Library IDEA Newsletter
Spring 2013Vol. IV No. 2
Monterey Public Library
Welcome to the Spring 2013 edition of the Library IDEA, Monterey Public Library's e-newsletter, which keeps you informed about how the Library has been working "To Inspire, Delight, and Educate All".

Patrice Vecchione The modern library offers much more than books and information. Today's library is also a public gathering place where the community can share ideas and enjoy creative endeavors. Each year the Library celebrates National Poetry Month with special events that inspire the creative spirit and build community around the written word. On Saturday, April 20, Patrice Vecchione will lead a poetry writing workshop for adults and teens age 14-up. The workshop will include writing exercises and feedback. Patrice will also read from her new book of poetry, The Knot Untied, and copies will be available to for purchase and signing. The workshop and reading is offered free of charge because the event is supported by Poets & Writers, Inc. though a grant it has received from The James Irvine Foundation, with matching funds from the Friends of the Monterey Public Library. Pre-registration is required. For more information or to sign up call 831.646.3949 or email
Terrace What can be more delightful than sitting outside with a friend or a book on a warm sunny day? The Library terrace, located off the second floor mezzanine affords just such an opportunity. It is a one thousand square foot outdoor seating area equipped with benches, tables and chairs,and glass panels to block the wind. The terrace also makes a fun venue for programs - from outdoor storytimes and teen crafts projects to musical performances for all ages. At the end of December and throughout January, however, this popular space was closed for repairs. Titles had pulled away from the walls, allowing water - during winter storms - to find its way to non-fiction stacks below. Thanks to funds from the Neighborhood Improvement Program, the tiles and waterproof membrane beneath them were replaced. Our beautiful outdoor space is available once again for customers to delight in the sun and fresh air as they gather, read, and study. See you in the sunshine!
Teens using computer This year marks the second year in Monterey Public Library's partnership with Monterey High School to help teach students 21st Century Skills. This spring the students are exploring career opportunities and researching the steps they will need to take to make it where they want to go in the future. Librarian Kim Smith visited five classes to share the big book (or website) of careers, the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook. Chock full of all the facts the students needed to research, it provides career descriptions, average salaries, educational requirements, and projected employment statistics through 2020. After consulting the book, some students' dreams of becoming a rock star were dashed, but suitable alternatives with excellent prospects were chosen. Next on the lesson plan will be local history tours with our Museums, Cultural Arts and Archives Manager, Dennis Copeland.
Volunteer at work All of us, volunteers as well as staff, work together each day to create the services you enjoy at the Monterey Public Library. Volunteers help to shelve books and other library materials, help retrieve items that customers reserved from home, keep the library tidy and make attractive displays and signs. Volunteers index archival materials and assist customers locate resources in the California History Room. They lead book discussions, set up for storytimes and assist with many library programs and activities. Volunteers assist the Friends of the Library with ongoing book sales and deliver library books to the homebound. Volunteers decorate the building and keep the Library plants watered and healthy. They help get information about library events to you, and sometimes even greet customers at the door.

The Library has 30 volunteers at this time, who provide 200-250 hours of service each month. In addition, the Friends of the Library volunteer hundreds of hours of time each year to raise funds for a wide range of Library resources, including books, laptops for public use, the popular Stories for Adults series, and a variety of cultural and educational programs for all ages. Your library would not be the same without volunteers. Next time you visit the Library feel free to thank a volunteer for his or her service and maybe even consider joining them!
Library Director Kim Bui-Burton Kim's Corner
Thursday, March 14, 2013 began as most days do at the Monterey Public Library. Staff arrived before 8 am to clean, vacuum and scrub the Library, prepare books and other materials for the collection, and check in book drop items returned the night before. The day's newspapers were processed, storytime materials were gathered, computers were turned on and laptops prepared. Chairs were straightened, books were "swept" back onto their shelves and the help desk team was ready to greet Library customers at 10 a.m.

And yet, when the doors opened that Thursday, we all had an extra spring in out step. For the fifth year in a row, Monterey County Weekly voters had chosen the Monterey Public Library - your library, our library - as Best Library. It is an honor and a privilege to be recognized for the work done by the creative, dedicated and enthusiastic Monterey Public Library staff and volunteers. Every person here is an important part of providing excellent library service to our community. I am grateful for each and every one here.

And, I am also so grateful for the hard work of the Library's strong and committed "super volunteers" - the Library Board of Trustees, led by Chair Maxine Reneker, overseeing the Library staff, services and Trust Fund; the Friends of the Monterey Public Library Board, led by President Mike Sovereign, representing all the Friends members; and the Monterey Public Library Endowment Committee, Advisory Council and Committees, led by Chair David Spradling, representing all the generous endowment fund donors. Together with the Monterey City Council, local foundations and Trust Fund donors, they provide the leadership, vision, fund-raising and "friend-raising" that help the Monterey Public Library be recognized as the best.

So when the doors swing open, Monday through Saturday, and the staff smile to greet you, please know that behind 2013's Best Library are many, many dedicated volunteers, donors and community members. And I thank you all!
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