April 2013

 Al Tawhid


In His Holy Book, God commanded: "Let there be of you an ummah which calls [humanity] to righteousness, which enjoins the good and forbids the evil. Only such an ummah is felicitous." (3:104) This command is the charter of the ummah, creating it as well as giving it its constitution. It is an association of humans for the purpose of actualizing the Will of God. It is a cosmic institution, since only through such association does the higher, i.e. moral, part of the Divine Will become history. Because being moral requires the freedom of the agent, the ummah which is an association of moral agents, must be free and open. It is guided in its life by the Divine Will alone which constitutes its raison d'ȇtre. The Divine Will has been revealed in the Qur'an and the sunnah of the Prophet (SAAS). It is in nature, empirically or actually, for reason to discover and establish; and it is in nature potentially for the faculties of reason and intuition to deduce or to perceive 


(Al Tawhid - Ismail al Faruqi, p. 91-92)
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eventsRecent Activities

Prof. Mazrui speaks on Obama's Identity


Prof. Ali MazruiProfessor Ali Mazrui, Director - Institute of Global Culture Studies at SUNY Binghamton, presented a lecture at IIIT on April 26, 2013 titled: "Barack Obama between Africa and the Muslim World: Issues of Identity." After the intriguing lecture, prominent scholars including Prof. Sulayman Nyang, Howard University; Dr. Abdelaziz Sachedina, IIIT Chair in Islamic Studies at George Mason University; and Joseph Montville, Senior Research Fellow at IIIT commented on the lecture. A discussion and Q & A session followed.

Report on Shaykh Yasir Qadhi's lecture


Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, lecturer at the Dept. of Religious Studies, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN and PhD candidate at Yale University, presented a lecture on March 22, 2013 at IIIT in Herndon, VA on "Reconciling Reason and Revelation in the Writings of Ibn Taymiyya." More...  


iiitvisitorsIIIT Visitors


Dr. Philippa Strum Senior Scholar, The Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars, Washington DC, visited IIIT on April 10, 2013 with Dr. Vanda McMartury, Chairman of the Board of Trustees,
Hartford Seminary  




Dr. Anita Aziz, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Brunei

and her associate Dr. Joyce Yean


 Br. Saif Omar, Dr. Ihsan Bagby, Dr. Jimmy Jones, Dr. Abubaker Alshingeiti, Dr. Mukhtar Curtis, and Sr. Matina Yahya 
summerstudentsSummer Students Program

Monday, May 27 -Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The Summer Students Program for 2013 is designed for senior undergraduate and graduate students who are majoring in the humanities or social science disciplines and who have... More...


Apply Online 

summerscholarsSummer Institute for Scholars

Islamic Reform Movements

After the Arab Spring

June 24-July 3, 2013 


The Summer Institute is an annual meeting dedicated to the study of contemporary approaches to Qur'an and Sunnah that brings together senior and young scholars to present papers and participate in panels and informal discussions focused on topics related to a particular theme. More...

europeansummerschoolFirst IIIT European Summer School

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

(August 27 - September 7, 2013)

Details and Application Form 


If unable to open the above link, copy and paste the following link to your browser: http://iiit.org/iiitftp/summer%20programs%202013/european%20summer%20school/First%20European%20Summer%20School.pdf

featuredscholarFeatured Scholar

Seyyed Hossein Nasr, University Professor of Islamic Studies at the George Washington University, Washington D.C. is one of the most important and foremost scholars of Islamic, Religious and Comparative Studies in the world today. Author of over fifty books and five hundred articles which have been translated into several major Islamic, European and Asian languages, Professor Nasr is a well known and highly respected intellectual figure both in the West and the Islamic world. An eloquent speaker with a charismatic presence, Nasr is a much sought after speaker at academic conferences and seminars, university and public lectures and also radio and television programs in his area of expertise. Possessor of an impressive academic and intellectual record, his career as a teacher and scholar spans over four decades. Details...


