330 Oakwood Lane; and Eileen and Brian Weyrauch, W3405 McDonald Rd. in Lake Geneva. Shared facilitation: Smiths, 262 348-0961; Weyrauchs, 262 248-4802.


Mon., 4:00 PM at church. Women's Group, Facilitator: Susan Krinn 262 245-5579.


Mon., 5:00 PM at the home of Judy Huemann, 245 Elmwood Ave. in Lake Geneva, 262 248-7572. Facilitators: Todd and Erin Huemann, 262 206-0386.


Mon., 6:30 PM at the home of John and Margie Danno, W1203 Beechwood Road, Genoa City. Facilitators: John and Margie, 262 279-9668.


Tues., 9:00 AM in the Youth Room Upstairs at the church. Facilitator: Kathy Culp, 262 903-5527.


Tues., 10:00 AM at the home of Bev Sepp, 701 S. Lakeshore Drive in Lake Geneva, 249-0844. Facilitator: Bev Sepp. Group is Full.


Tues., 9:00 AM at church by the nursery. Parents and Tots. Shared childcare. Facilitator: Brianna Deering, 262 203-6237.


Tues., 6:30 PM, High School Youth Group (CHAOS) meets in the Youth Room Upstairs at the church. Facilitators: Eric and Jeni Benz, 262 742-3180, 262 949-2286.


Tues., 6:30 PM at the home of Earl and Joyce Vorpagel, 180 Monica Ave., Burlington. Facilitators: Ellen Hanson 262 210-1001 & Earl and Joyce, 262 763-6713.


Wed., 10:00 AM at the home of Jennifer Kramp, 460 Oakwood Lane, Lake Geneva. Facilitator: Jennifer Kramp, 262 348-6245.


Wed., 10:30 AM at Arbor Village, 201 Town Line Rd. in Lake Geneva. Facilitator: Marcia Gunderson, 249-9554; 215-3178.


Wed., 6:30 PM at the home of Kristin and John Larkin, W3675 Hartshorne Lane in Lake Geneva. Facilitators: Kristin and John, 414 491-1969 & 262 248-7720. Kids are welcome.  


Wed., 6:30 PM in Junker Lounge in the basement of the Church. Facilitator: Grace Peterson, 414 322-0388 or 262 245-5921.


Wed., 6:30 PM at the home of Sean and Sharon Payne, 404 Elmwood Ave., Lake Geneva. Facilitators: Sean and Sharon, 262 745-1471 or 745-9341.


Thurs., 6:30 PM at the home of Dan and Edith Draper, 1440 Linda Lane in Lake Geneva. Facilitators: Dan and Edith, 262 248-1861, or 903-5333.


Thurs., 6:30 PM at the home of Jeri and Buz Bozovsky, 1800 Lasalle St., #5, Lake Geneva, 262 203-5400. Facilitators: Carol and Scott Warner, 262 744-3858, 847-809-2329.


Thurs., 6:30 PM at the home of Pastors Mary Ann and Mark, 395 Oakwood Lane in Lake Geneva. Facilitators: Pastors M & M, 262 215-3177, 262 215-5214.


Thurs., 7:00 PM at the home of Rich Howes, 41 North Lincoln St., Elkhorn. Facilitator: Rich Howes, 262 723-1144, 262 729-5444.


Fri., 6:45 AM at Caribou Coffee in Lake Geneva. Facilitator: Ken Field, 262 374-1795. Men's Group.


Fri., 9:30 AM at church. Facilitator: Mickey Tolar, 248-0506. Women's Group.


Fri., 6:30 PM at the home of Brandon and Jenny Jones, 38334 - 87th Place, Twin Lakes/Burlington. Facilitators: Brandon and Jenny, 262 537-2377, 262 206-2969. Family friendly group; kids welcome.


Sat., 6 PM, Couple's Group meets twice a month in rotating homes. Facilitators: Lisa and Greg Bunge, 248-4804. Group is full.


 Invite your friends, neighbors, coworkers, classmates, and family to join with you in this thrilling journey of spiritual growth and enrichment!


Men's Breakfast and Bible Study


Men are all welcome on Saturday,  March 23rd  at 7:30 a.m. to gather at church for a delicious breakfast, and scintillating conversation about God's Word! Bring your favorite food to share for the meal - and come with a hunger to go deeper in your relationship with Christ.


Sunday Morning Adult Study


Adult Sunday Morning Bible Studymeets at9:40 a.m. inPastor Mary Ann's office. They are studying "The Mystery of Christ." All are welcome.





Sunday Morning Nursery Staff

A nursery is provided during each service for children 5 and under in the basement. Children older than 5 years are encouraged to join their families during the church service or in Sunday School. We provide "Busy Bags" and "Grams" to help our older children stay focused during worship.


Sunday School


   Everything is a "buzz" at Sunday School! We started off 2013 with Group Publishing's Buzz Curriculum for Sunday School Kids. Each week there is a bible story that goes with the overall theme for that grade level. Thank you to our amazing group of teachers.


