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                                     June 2015  

                      Special Issue    


Al Faruqi Memorial Lecture & Iftar/Dinner

IIIT held its tenth annual Ramadan Iftar/Dinner on Wednesday June 24th, 2015, hosting more than ninety guests. The event began at 7:00 pm with the recitation of verses from the Qur'an followed by a video presentation about IIIT.


Dr. Al-Shingieti, IIIT Executive Director, welcomed everyone to the Al Faruqi Memorial Lecture and Iftar/Dinner. Noting the new faces in the audience, he said that "we are broadening the circle of IIIT friends as we broaden also the scope of our activity and our outreach." He also identified a few innovative projects that...  Details...  


Dr. Calvin Allen
(Dean of College of Arts and Sciences, Shenandoah University): On describing how IIIT helps promote an honest image of Islam, he related the story of a reluctant student from Shenandoah University who, after attending a khutba (Friday sermon) at ADAMS as part of the program he was enrolled in, was surprised to find that both the khutba and the Sunday sermon at his church were not different; in fact he realized that "we all believe in the same thing". Dr. Allen added that "the joint program between Shenandoah University and IIIT helped this one student appreciate Islam and understand that it was not a threat."  

H.E. Awang Adek Hussin (Ambassador of Malaysia to the US): "I admire what they (IIIT) do .... and I know they have contributed a lot to the well-being of Malaysia, especially in higher education. And the setting up of the Islamic University certainly benefited a great deal from the intellectual input of IIIT."





John Foust (Member, Virginia Board of Supervisors): "I got to know the ADAMS community going back now 13 or 14 years..... I really have come to appreciate the contributions you all make to our community in Northern Virginia, and I'm especially pleased when I have the opportunity to attend the Interfaith activities that you are so wonderful at. I recognize and appreciate the contributions you make through your non-profits: FAITH is doing so much to help feed the hungry in Herndon and the ADAMS Compassionate Health Care Clinic; these are all wonderful things."



Dr. Douglass Johnston (President and Founder, International Center for Religion & Diplomacy): "Every time I come to IIIT I feel it's like family. I have known Jamal and Abubaker, Hisham, Iqbal and Yaqub for a long long time and I have tremendous respect for them. I have been very pleased to be involved in a number of joint projects with IIIT."




Dr. Serene Jones (President, Union Theological Seminary ): "I look forward to what the future holds. We're (IIIT and UTS) in the beginning stages of a life journey that I'm sure will take many interesting and always productive turns."







Rabbi Gerry Serotta (Clergy Beyond Borders): "This (IIIT) is a wonderful center of interfaith engagement, a strong part of the mission of IIIT. IIIT has supported projects that I have worked with for many years: Clergy Beyond Borders.... I'm sure there will be many opportunities to work together with IIIT in spreading the knowledge of God in our different ways so that we encourage each other to learn from each other to do what God wants us to do, which is improve and heal the world."


Prof. Mohammad Faghfoory (Prof. of Islamic Studies, George Washington University): "We have learned and are trying to implement at the George Washington (University) in this young program to address aspects of Islamic scholarships and civilizations --- which other programs either ignore or do not place emphasis on, and one of those is Islamic Arts..... Everybody had been talking about Dr. Faruqi ... but nobody mentioned the role that his wife had in his scholarship and life. And here I would like to acknowledge her .... especially now that we are using some of her writings in classes that we have on Islamic Art. I thought it would be appropriate to remember her along with him."



Prof. Farid Senzai
(Prof. of Political Sciences, Santa Clara University): "The individuals here that established IIIT have been in many ways the same type of pioneers (as Santa Clara University). These are individuals that have established an institution with so much history at a time when there were very few Muslims here, especially immigrant Muslims. These individuals came together and established a friendship, a bond. I've heard the stories of these individuals 40 years ago coming together and deciding that they were going to contribute to the community... We hear about IIIT today but these are the pioneers that built and planted the seeds in most of the major national organizations in this country... What we see today is their legacy; it's their legacy that they are leaving behind for future generations."

Delegate Tom Rust (Member, Virginia House of Delegates): "This community has done so much for the greater Herndon community. I remember 25 years ago (plus or minus) when the mosque was in the building right down the hall, and it was a pretty small gathering and now we have the ADAMS center which has thousands of worshipers there and in lots of other places. But not only have you done so much more for bringing knowledge to us of Islam but you brought so much more to the community. FAITH has "Herndon Without Hunger" every year and hundreds and hundreds of our fellow citizens -no questions asked- are supplied with enough food for a week or ten days and it is so heartwarming to see what this community does in reaching out to those who are far less fortunate than we are."  

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2015 Summer Institute for Scholars

On Monday, June 8, 2015, IIIT held the Opening Ceremony for the annual Summer Institute for Scholars, welcoming about 20 scholars for the occasion. The theme this year is, "Constitutions and Pluralism in Muslim States and Societies."


Dr. Ermin Sinanović, Director of Research and Academic Programs at IIIT, opened the session by thanking the scholars for their presence. Dr. Abubaker al-Shingieti, Executive Director of IIIT, also offered his remarks, encouraging everyone to take the opportunity to engage with and learn from one another. Details...  


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2015 Summer Students Program
The Opening Ceremony for the Summer Students' Program was held on May 18th and was attended by various instructors as well as IIIT staff along with the students. Dr. Ermin Sinanović, Director of Research and Academic Programs, opened the session by welcoming the students. Dr. Abubaker al-Shingieti, Executive Director, addressed the students and explained the conceptual origins of the SSP, a residential program which enables students to intensively delve into Islamic studies while at the same time creating a network among their peers and IIIT. Details...

Dr. Salem teaching students
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Prof. Voll

The graduation ceremony at IIIT's al-Faruqi library was bittersweet as the Summer Student Program drew to a close on June 16, 2015. While students and instructors were thrilled with the academic progress they had achieved together, a twinge of sadness filled the halls of IIIT as it was time to say good bye. Details...

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The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) to East and South East Asia in association with Islamic Council for Development of Cambodia (ICDC) conducted a seminar and workshop for Cambodian Muslim on 05-06 June, 2015 in Phnom Penh. Details... 

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