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July 23rd, 2016

We are so proud to announce that the new and improved sanpancholife.com website is finally here!!!

Over the past few months we have been working hard behind the scenes to create a whole new look for sanpancholife.com, and at long last we are ready to unveil our new website to you!  We hope you will find it both beautiful and easy to navigate.  

When we first became involved with the site it was in need of a serious facelift. There were many serious issues, especially for those who visit the site using their mobile devices. We have addressed most of those problems and will continue in our nonstop quest to make sanpancholife.com your ultimate source for all things San Pancho.  

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of those who helped us to realize this goal, all of our sponsors and clients who believed in us in those early days when there was nothing to show but a tired old site limping along on it's last legs. 

We especially want to thank our web designer Robert Germain who has worked tirelessly to make this dream into a reality.  He has been our guardian angel and we would never have been able to do this without his skills, patience and wisdom. Robert is a longtime San Pancho resident and he was happy to help us because we all share a deep love for San Pancho.  We are very happy about being able to use a qualified web designer from San Pancho because it meant that the money we were spending on the site stayed right in the community. 

***If you are a homeowner or an advertiser with San Pancho Life, please take a close look at your page to be sure it is up to date.  We ask that you please replace old or lower quality photos. You can still log in to your page as you always have to change text and upload photos and of course, we will be glad to help you with making any changes.  

We welcome any comments or remarks you may have to help us to make the site even better moving forward. 

We also encourage any vacation-rental, business or real-estate owners to join us on this adventure by placing an ad with sanpancholife.com.  Activity and interest in San Pancho Life, not to mention the village of San Pancho, are increasing monthly, and we expect this to continue into the foreseeable future. A portion of your ad cost gives back to our community and its local organizations. Those interested please contact us at:

We Need Music!

North Shore Music

* La Balena Blanca - Sundays 20:00     Ajim & Alessandra

* Britannia Pub, La Cruz - Tuesdays 19:30 Open Stage with TheTur

* Don Pato, Sayulita - Tuesdays 22:00 The Number 7 / Thursdays 21:30 Cantus Eterna /Sundays 21:30 Cantus Eterna

* Casa del Pintor, Punta de Mita - Mondays 19:00    Zoe Wood

* El Chivero, Bucerias - Saturdays 15:00    The Gecko Band

* The Drunken Duck, Bucerias - Monday closed / Tuesdays 21:00 Pacific Rock Company / Wednesdays 21:00 Que Tal Band / Thursdays 21:00 The Good Stuff / Friday 21:00 Pacific Rock / Saturdays 17:00 Gecko Band  21:00 The Good Stuff / 
Sundays 21:00  Que Tal Band

* Esquina 22, Bucerias - Wednesdays 19:00   CÚsar Medina

* Geko Rojo, La Cruz - Mondays 17:00  Darts / Fridays 5pm  Darts

* Jax Bar & Grill, Bucerias - Wednesdays 20:00  Moonlite /
Fridays & Saturdays 21:00  Los Carajos

* Octopus's Garden (El Jardin del Pulpo), La Cruz - Thursdays 20:00  The New Coyotes / Fridays 20:00  The Good Stuff / Saturdays 20:00  Acoustic Jam

* Oso's, La Cruz - Wednesdays 19:00  Pico Pardo & Gilberto Luna / 
Saturdays 19:00  Pico Pardo & Gilberto Luna

* Las Palapas, La Cruz - Sundays 17:00  The New Coyotes / 
Saturdays & Sundays 11.00 - 13:00  Zoe Wood

* Peppers Restaurant, Distilideras Beach - Sundays and Tuesdays 19:30  Zoe Wood

* Su Casa, Sayulita - Thursdays 22:00  Pacific Rock Company

To check for recent additions, future dates, changes, cancellations and to submit additions or corrections, visit Banderas Bay Live Music on Facebook.

El Gallo in San Pancho -  SONIDO SATANAS.

23 Julio, 9:00 pm

This is a little of what's going on in the area....But you should also go to Darjeeling, they offer lots of live music and the iced tea is out of this world!

Way to go San Pancho Limpio!!!