Early Release Day


Thank you to Wendy Russell, Betty Keisler, Mary Schulz, Holly Bromeland, and Olivia and Cole Deering for their help with the Early Release Day Program. A huge thank you to Rhonda Ganansky and the Cookie Ministry for all the cookies and decorations. The children loved them!


The Next Early Release Day is set for Thursday, March 14th. Immanuel's Program is open to all area children (4K-5th Grade) from 1:30 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. The school bus will drop kids off at the church for this ministry. The kids enjoy crafts, games, snacks, and more. We are always looking for volunteers to help with center activities. Please contact Brianna (248-4211) for more information or if you would like to help with this amazing program.

Thank you to Mary Smarslik for the beautiful knit hats for children. Lots of children were able to brave the winter in a new, warm cap!


Just for Kids Ministry


Just for Kids Before and After-School Daycare is has openings for any school aged children. We are open 6:15 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. with bus pick up, and 3:45 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. with bus drop off. The cost is $4.50 an hour, and includes snacks, games, crafts, cooking, and more! Contact Brianna for more information (248-4211).

Just for Kids will be closed Monday, March 25th through Friday, March 29th, for Spring Break. We reopen with our regular hours on Monday, April 1st (and that's no joke!).


Easter Egg Hunt


Mark your calendar for Immanuel's Easter Egg Hunt! This year the big day is scheduled for Friday, March 29th, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. We will share the story of Good Friday, color eggs, hunt for eggs, and share in a delicious snack! We are looking for donations of candy, hard boiled eggs, plastic eggs, prizes, and snacks. If you are able to donate any of these items, please drop them off in the church office or call Brianna at 248-4211. Thank you for helping with this fantastic tradition!


Boy Scouts Upcoming Events


The Boy Scouts will have their Board of Review at Immanuel Lutheran Church in the Junker Lounge and Nursery area on Thursday, March 14th, 6:00 - 8:00 pm.


The Boy Scouts will have their Court of Honor Ceremony at Immanuel Lutheran Church in the Sanctuary and overflow area on Tuesday, March 19th, 5:30 - 8:00 pm.


Bicycle Helmets


Immanuel has free children's bicycle helmets available. Contact Pastor Mark if you are interested.


R.E.A.D.S Mentor Program


Would you be willing to volunteer one hour a week to read with a child? The R.E.A.D.S program is Tuesday- Thursday from 7:45- 8:45 am. If interested, contact Haley Leasure at





During Lent


During Lent, everyone is invited to attend dinner on Wednesday evenings at 5:30, attend the Lenten service at 6:15 with the congregation, and Youth Group will resume upstairs from 7-8.


Youth Quake in Wisconsin Dells


The Youth Group will be attending Youth Quake at the Kalahari in the Wisconsin Dells April 12-14! Stay tuned for further details on times. If you are attending Youth Quake, please be sure to attend all Youth Group and Confirmation Class Sessions! Remaining Balances for Youth Quake are due on Wednesday, March 6th. 


Captive Free West Lakes Team


A Huge Thank You to all who helped make the Captive Free dinner and concert a success! The food and fellowship was all wonderful! Also, an even bigger thank you to the Bishop family, who generously hosted ALL 5 members for the evening!!


Immanuel Apparrel Fundraiser


The Youth Group is running an Immanuel Apparel Fundraiser that will wrap up this month. T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, crewneck sweatshirts, zip-up fleece jackets, and men's/women's polo shirts will be available. Be sure to get your order in - we will have a table set up in between services.


Grades 6-8:


Please join us Sunday mornings @ 9:45 for Confirmation Class! We are studying The Catechism. Class is held in the Youth Room upstairs. Also, please join us Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 for 3:16 Youth Group and invite your friends! We will be exploring the New Testament, playing games, and enjoying music. It's the perfect way to get involved and make new friends as you develop your faith!







High School Youth Group....C.H.A.O.S.


Date TBD                     Tactical Laser Tag                     Time TBD

** Back by popular demand! J This time we will be our own group**


March Schedule:

Monday, March 4th        CHAOS at The Radtke's              6:30 - 8pm

Tuesday, March 5th       CHAOS Small Group at Church  6:30pm            

Tuesday, March 12th     CHAOS Small Group at Church  6:30pm            

Monday, March 18th      MCA Night                                      6:30 - 8pm

Tuesday, March 19th    CHAOS Small Group at Church   6:30pm            

Tuesday, March 26th     CHAOS Small Group at Church  6:30pm            

Date TBD                      Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

Date TBD                                  MDA Bowl A Thon                    

            Portable Pooper fundraiser to continues.....


June:    Whitewater Rafting Trip .... June 14th - 16th

Every meeting, activity, and fundraiser you participate in earns a portion of your trip paid!  


Still to come in April, May. June and July......

Outdoor Movie Night     Paintball at The Siege               

 YMCA Night 

Pool Party                    Jail & Bail Fundraiser                

CHAOS Small Groups   and much more.... 


Portable Pooper Fundraiser


CHAOS (Immanuel's High School Youth Group) hopes you have a little fun while helping support our youth group by taking part in our Portable Pooper fundraiser!

