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June 30th 2016

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Tune in TONIGHT!!!! 
Chef Daniel Murillo of Mexotik will be featured Cooking Channel's series, 
Beach Bites With Katie Lee.
 Thursday, June 30th at 10pm ET / 7pm PT

Don't miss Daniel in action!! Cooking some Marlin Sopes and a house tequila drink!!! 

Tune in tonight for a chance to savor the flavor of San Pancho!  Our very own Chef Daniel Murillo of Mexotik will have a well-deserved moment in the spotlight with the airing of the Cooking Channel's series Beach Bites with Katie Lee.  We all know how amazing the food at Mexotik is but now the whole world will know.  Just another great reason to come to San Pancho in our opinion!  


Mexotik has also earned a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for 2016.  

San Pancho has long been a foodie destination, but Mexotik has certainly raised the bar!  We are so happy to be able to share this good news!

Congratulations to Chef Daniel Murillo and Mexotik!!  

Nasty weather blew into town!

On the evening of June 19th a strong and unexpected weather incident, possibly a tornado, ripped through San Pancho, causing widespread damage. People were shocked the next day to find their homes and gardens were thrashed by the high winds. One person said that her garden had "left town". The cleanup has begun, but we all know that the possibility of strong tropical storms is still ahead so be sure to take appropriate precautions, keep a close eye on the weather report and most of all, stay safe!

One of the sad parts of the damage left behind by this storm was that our beautiful tree-covered highway 200 took a big hit, and Dave Fisher made this video to document the damage.

photo credit - Dave Fisher, Chris Parsons & Erik Saracho
Joaquina Triumphs!

Joaquina Expo
 On Tuesday, June 21st an exhibition of the artwork of Joaquina, San Pancho's very talented postmistress, was held at Entreamigos. The event was very intimate - Joaquina was surrounded by her friends, family and supporters there to share her special moment. She was very happy to be able to show her art. If you missed the event, you can come to Entreamigos to see her work or look for her personally. Congratulations Joaquina!

San Pancho Spanish School
Is it finally time to get serious about learning Spanish?
As we all know San Pancho is an easy place to be even if you don't speak Spanish. The locals are very kind and patient.  They are happy to help you to learn a few words and quite a few of them speak English. But at some point it gets a little old not being able to speak to all of the amazing people who you meet in San Pancho and you know you are missing out. As we all know San Pancho is an easy place to be even if you don't speak Spanish. The locals are very kind and patient. They are happy to help you to learn a few words and quite a few of them speak English. But at some point, it gets a little old not being able to speak to all of the amazing people who you meet in San Pancho, and you know you are missing out.

Let's face it; everyone has a few good Spanish words but unless you do the work of learning the verbs you will never speak in sentences. If you want to go from baby talk to actual conversations, then it's time to go back to school!

If you are serious about learning Spanish, then San Pancho Spanish School is an excellent way to go. Lander Carter of San Pancho Spanish School is a fantastic teacher. You will be studying the Warren Hardy Method and Curriculum. The Warren Hardy Method uses a "cross-training" modality that recognizes the importance of left and right-brain learning to develop both reading/writing and speaking/understanding skills simultaneously. The class is intensive and so is the homework, but we speak from experience when we say - DO IT - you'll be so glad you did!
Hospital children's area gets a makeover thanks to San Pancho artists!
Thanks to local artists the children's room at San Pancho's hospital now has art.

Helah Blumhagen is a wonderful local artist who is deeply committed to the community.  She often teaches art at EntreAmigos and has helped out with countless community projects.  So she was the obvious choice for Michel Griffin and the hospital to decorate the children's room. Helah invited a few other artists, Indira, her daughter Nicte, Ceci and Frieda, to help out. Working together, using images from children's books, they created artwork for the delight of the children visiting the hospital.  Although the artists said that working in large scale atop ladders was challenging, the resulting work brings sweetness and cheer to the environment.

We thank these artists for taking the time to make the children's room a happier place for San Pancho's kids!

Dancing Horses - A part of San Pancho Culture
Banda & Dancing Horses is so San Pancho!

