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June 2016 
The International Institute of Islamic Thought(IIIT) held its eleventh annual Al-Faruqi Memorial Lecture and Friends of IIIT Iftar Dinner on Wednesday June 15, 2016, hosting more than ninety guests. The ultimate goal of the yearly IIIT Iftar dinner is to provide an inside look on IIIT's objectives and principles as well as celebrating the holy month of Ramadan with IIIT's friends and affiliates. More...


The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) held a series of panels at the 41st annual convention of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) in Baltimore, MD, on Sunday, May 29, 2016. More...

With a sponsorship from IIIT, Cordoba House, in partnership with Hartford Seminary, has successfully launched the Muslim Leadership Training Program in New York City in spring 2016. More...
في أمسية رمضانية متميزة شهدت قاعة المناسبات الكبرى في المعهد العالمي للفكر الإٍسلامي بواشنطن الاحتفال السنوي لذكرى الدكتور إسماعيل الفاروقي الذي يقام كل عام في شهر رمضان المبارك. المزيد 

Summer Programs @ IIIT 

IIIT Summer Students Program - 2016
(July 11 - August 14, 2016)

Seminar For IIIT Summer School Program Alumni
(August 4-10, 2016)

Turkey Summer School - 2016
(August 7-23, 2016)

Summer Institute for Scholars - 2016
(August 8 - 13, 2016)

IIIT European Summer School - 2016
(August 10-24, 2016)
IIIT Publications - Books-in-Brief 
Epistemological Integration: Essentials of an Islamic Methodolgy by Fathi Hasan Malkawi (Spanish) 
مختصر البناء الفكري: مفهومه ومستوياته وخرائطه
المؤلف: فتحي ملكاوي

  إعادة اكتشاف الصلاة: مختصر إدارة الصلاة
المؤلف: بسام الساعي

Rediscovering Salat by Bassam Sai'i 
IIIT Outreach
In its effort to introduce the International Institute of Islamic Thought and its great wealth of publications, IIIT contributed a number of its books to approximately 12 graduate students of the Howard University School of Divinity. In addition, IIIT contributed tote bags, pens, mugs, IIIT's list of English publications and Distributors, and book lights.

Fawakih Institute
IIIT contributed a number of its publications to the Fawakih library. Fawakih was established in 2008 to provide Arabic instruction for more direct access to the Qur'an and other Islamic texts.

International Astronomical Center
The Astronomical Calculations and Ramadan
by Zulfiqar Ali Shah published by IIIT will be used as reference material during the International Hijri Calendar Conference in Turkey from May 28th - May 30th in Istanbul, Turkey. The Religious Ministers, Moftis, Chairman of Moon sighting Committees and leading scholars from all over the globe will be participating. IIIT has provided 125 Arabic copies and 25 English copies of the book.
WAQF - A Sustainable Development Institution for
Muslim Communities 
(An online booklet)
Call for Papers
International Islamic Universities Conference
"Holistic Youth Personality Development in Higher Education"   
(Kampala, Uganda, August 3-6, 2016)
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Sheikh Taha Jabir Al-Alwani
أنا مسلم
أ.د/ طه جابر العلواني

     أُقدِّس العدلَ، وأمجِّدُ الحريَّة، وأكرِّمُ الإنسانَ وأرفق بالضعيف، وأُذَكِّرُ القويَّ بالذي هو أقوى منه
   أنصح الأغنياء بأنّ يؤدوا حقوق الفقراء في الأموال، وأدعو الفقراء أن يعرفوا أن أغنياءَهم مستخلَفون بمال الله فيهم
   أحب الخير، وأدعو إلى البرّ، وأرفض الشرَّ، وأرفض العنف، وأحب الرفق، واتشبثُ بالهدى، وأصون الحق
   أحارب الباطل، وأنهي عن الفساد، وأريد الإصلاح ما استطعت، أبغض الحروب، وأعشق السلام، أحب الحياء، وأسعى لجعلها حياة طيبة
أهاب الموت، لكنني أؤمن بأنَّه جسر لابد أن أمشيه؛ لأصلَ إلى دار البقاء من دار الفناء وأرجو حسن الخاتمة، واستعيذ بالله من سوئها
  أحب الجنة، وأبغض النار، أحب الأمن، وأبغض القلق، وأكره الكراهية، ولست بفاحش، ولا بسبَّاب، ولا بمهلك
     يمتد نسبي إلى آدم وحواء؛ فآدم أبي، وحواء أمي، وكل البشر أخواني وأخواتي
   لا أحقر أحدًا منه، لا أسلمه، ولا أخذله، بل أعمل على هدايته، وإنارة الطريق بين يديه، والأخذ بيديه إلى الجنَّة، والحيلولة بينه وبين السقوط في النار
   أحب الكون وأنتمي إليه، وأحب كل جيراني فيه: من شجر، أو حجر، أو نبات، أو حيوان، أو جبال، أو بحار
     والله (جلَّ شأنّه) منها خلقني وفيها يعيدوني ومنها يخرجني تارة أخرى، فإليها أنتمي، وبعمرانها أنادي، وإعلاء الحق فيها مطلبي، وشمولها بالسلام والأمان غايتي، ومجاهدة نفسي وغيري-ليعم السلام ويسود الأمان-وسيلتي وغايتي، فإليه أدعو وإليه مآب
   السلام غايتي، والأمان مطلبي، والإرهاب عدوي، والصراع خصمي، والأمن والطمأنينة مطلبي
   فهل عرفتني؟
   وهل تعرف لي على هذه الأرض نظيرًا أو شبيهًا؟

أنا مسلم 
I Am A Muslim
  • I sanctify Justice, glorify freedom, honour the human being, demonstrate gentleness with the weak, and remind the powerful of the One more powerful than them.
  • I advise the rich to fulfill the rights of the poor in wealth, and remind the poor that rich people were entrusted by God in His wealth to fulfill the rights of the poor.
  • I love goodness, call to excellence, reject evil, reject violence, love gentleness, cling to guidance, and protect the Truth.
  • I fight falsehood, forbid corruption, and want rectification as much as I am able to. I detest wars, love peace, love life, and seek to make it a beautiful one.
  • I fear death, but believe it is a bridge that must be crossed so that I arrive to the eternal abode from the temporal one. I hope for a beautiful end, and seek refuge in God from an ugly one.
  • I love Heaven, and hate the Fire. I love security, hate instability, and abhor hate. I am not shameless, vulgar, or destructive.
  • My lineage goes back to Adam and Eve. Adam is my father and Eve is my mother, and all people are my brothers and sisters. I do not have contempt for any of them, or betray any of them. Rather, I strive to guide them, light the path in front of them, take them by the hands to Heaven, and become an obstacle between them and falling into the Fire.
  • I love the Universe and belong to it. I love all my neighbours within it: the trees, rocks, plants, animals, mountains, and seas. God - glory be to Him - created me from it, back to it will return me and from it will bring me out once again. So to it I belong, and to building it I call. Elevating Truth within it is my desire, spreading peace and security over it is my goal, and struggling with myself and others to achieve this is my means. To God I call to Whom is the ultimate return.
  • Peace is my goal, security is my demand, terrorism is my enemy, conflict is my adversary, and inner peace is my pursuit.
  • Do you recognize me?
  • Do you know anyone in this Earth who parallels this description?
I am a Muslim.

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