For a $10 donation, you can have a tacky painted toilet placed anywhere you choose, including local businesses or someone's home. To have the potty removed, a $15 donation is encouraged. A second option is a $10 donation to have it passed on to someone else. If someone decides to be a "potty pooper" the group will remove the toilet for no charge. Do you want to make sure you don't get a potty in your front yard?? We offer "potty protection insurance" for a donation of $25. This insurance ensures that the potties will not be delivered to your home or business.


Potty's will be delivered to recipients yard with a letter explaining the fundraiser, as well as contact information for passing the potty on or removing the potty.


The response and support from the congregation on the Portable Pooper Fundraiser has been amazing!!! We are thrilled to see so many people having fun with this, while at the same time supporting the youth group! We have had such a good response, we will be adding toilets!! This fundraiser will be ongoing, so make sure you get the word out and let people know of this fun way to help support Immanuel's High School youth!!


Funds raised will go into the youth account to help us go on this summer's whitewater rafting trip and next summer's mission trip.  Thank you in advance for your support!


Potty Request Forms (with checks made payable to Immanuel Lutheran) can be turned into the church office at any time or mailed to Immanuel Lutheran Church, 1229 Park Row, Lake Geneva, WI 53147. If you have any questions, contact Jeff and Maureen @ 262-903-3637, 262-374-3336 or


High School Seniors and Parents/Guardians:


Every year at graduation, we present the graduates with beautiful handmade quilts. We need to know how many teens are graduating so the wonderful quilters can start sewing! Please call the office at 248-4211 with your graduate's name, when graduating (December or May) and if he/she knows what college they are attending. 








Echo Lakes Disaster Relief Fund


The Echo Lakes Disaster Relief Fund needs our help. Over 300 individuals who worked at the plant have been affected by this ordeal and Love, Inc would like to assist those in need. If you can help, please make checks payable to Love, Inc. Echo Lakes Relief and send to Love, Inc, 480 S. Pine St, Burlington, WI 53105 or visit The Talmer Bank and Trust to donate at 400 Milwaukee Ave or 501 E. State Street locations.


Summer Mission Trip: Domestic


We are reserving space for a Mission Team to go to New York to provide relief and rebuilding from the ravages of Hurricane Sandy. We will serve at the site July 13-21 but need the extra days for travel. The next meeting is Monday, Aril 8th at 6:30 p.m. Contact Pastor Mary Ann for more information.


New York Mission Fundraiser


Participants in the upcoming mission trip to NY for Hurricane Sandy relief are willing to provide services for donation toward the cost of the trip.  Services include spring yard clean-ups, window washing, gutter cleaning, a variety of odd jobs around homes, moving, and oil changes for cars provided owner purchases the oil and filter.


There are 43 people attending the trip and many are willing to work toward donations.  Jobs are subject to availability of workers and appointments must be made in advance. If there are any questions regarding types of jobs or if interested in "hiring" members, please contact either the church at 248-4211, or Rich McWherter at 262-215-1243.


Immanuel's "Buy a Brick" New York Mission Trip Fundraiser



The goal of this fundraiser is to "sell" 170 envelopes that represent bricks. These fundraising "Bricks" would help us "Pave Our Way" to New York this summer and help victims of hurricane Sandy as they rebuild their devastated communities. Individuals or families can purchase a brick for $5 or more dollars. Their name will go on their "Brick" to be displayed. Our goal is to "build" a wall of 170 bricks. If we build this wall with each brick bought for the minimum of $5 we will have raised $850 to help us.  

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Serving in the Military


John Allison, Chris Bollwahn, Jimmy Flores, Erik Heinz., Mark Ingbretson, Sgt. Zachary Knud Klingberg, Thomas Migut, Alex Novak, Tim Sireno, Andy Sireno, Daniel Tschida.


Battling Cancer


Kim Audetat, Ron Bachman, Brenda Backhaus, Mardi Bauman, Christopher Botts, Jon Carlson, Danny Coleman, Kathy Dalin, Ruth Feld, Al Foldy, Shane Foraker, Sally Goetsch, Alfred Gruber, Rick Hoffman, Jason Kazinski, Deb Kopek, Lynn McAdams, Nick Palozzolo, Kathy Paquette, Dr. Linda Peterson, Trudy Rauch, Marve Saltzmann, Patty Campbell - Schmidtt, Hunter Schwab, Barb Searle, Marty Smith, Monica Swing, Bonnie T., Ed Thiel, Pete Thompson, Marie Voss, Sara Wahlstedt, Rick Walters, Barb Whitney, Sharyl Wilkins.