This is an old video I came across when cleaning out my emails this week.  It is from San Pancho Days back in 2010.  

Are you thinking of a fall getaway to Mexico? Yes, it is still hot and possibly rainy in Sept and Oct, but the town has its big event, San Pancho Days, where the town honors it's patron saint.  There are nine days of festivities which begin on September 26.  The actual day of the patron saint, St. Francis of Assisi, for which San Pancho is named, is October 4.  

Consider coming down and experiencing it!
Casita Escondida

Casita Escondida

Are you looking for a private and quiet little getaway in San Pancho that's not going to break the bank?  This might be the perfect place for you.  Casita Escondida is in a great location with easy access to town and the beach, just next to Hotel Casa San Pancho.  Everything you need is here - a cool, shady patio with a hammock for a restful afternoon break from the hot sun, with a well-equipped kitchen and even an outdoor BBQ.  Casita Escondida is a great, budget-friendly choice for your next trip to San Pancho! 

San Pancho Sustentable

Sustainable San Pancho

We are a step closer to building a sustainable and harmonious San Pancho with our neighbors, children, visitors, and with our environment.

Last Thursday at Plaza del Sol a team from IBERO University and the girls from Armónico - an initiative that focuses on sustainability planning - led a "World Café" gathering that invited the community to think about how we imagine a sustainable San Pancho and what we can do to contribute.  

Supporting the idea of cultural diversity as part of our reality, it was a lovely moment to be able to gather and share ideas for a common wellness, a sustainable San Pancho. Thank you to all the people that participated!! We are going to share with you the results, those ideas and contributions that sprouted in this meeting.

This is the beginning of a free, inclusive and positive project for EVERYONE'S well-being. We invite you to share your ideas, live your values, organize your neighbors and take action for a Sustainable San Pancho.


Mexico's Velas Vallarta Shares Its Margarita Mousse Recipe

For a light and airy dessert to bring to a summer soirée, Mexico's Velas Vallarta shares its Margarita Mousse recipe that is sure to impress. Though not everyone can make it to our southern neighbor this summer, enjoying the mousse is sure to transport one mentally to a vacation state.

Crust Ingredients
2 ¼ C Chocolate Chip Cookie Crumbs 
7 T Butter
6 T Wheat Flour
½ C Granulated Sugar
1 Egg

Mousse Ingredients
¾ C Lime Juice
3 T Orange Juice
1 can Condensed Milk
1 can Evaporated Milk, chilled
1 ½ T Gelatin Powder
3 oz Don Julio White tequila
2 oz Orange Liqueur

Classic Meringue Ingredients
½ C Granulated Sugar
½ C Egg Whites
2 oz Lemon Juice
1 T Lemon Zest


For the Mousse: Combine the evaporated milk (chilled) and condensed milk in a blender and blend at full speed until you get a foam consistency. In a separate bowl, hydrate the gelatin in ¾ C of cold water. Add the remaining citrus juices and liquors into the bowl and then add to blender. Put the mix in a mold and let it refrigerate for two hours.
For the cookie crust, mix all the ingredients at the same time and bake the dough at 320 F for 15 minutes.

For the meringue, whisk the egg whites and sugar at high speed. When you can make peaks, add the zest and lemon juice, and stir for three more minutes.

Let the cookie crust cool completely before adding the margarita mousse mixture on top. Cover the mousse with the lime meringue and torch for a smokey flavor. 

Source:  PV DailyNews
Birding San Pancho

Watch for these signs

Birding San Pancho has designed informative signs for the trails birding in San Pancho, in collaboration with other NGOs, businesses, government agencies and individuals. These signs have helped create greater local awareness of the importance of preserving the rich diversity of birds in the area, increasing standards of infrastructure for ecotourism, and promote birdwatching as a community - based, for sustainable conservation of birds and their habitats resource. we are currently in the process of renewing these signs and maintain the areas in which they are.

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Photo Credit - Drew Hunt  

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PS.  Our Beachcam is down due to the storm and a Macaw chewing on the wires... Please bear with us, we're working on it. 

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