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                                                          January 2016

Past Events

Winter Student Program Graduation Ceremony
The graduation ceremony for the Winter Student Program was held on Monday, Jan. 11, at IIIT in Herndon, VA.

Dr. Ermin officiated the event and invited each student to share their reflection on the program. Each of the 18 students spoke about how much the program benefited them intellectually and the social bonds they developed as a group. More...


Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf: Defining Islamic Statehood
The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) invited Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf on Jan. 7, 2016, to share details of the Shariah Index Project that culminated in the publishing of his book, Defining Islamic Statehood, Measuring and Indexing Contemporary Muslim States. Dr. Jasser Auda and Dr. Ebrahim Moosa were also present as discussants. More...


نظم معهد الدراسات الابستمولوجية - أوروبا بالتعاون مع جامعة السوربون يوم السبت 9 يناير الماضي ندوة حول كتاب "المحبة في المسيحية والمحبة في الإسلام" للدكتور أدريان ليتس، رئيس قسم الدراسات الإسلامية في جامعة السوربون. المزيد... ا

Upcoming Events

  1. Dr. Zahra Rafie: Homeschooling in the Washington Metropolitan Muslim Community - February 3, 2016 

  2. Dr. Mahmoud Ayoub: Major Themes in the Bible and the Qur'an - February 12-14 and April 8-10, 2016 

  3. University of Chicago: Islamic Theology, Law, and Biomedicine - April 15-17, 2016

  4. Spring  2016 Lecture Series

IIIT Research Grants


PhD in Islamic Studies and Christian Muslim Relations
at Hartford Seminary

Job Opportunities @ IIIT & TFI

Marketing Manager (IIIT) 
Publications Manager (IIIT) 
Spring Intern (TFI)

New IIIT Publications

Understanding Maqasid al-Shariah: A Contemporary Perspective (Books-in-brief) by Musfir al-Qahtani 
Toward Our Reformation: From Legalism to Value-Oriented Islamic Law and Jurisprudence (Books-in-brief) by Mohammad Omar Farooq

 Integration: Essentials of an Islamic Methodology (Books-in-brief) by Fathi Hasan Malkawi

فقه التحيز: رؤية معرفية ودعوة للاجتهاد
تأليف: مجموعة من  المشاركون في المؤتمر

Al-Shurra (Books-in-Brief) by Ahmad Al-Raysuni - Swahili

مقدمات في علم الاجتماع تأليف: صلاح عبد المتعال 

New Titles @ Al Alwani Library

Muslims in America: A Short History  by Edward Curtis IV
Discovering the Qur'an: A Contemporary Approach to a Veiled Text by Neil Robinson
Beyond Religious Freedom: The New Global Politics of Religion by Elizabeth Shakman Hurd
The Sunna and its Status in Islamic Law: The Search for a Sound Hadith edited by Adis Duderija
The Qur'an and the West by Kenneth Cragg
The Moral World of the Qur'an  by M.A. Draz
The Blackwell Companion to the Qur'an edited by Andrew Rippin
Introduction to The Qur'an by M.A. Draz
Approaches to the Qur'an edited by G. R. Hawting
Modern Muslim Intellectuals and the Qur'an edited by Suha Taji-Farouki
Islamic Reform and Conservatism: Al-Azhar and the Evolution of Modern Sunni Islam by Indira Falk Gesink

IIIT Library

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