On Saturday July 9th a team of volunteers in coordination with San Pancho Limpio, worked to clean up San Pancho's little river.  The Volunteers toiled in the heat and the muck in an act to help care for the environment and health of San Pancho.  They came across many areas where garbage has been allowed to accumulate. The message that San Pancho Limpio wanted to stress is that it is up to us all to be sure that the river stays clean for the health of our community and the beauty of our environment. Garbage that collects along the stream eventually washes down and ends up on the beach and in the ocean. 

We have an excellent garbage service in San Pancho that collects three times a week, as well as a super recycling program; there is no reason at all for anyone to leave garbage along the banks of the stream, not to mention the fact that it is a federal crime.

San Pancho Limpio is an important organization that works to keep our town clean, and we applaud the efforts of all who came out to support this endeavor. Bravo!

Thanks, San Pancho Limpio and thanks to the hardworking volunteers who make San Pancho such a great place to live and vacation!!

Punta Monterrey Beach Resort Hotel
San Pancho Life proudly welcomes Punta Monterrey Beach Resort

Punta Monterrey Beach Resort is just a few minutes north of San Pancho. This place will make you swoon with its scenic beauty. It will revive your spirit with its privacy and tranquility, and if Yoga is your thing then you will have found your own, private nirvana!  Punta Monterrey offers the utmost in privacy and pristine, natural beauty - the location and facilities are especially suited for those looking for a romantic getaway, to celebrate a special event, such as a wedding or family reunion, or to host a retreat.

Want to know where you stand?  You need a Toe Reading with Angela at Sayulita Clarity Alternative Therapies!

Angela Wieland is a Certified Clinical and Transformational Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Master Toe Reader. She received her training from the nationally accredited and top ranking Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She also graduated with honors from Portland State University with a BS in Business Administration, though due to her fascination with the sub-conscious mind, she also took and excelled in every psychology class available.
Angela believes in the power of the treatments she uses, having benefitted from them firsthand, after years of finding herself repeating unproductive patterns, which were helped very little by traditional therapy. Being all too familiar with mental and emotional pain, but finally realizing it is not only possible but essential to move beyond blocks from the past, she felt compelled to learn these techniques to help others transform their own limiting beliefs and unfulfilled potential to realize their greatest good. It is possible to release the past's hold on the present, and the time is now.

We had never heard of toe reading until we met Angela so we were intrigued for sure.  According to Angela, Toe Reading is based on the principle that the body physically records the story of our life in the toes, registering the internalization of past events, upbringing, thought patterns, emotional tendencies, beliefs, perceptions, and spiritual leanings. The toes change as we do, and offer an up to the minute snapshot of who and how we are, an accurate reflection of our current stance on things, figuratively and literally. 

If you would like to experience toe reading for yourself or are interested in hypnotherapy, life coaching, or destiny cards, Contact Angela today.

This is the story of the result of a few of San Pancho's residents reaching out to a few friends and making something wonderful happen.  This is why we love San Pancho!  

(you might want to grab a tissue before reading this......)

At the end of May, Eileen and I witnessed Joaquina struggling on the cobblestones as she walked up an incline on her way home in the afternoon heat. We got this hair-brained idea that maybe someone ought to find a way to help this woman.  Maybe a golf cart would help?  Truthfully, we  didn't even really know Joaquina.   All we knew is that she was the mail lady, had a sarcastic sense of humor that was often interpreted as grouchiness, and that she was clearly struggling more and more with mobility as the years passed.

After  asking around town if others thought Joaquina could even drive a golf cart, all of a sudden people just started showing up to help.  First Linda got in touch and said "I'd like to help. I know this great guy(Guillermo) who buys and fixes up golf carts."  After a short conversation with Guillermo we had a price and from there the magic just happened.  Knowing we were both leaving in a month we had to move fast.  One email was sent and within 48 hours we had 50% of what we needed pledged.  Within 72 hours we had all the money pledged.   And then we started getting even more.  San Pancho Life published the project and people who don't even live in San Pancho, and never laid eyes on Joaquina, started donating.  By then Eileen, Guillermo and I had visited Joaquina and found her bandaging some cuts on her leg, incurred the night before when she went outside to use her bathroom. Outside?  Seriously?  We went and looked and she had a few loose cinder blocks as stairs that led from her back door to the facilities.  She says it's tricky and she falls down them every now and then. Guillermo looked at us and said "how much money do we have left over?".  He said he could build a bathroom inside and all he would charge was cost of materials, and we had enough!  Joaquina almost cried when she heard this.  So Guillermo got to work fixing up Joaquina's cart - even painting it her favorite bright orange.  15 days later we turned it over to Joaquina.  With the cart came a message from another angel... Joaquina's gas would be covered indefinitely!  Oh, by the way, a few more donations came in and now we had enough for the golf cart, indoor bathroom, and a little left over.   The remaining funds went to art supplies, a fan, and a lock and chain to secure the golf cart. 

