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September, 2013
Sound Reasoning
The use of intellectual faculties does not imply giving free reign to the mind, applying thought processes free of all bounds and limits. Absolute freedom ruins the mind, for there are limitations and thresholds beyond which it cannot go and which if crossed can cause it to become imbalanced. The mind, or reason, accordingly needs to work within fixed parameters and this is especially so when analyzing or attempting to understand the nature of hadith texts. A mind that is not governed by Islamic faith, knowledge, wisdom, and sincerity towards Allah and the Last Prophet is immediately to be disqualified for the purpose, and indeed any form of prejudice cannot be accepted as a criterion.
(Authentication of Hadith: Redefining the Criteria - Israr Ahmad Khan, IIIT, p. 86)  

Dr. Tariq Ramadan and Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool during a panel at IIIT's Hospitality Suite

Dr. Sulayman Nyang receives IIIT's Distinguished Scholar Award

IIIT Hosts Its 2nd Hospitality Suite at ISNA's Convention

Six Intellectual Panels and an Award Ceremony
As part of its continued efforts to reach out to the wider Muslim community with its message of intellectual reform, IIIT organized six panels at its Hospitality Suite at the ISNA National Convention 2013 held at the Washington Convention Center during the Labor Day weekend.

Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad is Executive Director of Iqbal International Institute for Research & Dialogue, associated with the International Islamic University Islamabad, since 2007. He is a Professor of Political Science at Hampton University, VA, USA. He received an M.A in Political Science from Karachi University, an M.A. in Development Administration from the American University of Beirut, and Ph.D in Political Science from the University of Chicago.


He has served as: member of "Islam and Social Change Project" of the University of Chicago; Research Fellow at the Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C; Senior Fulbright Fellow in Bangladesh and Pakistan; Fellow of the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) in Sudan, Pakistan and Malaysia; American Institute of Bangladesh Studies Fellow; American Institute of Pakistan Studies Fellow; member of the "Fundamentalism Project" of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences/University of Chicago; and Senior Consultant for the "Muslims in American Public Square" Project of Georgetown University. He is currently President of the South Asian Muslim Studies Association (SAMSA), an affiliate of the Association of Asian Studies (AAS) and Vice-President of Centre for Islam and Public Policy (CIPP), Washington, D.C.

Dr. AbdulHamid AbuSulayman presenting a speech at the convocation
A special convocation was held at the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) for the conferment of Emeritus Prof. Dr. AbdulHamid AbuSulayman, President of IIIT.

Dr. Ahmad Totonji, IIIT, signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Islamic University in Malaysia (IIUM) on 

Thursday,  September 5, 2013 at the Seri Pacific Hotel.   


Youth Leadership Program held at IIIT   
The 2nd MACCPAC - TFI Youth Leadership Program was held at the IIIT headquarters during the week of August 12-16, 2013. MACCPAC's mission is to promote ...  

IIIT Lecture: "Prospects of Reform in Higher Education in the Muslim World: Islamic Studies as a Case Study"

October 11, 2013  

IIIT Seminar: "Reform of Islamic Institutions of Higher Education in Africa"  




October 21, 2013

IIIT Lecture: "Muslim Cosmopolitanism: Recovering a Forgotten Stream in the History of Islam"

November 8, 2013


4th International Conference on Islam and Higher Education (4th ICIHE) 2013  

October 2, 2013  

Socio-ethical dimensions of Islamic finance: Between the Ideals and Realities  

October 2, 2013 

Islamic Institutions of Higher Learning in Africa   
October 18-19, 2013   
The Legacy of Ismail Raji Al-Faruqi - 2nd International Conference at IIUM  
October 22, 2013 
Towards a Healthy Youth Culture: The Role of Islamic Family and Educational Values   
November 6, 2013    
       الإعلام المعاصر في الرؤية  الحضارية: مؤتمر علمي دولي ينظمه المعهد العالمي للفكر الإسلامي بالتعاون مع جامعة اليرموك

November 13-14, 2013

TFI Courses
8 Week Sessions Beginning
October 7, 2013


(Tuition fees per course: $50) 

Instructor: Abbas Baghdadi

Mondays 6PM - 9:30PM




Instructor: Abbas Baghdadi

Thursdays 6PM - 8PM 



Instructor: Dr. Mehmed Elezovic

Wednesdays 7PM - 9PM



Instructor: Nabil Ali

Mondays& Tuesdays 7:30 PM-9:30 PM


Instructor: Dr. Ahmed Kazemi Moussavi

Tuesdays & Thursdays

6:30 PM- 8:30 PM

Instructor: Rabiah Ahmad
Tuesdays 7PM - 9PM 


For more information, including course descriptions please visit www.Fairfaxi.net

Parent-Child Relations: A Guide to Raising Children
Authors: Hisham Altalib, AbdulHamid AbuSulayman, and Omar Altalib 

(To purchase, contact sales@iiit.org)
Authentication of Hadith: Redefining the Criteria
 (Books in Brief)
Author: Israr Ahmad Khan

Language: Tamil 

Studies in Islamic Civilization: The Muslim Contribution to the Renaissance
(Books in Brief)
Author: Ahmad Essa and Othman Ali

Language: Tamil 

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