In Hospice Care


Lawrence Norem


Health and Strength


Katie Alder, Thomas Anderson, Carol Bice, Stephanie Bickers, Bill Binn Sr., Hope Block, Chris Bollwahn, Mike Braam, Brian Britnall, Jesse Brugger, George Burica, Stacey Carlson, Danielle Cloutier, Loretta Combs, Joan Cook, Collin Dunford, Brenda Elliot, Bernice Fry, Rodney Fry, Debra Geils, Carolyn Hallett, Lorraine Hanneman, Zachary Harrod, Erik Heinz, Michelle Hensky, Mark Herick, Jonathan Hibbard, Doug Hitz, Bob Hummel, William Hundsrucker, Mark Ingbretson, Donna Jovani, Johnalee Kawalec, JoAnn Koch, Jeff Kohl, Sarah Kresch, Tom Kuttnauer, Mildred Kwiatkowski, Don Ledenbach, Jean Ledenbach, JoAnn Lindner, Ryan Mayfield, Scott Melancon, Les Meusling, Jim Michalek, Craig Middleton, Larry Moe, Tom Mol, Dean Noble, Carrie Novak, Patricia Owen, McKenzie Plitzuweit, Jerry Polek, Lydia Polek, Alice Prestia, Diane Purcell, Ed Robers, Jackie S., Gesine Schmidt, Beau Sibbing, George Somerville, Vivian Spanjer, Bob Strube, Eric Sundstrom, Ed Thiel, Hayden Tipps, Gordon Van Heel, Elaine Vorpagel, Scott Vorpagel, Carolyn Warfield, Shelly Weis, Valarie Weyrauch, Tom Yakes.


 Awaiting / Recovering from Surgery


Betty Aguirre, Glenn and Jackie Biller, Kaye Blaine, Mitchell Crabtree, Shelly Cruz, Ben Ehlert, Bernice Fry, Eric Hackbarth, Mark Herick, Cynthia Hibbard, Becky Kohlman, Bernadine Livingston, Bob Miller, Gary Parsons, Steven S., Dennis Schulz, Sandy Tonn, Sara Wahlstedt.





+ Mary (Carole) Wells, mother of Bill Wells, died to Christ on February 11th.


+ Dottie Marquardt, our beloved Immanuel sister, died to Christ on February 12th.


+ Dorothy Mouw, aunt of Donna Hove, died to Christ on February 14th.


+ Jean Riley, aunt of Duane Hove, died to Christ on February 18th.


+ Zach Zeinert, son of Naomi Zeinert, died to Christ on February 21st.









+ Congratulations to Jake Dahlgren who took 3rd place in the Pinewood Derby.


+Congratulations to Atlanna Tschida who got a Jr. ROTC Scholarship!


+ Congratulations to Alex Robers for crossing over to the Boy Scouts on February 24th.


+ Congratulations to Badger High School's Jazz Ensemble - finalists in the Essential Ellington Festival in New York. Congrats to director Greg Bunge, and Immanuel Youth: Tess Bakken, Jonah Zeinert, Brady Schmidt, Colin Hovden, and Anthony Warnecke





Expecting a Child!



Jocelyn Hayes, Annora Howes, Kate Ketterhagen, Brae Kittelson, Ashley Miu-Alexander, Betsy Moehling, Laurie Romanowski, Stephanie Ruby, Leah Tindall





+ Congratulations to John and Jill Peters as their son, Benjamin Robert Peters, was baptized on February 24th.





+Congratulations to Roberta and Greg Pepper on the birth of their daughter, Penelope Jane, on February 14th.




Check out our website for information about the ministries at our church.  If you click on the "sermons" link, you will find video links for the sermons and special events!  Spread the word!



Check us out on Facebook:  

  1. Immanuel Church 
  2. Grace Overflowing for Immanuel Lutheran Church
  3. Immanuel Lutheran Crew
  4. Immanuel Lutheran Music Ministry 









St. Vincent De Paul (Milwaukee) Soup Kitchen


Thank you to the members of Immanuel for all your donations to help others. The "Soup Kitchen Workers" led by Bob Rosenthal, delivered 10 huge bags and 2 boxes on Sunday, February 17th. What a joy you make in the lives of many. In another month, I will list their special needs but keep in mind they can always use socks, underwear, towels and toiletries. That's a must to keep their shower ministry running smoothly. Thanks again! Mickey Tolar.


Your help is needed again for donations to St. Vincent De Paul (Milwaukee) Soup Kitchen we sponsor. They are in desperate need of socks, men's underwear (Med or Lg), any heavy clothing, especially pants, sizes 29 to 34, and larger sizes are also accepted. Basic toiletries such as shampoo, deodorant, tooth paste & tooth brushes are also needed. Their shower ministry has grown from week-ends to every day now, so the needs are much more. You have been such a great congregation to always be there for others. I'm sure God is pleased with our work. Any questions, call Mickey at 248-0506.


Prayer Shawl Ministry 


Shawls have been lovingly knit and crocheted and are available at the church. If you have a friend or relative who is ill, having surgery, has suffered a loss or is in crisis, please stop in the church office to pick one up. If you would like to be a part of this ministry to knit or crochet a shawl, we welcome your help. Yarn is available at the church. We meet quarterly to inspire each other and share the joys of this ministry. Call Karen Stein at 262-203-5260, for more information.


Material Needed for Quilters 


Wanted - Any old, clean, used sheets and unused cotton fabric, thread and money for supplies. Please contact Bea Sutton.


