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December, 2013
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2013 Highlights

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim
with Prof. Heidi Hadsell 
Reform of Higher Education in Muslim Societies
As part of its ongoing efforts to address the multi-faceted crisis of education in the Muslim world, IIIT organized a two day symposium entitled "Reform of Higher Education in Muslim Societies". The symposium was held in collaboration with the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington DC and took place at the Wilson Center's headquarters on December 9th and at IIIT headquarters in Herndon, Virginia, on Dec 10th, 2013. The main objectives of the symposium were...



Prof. Jon Mandaville on the Ottoman Shari'a accommodations to the Modern World


Prof. Jon Mandaville, Professor Emeritus at Portland State University and President of North American Association for Islamic and Muslim Studies ...

ADAMS Honors Dr. Jamal Barzinji, IIIT at Appreciation Dinner 


The All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) organized a special Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on Saturday, December 14, 2013 at the St. Joseph ...
Prof. Malik Badri
Prof. Malik Badri,
 was born in Rufa'a, Sudan in 1932. He obtained his B.A. (with distinction) and his Diploma of Education from the American University of Beirut, in 1956. His M.A. was also secured from the same university in 1958. He further obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Leicester, England in 1961 and his Postgraduate Certificate of Clinical Psychology from the Academic Department of Psychiatry of the Middlesex Hospital Medical School of London University in 1966. He was elected Fellow of the British Psychological Society in 1977 and now he is the holder of the title of Chartered Psychologist C.Psychol from the British Psychological Society. In recognition to his contributions in his field he was awarded an honorary D.Sc. from the Ahfad University and was decorated by the President of Sudan in April of the year, 2003, with the medal of Shahid Zubair which is the highest award for academic excellence.


Apart from being appointed as professor and dean in varies universities, such as Dean of the Faculties of Education in the University of Khartoum and Juba University and the Acting Dean of the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization of the International Islamic University, Malaysia, he was also the founder of a number of departments of psychology and education such as the one he established in Imam Mohammad bin Saud University in Riyadh and the Applied Psychology Department of the University of Khartoum. Professor Badri also served as senior clinical psychologist in a number of hospitals and clinics in the Middle East and Africa and was the founder of the Psychological Clinic of the University of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1971. He has published widely in psychology and education and his works has been translated into many languages of the Islamic world.


Dr. Badri was elected by UNESCO to be the expert for educational psychology in the then newly established Institute of Pedagogy in Bahirdar Ethiopia and was also given short appointments by the World Health Organization as a researcher and member of a committee in the field of traditional healing practices. At present he is re-appointed Professor in the Department of Psychology of the International Islamic University of Malaysia.

Abu Zayd al-Balkhi's Sustenance of the Soul: The Cognitive Behavior Therapy of a Ninth Century Physician


author: Malik Badri


Lying preserved in the Ayasofya Library in Istanbul is an astonishing manuscript. Written by the ninth century CE polymath, Abu Zayd al-Balkhi it tackles more than eleven centuries ago mental and psychological disorders which seem commonplace to us today.


AI-Balkhi explains symptoms and treatments giving advice on preventive measures and how to return the body and soul to their natural healthy state. In doing so he displays a keen understanding of the human condition and the medical nature of the human emotional state. An astonishing feat given that many of the conditions he discusses were left largely unknown and untreated for centuries before being clinically defined as such, only as relatively recently as the 20th century. A genius his insights on human psychopathology as well as diagnoses of psychological ailments including stress, depression, fear and anxiety, phobic and obsessive-compulsive disorders, together with their treatment by cognitive behavior therapy, relate to us in every way and are in sync with modern psychology. Importantly they also incorporate a greater dimension to include the soul and the worship of God.


Entitled Masalih al-Abdan wa al-Anfus (Sustenance for Bodies and Souls) al -Balkhi's manuscript is composed in two distinct parts. This work forms an English translation of the second (Sustenance of the Soul). The latter being perhaps of greater interest to readers given the worldwide increase in anxiety and mood disorders.


English Literary Studies: Islamic Perspective and Method


January 15, 2014    

Applications of Maqasid al-Shariah in Muamalat and Finance, Family Values and Governance

January 21-22, 2014    

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