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April 2014
Rabbi Ruth Sohn

A Rabbi Recounts her Personal Experience in Cairo
"Crossing Cairo" was the title of the talk by Rabbi Ruth Sohn, based on her book by the same name. The talk was delivered at the IIIT on Friday, April 25, 2014, and attended by a number of local academicians, activists, and community leaders.
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Jonathan AC Brown received his BA in History from Georgetown University in 2000 and his doctorate in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from the University of Chicago in 2006. Dr. Brown has studied and conducted research in Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Indonesia, India and Iran, and he is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations. His book publications include The Canonization of al-Bukhari and Muslim: The Formation and Function of the Sunni Hadith Canon (Brill, 2007), Hadith: Muhammad's Legacy in the Medieval and Modern World (Oneworld, 2009), Muhammad: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press, 2011) and Misquoting Muhammad: The Challenges and Choices of Interpreting the Prophet's Legacy (Oneworld, 2014 in press). He has published articles in the fields of Hadith, Islamic law, Sufism, Arabic lexical theory and Pre-Islamic poetry and is the editor in chief of the Oxford Encyclopedia of Islamic Law. Dr. Brown's current research focuses on modern conflicts between Late Sunni Traditionalism and Salafism in Islamic thought.

Crossing Cairo: a Jewish Woman's Encounter with Egypt

by Rabbi Ruth Sohn

In Crossing Cairo, Rabbi Ruth Sohn has written an exceptional family portrait of the experience of living in Egypt with her husband and children. Advised not to share the fact that they are Jewish, they discover what it means to hide and then increasingly share their identity. Would it be possible to cross the boundaries of language, culture and religion to form real friendships and find a home among Egyptians? As she navigates new routines of daily life to make friends, find an Arabic teacher, and get to know the mysterious veiled woman that came with the rental of their apartment, Sohn takes us on a remarkable journey as she encounters the many faces of Cairo. In the Epilogue she returns to Cairo after the fall of Mubarak to find a newly exuberant and infectious patriotism and hope. Throughout this probing contemplation of self and other in a world that is foreign and in many ways inimical to her own as an American Jew, Sohn shows how even the seemingly mundane events of daily life can yield unexpected discoveries. "With remarkable evenhandedness and...openness, Sohn has written a provocative and mesmerizing book of extraordinary passion and insight. I could not put it down!"

Muslims of the Balkans: Current Situation and Challenges Ahead

May 2, 2014    
Rethinking Islam in the Contemporary World 

May 7, 2014

Muslims in UK and Europe   

May 17-18, 2014    
Summer Students Program - 2014   
May 19- June 24, 2014    
Summer Institute for Scholars - 2014  
June 16-22, 2014    

e-learning course: Jews, Christians and Muslims in Europe: Modern Challenges

September 1 - December 12, 2014    



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2014 Forthcoming Spanish and German Titles




New Releases. Available in May, 2014  


Epistemological Integration: Essentials of an Islamic Methodology by Fathi Malkawi
Ethics of Assisted Reproductive Medicine: A Comparative Study of Western Secular and Islamic Bioethics by Sharmin Islam

IIIT Visitors

April 2014


Dr. Heidi Hadsell, President of the Hartford Seminary and  

Dr. Vanda MacMurtry, Chairman of the Board of the Hartford Seminary  

visit IIIT on April 21, 2014


From left to right: Dr. Yaqub Mirza, Dr. Jamal Barzinji, Dr. Vanda MacMurtry, Dr. Heidi Hadsell, 
Dr. Abubaker Alshingieti, Dr. Ermin Sinanovic, Dr. Hisham Altalib



"Faith in The Neighborhood: An Introduction to America's Religious Diversity"

Dr. Lucinda Mosher -Hartford Seminary- and her students visit ADAMS Center as part of a joint program between Hartford Seminary and The Fairfax Institute (TFI). During the 5-day course, students visited several houses of worship in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area.

Summer Students Program
The Fairfax Institute

Islamic Art Courses at TFI 
taught by world renowned Arabic Calligrapher
Ustadh Abbas Baghdadi 
Arabic Calligraphy 
Mondays 6-8pm 
Calligraphy by Ustadh Baghdadi

The Art of Zakhrafa (Arabesque)
Thursdays 6-8 pm
Calligraphy and Arabesque by Ustadh Baghdadi
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