Cookie Ministry  



The cookie plates looked delicious this month!  You all amaze me with your dedication to this wonderful ministry.  Thank you to everyone for baking and delivering to 15 people. Our next cookie ministry gathering will be on Thursday, March 14th at 9:00am. We are inviting new people to our incredible Cookie Ministry Team. All are welcome! Please contact Rhonda Ganansky at 248-5266 or if you have questions.



Card Ministry  


Our Card Ministry will gather on Thursday, March 21st at 6:30 p.m. at church. This fabulous group creates greeting cards to encourage folks who are ill, hospitalized, or grieving. All are welcome - and there is no cost to participate! Thank you to each "card creator" as you give of your time and talents! Thanks, too, to the special angel who writes the encouraging words!


A Day In Time Inc, Adult Memory Care Program  



A Day In Time Inc, Adult Memory Care Program is looking for caring volunteers to help with lunch and snack preparation, share a hobby, chat with the participants, and assist in our fun activities. Volunteers will receive free Alzheimer's and activity training. People18 years or older are encouraged to apply. The program runs from 9:30a.m.-3:30p.m, MWF, and volunteers can spend a half/full day at the program or volunteer on a monthly basis. Call: Cindy Lester, Executive Director 262-210-9783 for questions, or visit our website to find out more 


Side By Side Screening  



Side By Side screeningis the 3rd Tuesday of each month, March 19th, at 7:00 p.m. at the First Congregational UCC Church, 715 Wisconsin Street, Lake Geneva. Funds are available for rental assistance, utilities and prescription medicines. Applicants must reside in the Lake Geneva School District. Bring a copy of the bill you need help paying.



Men's Shelter for Homeless 




Volunteers are needed for the Men's Homeless Shelterto help St. John's Lutheran Church in Elkhorn. They need people to supervise during their week of March 3-9. They are in need of people to spend the nights and to stay until the men leave after breakfast. They can prepare and serve meals, setup and take down. Please contact Cyndi at 262-723-2901or if you are willing to help. Thank You!


Health Newsletter 


"I have seen his ways, but I will heal him; I will guide him and restore comfort to him..."    Isaiah 57:18


In this month's health newsletter, Parish Nurse, Karen Stein, addresses Constipation. For more information or to see the whole article, please check out Karen's newsletter at and click on "March Health Newsletter". Copies are available at church.



Quilts for High School Graduates 


We are praying for a team of quilters to create and sew quilts for our high school graduates. There are at least 17 students graduating next June, so we need a significant number of quilters in order to continue this vital ministry! The quilters meet on Wednesdays at 9:00 AM, in the basement of the church. If you prefer to make an entire quilt for a student at home, please contact coordinator, Sara Wahlstedt, at 262 249-0391 to arrange for picking up material and or patterns.


Quilting Bee 



Our Quilting Bees will take place on the third Monday of each month. Come and share your ideas, enjoy Christian fellowship, and together we will make one quilt. No experience necessary! Areas will be set up for cutting, sewing, and pressing. We will meet on Monday, March 18, 2013, 10:00 a.m. at Carol Morem's, W3262 Lake Forest Lane, Lake Geneva, to make a quilt for a baby boy. Call Carol Morem (325-5119) or Jackie Kuehl (203-5296) for directions, to sign-up or for more information. If you are interested in getting a baptismal quilt packet of material and patterns contact Jackie or Carol.


Open Arms Free Clinic


The brand new Open Arms Free Clinic is a multi-faith community based effort with 60 volunteers. The clinic located in Elkhorn, across from the high school at 797 E. Geneva St. It is open two days per week, with eligibility screening on Wed. from 2-7 PM, and Thursday for patients from 2-7 PM. The clinic's goal is providing free primary medical care, education, a medical home, and prescriptions to residents or those who work in Walworth County without health insurance after eligibility screening. Many donations are needed to ensure the Clinic's sustainability. Call 262 245-1975 for more information. The website for the clinic is: 



Collecting Books for W.C. Food Pantry 


Clay Wahlstedt is looking for kid's books, cookbooks, and self-help books for the W.C. Food Pantry. Of course, all books are welcome. Please deposit books in the box provided in the hallway outside of the overflow area. Thank you for helping in this important ministry. 



The Association for the Prevention of Family Violence



The Association for the Prevention of Family Violence is excited to announce support groups children, middle school boys, high school boys and women. A support group for girls will be offered in the spring. The children's support groups are held on Monday evenings from 4:30-5:30 p.m. and 6:00-7:00 p.m. The middle school boys support group will meet for 12 weeks on Tuesdays. The high school boys support group will meet for 12 weeks on Tuesdays. The women's domestic abuse/sexual assault support group meets on Mondays from 4:30-5:30 p.m. and 6:00-7:00 p.m. Contact Taume Kohl, Child/Teen Advocate at 262-723-4653 or or call Abby at 262-723-4653.  




Agape House Job Opening



We are currently seeking a Resident Assistant for a full-time, live-in position here at Agape House. This young woman would be someone who comes alongside the girls in the Home as a big sister, offering them the love of the Lord and support they need as teenagers, while supervising them at the same time.  If you know someone who is interested, please have them contact us via e-mail at or call 262-275-6466. Thank you for your help.  