More links: 

1- http://themuslim500.com/profile/dr-seyyed-hossein-nasr

2- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asTPBo9ei1M


publicationsLatest IIIT Publications
The Essence of Islamic Civilization -
Ismail Raji al Faruqi

The Socio-Intellectual

Foundations of Malek Bennabi's
Approach to Civilization -

Badrane Benlahcene

upcomingeventUpcoming Events

Ihsan in Politics: The Role of Tasawwuf in Muslim Politics and Good Governance 


 May 3, 2013


500 Grove St., Suite 200, Herndon, VA 20170 


Dr. Muqtedar Khan, Associate Professor at the University of Delaware, will present the lecture on Ihsan in Politics.

Muslim Studies in a Christian Theological School: The Muslim Studies Program at Emanuel College in Toronto  


 May 14, 2013


500 Grove St., Suite 200, Herndon, VA 20170 


Professor Mark Toulouse, professor of The History of Christianity, Emmanuel College, University of Toronto, will present a lecture at IIIT on May 14, 2013.

ما هي طرق تصميم برامج تعليم اللغة العربية في 

ضوء الإطار المرجعي الأوربي المشترك للغات؟  


June 7-8, 2013


لقد أصبحت اللغة العربية كلغة حية في بلدان الاتحاد الأوروبي تحتل مكانة جيدة مهمة وإستراتيجية لدى دول ومنظمات الاتحاد الأوربي، وذلك راجع إلى ... المزيد

Sacred Texts and Human Contexts  


June 23-25, 2013


The Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies and Dialogue at Nazareth College will convene an international conference titled "Sacred Texts and Human Contexts: A Symposium on the Role of the Sacred Texts of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in Uniting and Dividing Humanity" on June 23-25, 2013. More...

Islamic Universities: Philosophy And Practice
June 25-28, 2013
The International Institute of Islamic Thought, Nigeria Office, in collaboration with Bayero University Kano, Northwest University Kano, and Ja'iz Foundation, is organizing a three-day conference on Islamic universities on: Islamic Universities: Philosophy And Practice, from 25-28 June, 2013, at the Main Hall, Northwest University, Kano, Nigeria...More...
Islamic Institutions of Higher Learning in Africa 
October 18-19, 2013
In recent years, there has been a proliferation of Islamic universities and Muslim institutions of higher learning across sub-Saharan Africa. Although there is a long tradition of formal Islamic learning in universities in some parts of ...More...
The Eighth SOAS Conference on the Qur'an
University of London
November 7-9, 2013
A call for papers will be sent out in late February, at which time the conference website will also be updated. Information on previous conferences in the series can be found at http://www.soas.ac.uk/islamicstudies/conferences/
الإعلام المعاصر في الرؤية الحضارية
مؤتمر علمي دولي ينظمه
المعهد العالمي للفكر الإسلامي بالتعاون مع جامعة اليرموك
13-14 نوفمبر 2013 
November 13-14, 2013
أصبح الاتصال والإعلام في الواقع المعاصر شأناً مهماً في حياة الناس أفراداً ومجتمعات. وتعددت مفاهيم الإعلام ووسائله وأساليبه ومضامينه، فلم يعد يملك الإنسان فكاكاً من وصولها إليه، وتأثيرها عليه. وأخذت المعلومة الصحيحة والخطأ،...للمزيد...
callforpapersCall for Papers

   The Ninth International Conference


Islamic Economics and Finance (ICIEF) Growth, Equity and Stability: An Islamic Perspective


September 9-11, 2013  

Istanbul, TURKEY 



دعوة لتقديم أوراق بحثية للمشاركة في المؤتمر

المؤتمر العالمي التاسع للاقتصاد والتمويل الإسلامي


9-11 سبتمبر 2013

استنطبول، تركيا


If unable to open the above link, copy and paste the following link to your browser: http://iiit.org/iiitftp/PDF's/islamiceconimicsnfinanceturkye2013Call%20for%20Papers%20(English)f.pdf

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