Joaquina is now the belle of the ball in San Pancho!   She has been seen all over town, including at her recent art showing, where she sold 8 of her 15 paintings within the first five minutes.   She also attended and participated in a town meeting to discuss sustainability and has been out and about delivering mail with a big old smile and a handshake. She even went on an outing to Vallarta with me, where we used the remaining donations to buy enough paint and art supplies to get her through the summer, and a fan to cool down her house a little this summer (I have to say I was really dreading the trip to PV because Joaquina is deaf and reads lips and I didn't really know her very well).  My Spanish is so bad that I can't imagine how hard it is to read my lips as I stumble through stilted conversations.  Instead, we had a real blast including some belly laughs and even a few hugs. Unbelievable!  As people always do, we somehow found a way to communicate.  We had lots of laughs and some very real conversations about her struggles and how full of gratitude she is about the donations received for her golf cart.   My only hope is that this little project inspires a few people enough to start their own projects.  Margaret Mead said it best.... "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has..... " 

The moral is that when you help a person it doesn't change the world, but you change the world for that one person.  Truthfully, though, I think I got more out of this than Joaquina.  I now have a new friend, and her name is Joaquina!

Thanks, Barbara, for sharing this beautiful and touching story!  And thanks to all the people who donated their time and money to make this into a beautiful reality!!!


Summer Fun for Everyone!

The first week of summer workshops were all a great success!

There were 20 workshops conducted, and two groups that learned about playing alone this week.

The first week of Summer Camp was a complete SUCCESS!

We've had 20 classes and 2 preschool groups just this week!

We're so happy to have such a fun summer!
Thank you from Entreamigos!!!


Teamwork Works!

Once again Worldventures paid us a visit and contributed with volunteering work. They came with school supplies and 47 people who worked 118 hours total!! They helped us rebuild the Recicla Parque. It was very nice to meet people who have come before and were seduced by the magic of our town. Others came for the first time and left enchanted by the people and the work at Entreamigos. Thank you!!


Adventures with Mexitreks

 The Hiking tour of Alta Vista

Mexitreks offers a wide variety of hiking and walking adventures at different levels of intensity.  Here is some information about one of their amazing adventures.  

We love this area for the beautiful beaches but the jungle is so amazing as well, and if you only experience the beach you are missing half of the story.  We highly recommend a trip such as this one to learn more about treasures to be discovered on the Nayarit Coast!  

Trip Description:  More than two thousand years ago an Aztecan tribe, the Tecoxquines (Throat Cutters), chipped images into the volcanic rock along the river Las Piletas. The petroglyphs are believed to be symbolic of the concerns and the yearnings of the people, for health and fertility, the return of the rains, and successful crops. The rock carvings might have been meant as prayers or offerings to the gods responsible for these things.

We hike along the Piletas river under an immense canopy of tropical forest with hanging bromeliads and other tropical flowers. Butterflies will dance around your head as you observe the ancient petroglyphs. Your naturalist guide will teach you about the local flora and fauna as well as the indigenous & cultural history of the area. As you come to the end of the trail you will be amazed by the beauty and peacefulness of the sacred pools and array of petroglyphs surrounding you. Here you can take this time to contemplate, watch the butterflies or just wander around.

Duration: 4-5 hours

Includes: Naturalist guide, Binoculars, Field Guide booklet

Trail Difficulty: Easy

Featured Video

La Toscana
La Toscana

We are really missing Quentin!  His work is brilliant and fun.  
 Here is a very cool behind-the-scenes look at a very hot kitchen - 
La Toscana, on the main street in San Pancho!

Photos of the week
Thanks, Doug Millen!

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