Alanon Meetings-Monday at 6:30 PM. - in Junker Lounge just off the kitchen in the basement. 



AA Meetings - Sundays at 3:45 PM; Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:00 PM. - in Junker Lounge just off the kitchen in the basement. 



SAA 12 Step Meetings - SAA meets on Saturdays at 6:00 PM. All meetings are held in the Junker Lounge.



Coupons for Servicemen and Women


Servicemen can use all coupons (except restaurant and store specific). If possible, please cut them out before you bring them in. Thank you from Mary Rose Long and the American Legion Auxiliary. 



WC Food Pantry 



The WC Food Pantry is open Wednesdays from 1:00-5:00 PM, and Saturdays from 10:00 AM-2:00 PM, on the corner of Highway H North and Hwy. NN. They are in desperate need of dish and laundry soap. Please bring dish soap and laundry soap on any Sunday. TheWC Food Pantry requests large bottles of laundry detergent that they will break down into smaller containers and large containers of dish soap.  Donations can be placed in the pink box by the office. 


The Lake Geneva Food Pantry  



The Lake Geneva Food Pantryis open Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9:00 - 11:30 AM at First Congregational Church, 715 Wisconsin Street. Recommended Shopping List for the Pantry:  Canned Soup, Macaroni and Cheese, Breakfast Cereal, Canned Vegetables, Crackers, Flour, Sugar, Juice, Canned Fruit, Stuffing Mix, Pasta, Spaghetti Sauce, Canned Dinners, Boxed Dinners, Laundry Detergent, Bath Soap, Deodorant, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Toilet Paper. 



Zach Harrod's Athletes in Action



Zach Harrod has been in the Czech Republic for the last few years, working to bring students to Christ through sports, classes, special events, friendship and Gospel-centered conversations. Zach continues to reach out to individuals in this country but he needs our prayers. There are so many people who need to learn about God and His love for everyone. You can follow Zach at If you would like to support Zach's ministry, you can make checks payable to Campus Crusade for Christ (a tax deductible gift) account number 0558012.



ELCA Malaria Campaign



Our church is making a difference. It has been less than two years since the ELCA Malaria Campaign joined global movement to fight malaria, and we have already seen a reduction in the number of deaths from this preventable, treatable disease. We are so close to our goal. Give today and join us in the fight against malaria. Just $10 is enough to provide a family with an insecticide-treated mosquito net. A gift of $50 could provide a course of medicine to help save the lives of 25 people infected with malaria. Your gifts to the ELCA Malaria Campaign will be used where needed most to provide mosquito nets, health care, education and more to help eliminate deaths from this disease - for good.


ELCA Disaster Response



The ELCA has been able to respond quickly, effectively and efficiently when disasters have come in the past year, and generosity of people like you made that possible. As the church prepares for the year ahead, they are asking for your help. Please give to our general disaster response fund so that when disasters strike, the ELCA is ready to respond as they have in the past.


First Love International - Kenya Summer 2013 Ministry Trip



We would like to invite you to join us on our short-term team ministry trip to Kenya scheduled for June 15-30, 2013. The Kenya Summer 2013 team will focus on 2 primary ministries:1.) continued construction projects on the Firsts Love Children's Home property in Nairobi and at 2 partnering schools and orphanages. Willing volunteers are needed for carpentry, roofing, painting, sanding & varnishing, cabinet making and landscaping. 2.) Kids Clubs at Raila Educational Center located in the Kibera Slum. Child evangelism is at the heart of these VBS type outreach ministries including Bible stories, songs, crafts and games. The cost for this 2 week ministry trip is approximately $3,650 per person. This price includes airfare, lodging, food, cost of visa and a donation towards the cost of materials used in construction & Kids Club. If you would like to join this ministry, a non-refundable deposit of $250 is needed by March 15th. Contact First Love at





2013 Badger Jazz Ensemble


The 2013 Badger Jazz Ensemble was selected as a finalist in the Essentially Ellington Festival in New York, May 10-12. This is the second year in a row, an incredible task! We will compete with 14 other bands from across the nation. Sun Prairie and Beloit are the only other Wisconsin schools, and 6 of the schools are "Arts" schools. The students have worked extremely hard, and will represent Badger High School in a most professional way. The Badger High School students from Immanuel competing for this national honor are: Tess Bakken, Jonah Zeinert, Brady Schmidt, Anthony Warnecke and Colin Hovden. They will be under the amazing direction of Greg Bunge. Fundraisers to follow. Please send donations to Badger High School to the attention of Greg Bunge.


12th Annual Men's Easter Breakfast


Please join us for our 12th Annual Men's Easter Breakfast on Sunday, March 31st from 7:30 - 10:30 a.m. We will be serving eggs with ham and cheese, sausage, pancakes, fruit, Danish, coffee, milk and juice. Again, this year we will begin serving food at 7:30 a.m. so that people attending the various services have a chance to partake in our wonderful breakfast.


A Day In Time Alzheimer's Caregiver Support Group


A Day In Time Alzheimer's Caregiver Support Group meets on the 3rd Friday of every month, (March 15th) 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the upper level of Immanuel Lutheran Church. Free onsite respite available to caregivers who wish to be a part of the support group while their loved one will engage in the activity program. Volunteers are needed.


A Day In Time Memory Keepers Club


A Day In Time Memory Keepers Club - Keep your brain sharp through this monthly, interactive brain fitness club. Learn self-help techniques that include: brain preservation, mind exercises, reducing stress, nutrition tips, aging wellness, education and guest speakers. It is the 3rd Tuesday of every month (March 19th) in the Junker Lounge from 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.


Immanuel Bowlers


The Bowlers of Immanuel have joined a league which meets every other Sunday called the "Sunday Night Funnies Two". The fee is $12.50 per person per night. However, most people do get money back at the end of the season. The next bowling night is March 3rd at 5:15 P.M. Feel free to call John Danno at 262-206-8406 if you are interested.


Starbucks Card Found


A Starbuck's card was found at Immanuel on Sunday, February 10th. If you lost your Starbucks card, call the church office to retrieve your card.


A Set of Keys Found


A set of keys were found in the church. If you lost your keys on a Kune's Country key ring, call the church office to inquire.


Church Council Retreat


The Church Council Meetingwill be Tuesday, March 12th at church, 7:00 p.m. A warm welcome to the new members of the Church Council: Jim Daily, Sue Gifford, Barb Kwiatkowski and Kristen Larkin.









New Building Update


The pace is picking up as we move toward our goal of constructing a new facility for our congregation. The Building Team is working with a variety of groups at Immanuel to refine ideas for various aspects of the building. Plans have been submitted to the Lake Geneva Plan Commission for review and approval. Documents are also being prepared for our final loan approval with the Mission Investment Fund of the ELCA. If everything stays on track, we should break ground in May with a goal of being in our new building by Christmas!


Your continued prayers and financial support for the Building Appeal are very important. Thanks for all you do to bring us closer to our goal. After being jammed together in the basement for Lenten meals, a number of people have said how excited they are about the additional space we will have in the new fellowship room. It will easily accommodate 250 for a meal, instead of 150 that we can pack into our basement now. We won't have to maneuver around pillars in the new worship space to see the altar, and with adequate parking, no one will have to hike over piles of snow to get to church. We are eager to get into our new church building!


The members of Anchor Covenant Church, who are purchasing our current building, plan to begin worshiping at Immanuel on April 21, 2013. They will be gathering on Sunday evenings for a meal, fellowship, and worship. Their pastor, Bruce Bruns, will also move his office to Immanuel in April. This gives the members of Anchor a chance to "live into" what will become their new facility. We'll have more information about how we will welcome them in our next newsletter.


Electronic Giving


A number of givers have signed up for our new electronic giving program. Simply go to our web page at and click the "Online Giving" option. This giving program allows you to give on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis depending on your preferences, as well as special gifts and mission donations.


Immanuel Lawn Signs


Immanuel lawn signs are available in the overflow and narthex. Please feel free to take one to post in your yard!





+ Thank you to all who made the most recent fundraiser for the NY mission trip a success!  You all know who you are and Rich McWherter, Rich Howes and I appreciate all the help and work you put in to make it happen.  Your willingness to give of your time to make the trip out east to help others a reality is a true blessing. Linda McWherter


+The Building Team thanks Steve Scheel for his gracious gifts of time and professional abilities to create a landscape plan for the church and the Conditional Use Application.


+ Thank you to the Cookie Ministry for the beautiful and tasty plate of cookies that was recently delivered to my front door for Valentine's Day. I shared them with friends who stop by to give me a hand at one thing or another. With Love, Madgel Schluga


+ To the Cookie Ministry, Many thanks for your gift. The Valentine plate of treats were all so good. You made my day. Blessings to you! Sincerely, Jo Anderson


+ A HUGE thank you to Linda and Rich McWherter on organizing the dessert auction for our Hurricane Sandy Mission Trip this summer!  Thank you, also, to Jeff Bakken who made beautiful signs for the auction!  The auction just wouldn't be the same without our awesome emcee, Jim Gaugert!  Thank you to Jim and Jeri Gaugert for your amazing help in making the auction a success! We had plenty of workers, meal makers and bakers who all gave of their time and talents to pull the night together.  An extra special thank you to all who participated in the auction; we are so grateful for your generosity!  By bidding on the delicious desserts, you helped us raise $4,333.00 to help the mission team serve in New York.  Thank you! Thank you!   Cynthia Hibbard


+ I would like to extend my sincere thank you to members of Immanuel for their cards, emails and calls to me during my recovery after Mohs surgery.  All was greatly appreciated and heartfelt.  Thank you to the Pastors for their calls of concern and prayers for me during this time.  I would also like to thank Rhonda Ganasky for the package of cookies she brought to our house.  We were in Arizona, but our friends watching our house were able to take them and eat them for us.  They said they were delicious.  It was a very kind gesture on her part to deliver them.  Thanks to Robert Taylor for assisting us while we were in AZ with a request we had.  It was good to see the Tuesday Quilting members who so graciously welcomed me back on Tuesday, Feb 5, 2012 while at the church.  Your loving thoughts and prayers were very much appreciated.  May God bless you for your kindness.

Carolyn A Warfield


+ Dear Friends, the church luncheon after Art's memorial service was wonderful. Hugs and thank you for this kindness. Jo Anderson


+ Dear Congregation, thank you for the card, what a wonderful ministry! Pastor Mary Ann, thank you for including our story as a part of your sermon - Kleenex was in my pocket. Since the article was in the Regional News, the notes, mail, Facebook messages are so heart-warming. We hope to see you at Pier 290 1/27 4-8 pm for the fundraiser. We hope to break bread with friends and family as well as have a little fun! God Bless! Jackie, Glenn, Carson Biller


+ To the dedicated ladies who baked and put together the Christmas containers and the inspirational cards you send. I can't thank you enough. You truly have a heart to care. Bev Peacock


+ Thank you to Joe Twist for your donation of cleaning supplies.


+ Thank you to Don Anderson for hauling away our old printers as we begin cleaning up the church in preparation for our move to the new church.


+ Dear Immanuel Family, thank you for all your prayers, cards and words of sympathy following the death of my mother, Angie Bauer. It has given me so much comfort to know that so many care. Georgia Gehrmann


+ Thank you so much for bringing cookies for Mom. That was a very nice thing to do and was very much appreciated! Mom loves cookies! Ursula Field and Gesine Schmidt


+ Dear Immanuel Family, thank you for your kind and loving Christmas gift of cookies, cards and greetings. You do Gods work every day in so many ways "thou good and faithful servants". You are so appreciated. Marcia Gunderson


+ Dear Quilters, thank you for the lovely quilts. Such a wonderful gift! Marion Shepstone


+ Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers and especially the great cookies! I will be going to the Mayo Clinic on March 11th, hoping they can fix me up. Scott Vorpagel.


+ To all Immanuel members who brought food to my husband's funeral lunch. To all who set-up, served the lunch and then cleaned up...the luncheon was wonderful. You are all amazing! Immanuel truly is a church with a heart that cares. For the prayers and cards during his illness. For all of this, A BIG THANK YOU. I am truly blessed to be part of this amazing congregation. Love to all, Pat Schulz


+ Dear Cookie Ministry, men and women, thanks so much for delivering the plate of cookies after my surgery. Every "one" was delicious! I wasn't having such a good time and it was just what I needed to speed up my recovery. Yes, the goodies were great, but the thoughtfulness and caring were the best part. Thanks again! Love you guys! (and your cookies) Dennis Schulz


+Dear Crop Walk Supporters, I am pleased to share with you the final totals from the 2012 CROP Walk. 15 area churches participated, 104 walkers braved the elements and walked in the downpour, $15,196.39 was raised to help combat world poverty and hunger. Thank you for your continued support of the nationwide movement of Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty! Ruth Anne Morava, CROP Walk Committee


+ I can't thank Pastor Mary Ann & Mark and the people from church enough for all you have done. I am so very blessed. Susie Fleischer


+ Immanuel Lutheran Church, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your thoughts and prayers for my son Erik Heinz. He just returned from his tour in Afghanistan on February 11, 2013. He will finish his tour in the states. All of your special prayers have been heard, with his safe return.

Sincerely, Erika Heinz


+ Thank you to Don Tolar for fixing the coffee cart in the overflow area.


+ To the Women of Immanuel, Thank you for the wonderful meal after the service. The food was great and the friendly faces and kind words meant a lot to us. All of the extra food at the house was very helpful to feed family. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. Thank you again. The Marquardt Family

+Pastors Mary and Mark, thank you for the kind words. I have been blessed throughout my life with loving family and friends. The "good deeds" I partake in come naturally to me and I find it hard to take credit for doing the right thing. My parents had sown the seeds of good in me. My wife watered those seeds but you and your parish opened up my eyes to the ministry of quenching the thirst of need. It is addicting to help others and the feeling I get when I make people cry tears of relief and joy is unparalleled. God has completely opened my mind and he shows me daily that this is my calling. Faith in this only generates more situations, relationships and resources to carry his work through. I guess it was always there in front of me but you both showed me how to live it. I often mention to my wife how comforting it is to see you look at each other in the middle of service and without a word, we can feel the love you have for each other and for all of us. You lead our faith community by example - you live it in front of us. What a great example for our kids. I am proud to call you my friends and I am a better man for having met you both. Frank Guske Jr.


+We've had several fundraisers for the New York Hurricane Sandy Mission Team. Thanks to all who helped with the work and to all who have supported the team!


+ Dear Members of Immanuel, Your financial support is a real encouragement to us. Thank you for your recent gift of $1450. What a generous donation! We have been receiving increased numbers of applicants for our help. Thank you for these funds which will do so much good. Side BY Side hopes to lessen the stress and at least stand alongside people going through their heavy trials. Compassion is our business with hope as our main product. We are so thankful for partners such as the parishioners of Immanuel. Gratefully, Side By Side













Many Blessings to You!
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