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May 15th 2016

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Earl Miller Knows San Pancho

Street Wise by Earl Miller

Earl has been hard at work keeping us informed about some of the people you might meet out there on the streets of San Pancho. Here's the scoop.

Rena Jorgenson
Where are you from?
Lopez Island, Washington, USA

How did you find San Pancho?
We were visiting in Puerto Vallarta about 10 years ago and decided to take a drive north to see the beaches and small towns. When we found San Pancho I fell in love with it and knew I'd found paradise.

What do you do?
I'm retired but was a sales rep of furniture, linens and home decor.  I sold in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and British Columbia for 35 years and loved my job.

What is the best thing for you about San Pancho?
San Pancho has so many positives, the beach, the town, the beauty, the restaurants, and the quiet simplicity, but the best for me is the friendliness of all the people.  Each time we come back I feel like I've returned home to a loving family.

Rodger and Christine Gillmore

Where are you from?
The Folsom Sacramento area in California. 
How did you find San Pancho?
Ran out of gas in 1988 on our honeymoon driving back to Puerto Vallarta from north of San Pancho. We found a boy walking a horse with his family. We told them we had run out of gas. They brought us to a store owned by Chalupa and they told them we needed some gas. They told us they had 4 gallons of gas but couldn't sell us any because it was for the fishermen of town. We explained to the boy by pretty much sign language because of not knowing any Spanish that we really needed his help and we needed gas. There was no gas in town, but I made a deal with the boy that I would buy him a six pack of beer and give him a ride in the back standing up in the open back V.W. He left and and went back to the store and came back with a smile and a Coke bottle full with gas. 

What do you do? Retired

What is the best thing for you about San Pancho?
Not having to drive our car for any reason. The people of San Pancho are amazing and the Fresh air and love the sense of community and family.

Lee Roy Vazquez
Where are you from? 
I Came here from Tijuana Mexico seventeen months ago
How did you find San Pancho? Family members.. My Aunt has been here teaching school here for the last 30 years.

What do you do? My brothers started Baja Takeria and our mom and dad joined in and they asked me to manage.

What is the best thing for you about San Pancho? The best thing about San Pancho is the people. There are so many diverse cultures all coming together to build the best community anyone could imagine plus the beach, jungle and beautiful sunsets.

PS.  If you want to read a little more about Earl, here is a link to a recent article written about him in the Vallejo Times-Herald.

Thanks Earl!  We all love you!!!
Featured Video Mezcalero de San Pancho with Lee Roy Vazquez

Mezcalero de San Pancho - by Leroy
Mezcalero de San Pancho - by
Lee Roy Vazquez

A new Baja Taqueria original drink demonstrated by
Lee Roy Vazquez

Entreamigos Book & Activities Marathon
What's Happening

Come and participate in our Book and Activities Marathon.
Win points for each activity or book you read. On June 3rd you can win lots of prizes!!


Children's Soccer Tournament
What's Happening

Children's Soccer Tournament at Entreamigos

Inscriptions are now open for this boys and girls tournament, starting on May 16th.
Don't get left out and participate to be one of the three winners celebrated on June 1st.  
This activity is TOTALLY FREE


For Your Summer Reading Pleasure - Candice's Blog
For those of you who have temporarily left San Pancho and are missing all the sweetness, we have the cure for you, Candice's Blog!

If you haven't been following it you are in for a treat! She is a wonderful writer!  Her blog is a little treasure of beautifully-composed thoughts accompanied by excellent photography.  We love to escape into "Candice Land" especially when we are far away from San Pancho.  Enjoy!


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Featured Vacation Rental - Hacienda Del Mar
Hacienda del Mar

Our featured vacation rental is a truly luxurious vacation retreat, located just across the street from the beach surrounded by walled,tropical garden. Hacienda del Mar offers Privacy and tranquility with easy access to beach and town. Every stunning detail of this home is perfection.  Let's take a tour.

Hacienda del Mar
Hacienda del Mar

Adult classes at Circo de Los Niños

Class of "Training focused on Balance with Handstands"_improve your strength, flexibility and control through balance exercises. All levels welcome! THURSDAYS 10:30AM con la Maestra Miriam ($70 pesos PER class)

Other adult classes (all levels invited!!!)

 - Air with teacher Ita B Ro (Monday and Wednesday 9 AM)

 - ballet for adults with the teacher 
Megan Pepin (Wednesday and Friday 9 AM)

 - Hindu Bharatanatyam Dance with the teacher 
Adriana Campos (Tuesday, 10:30 am)


Luzia opens in Canada

A new show created by the Canadian entertainment company Cirque du Soleil and inspired by Mexico opened this week to positive reviews in Montreal.

The show's name Luzia, is a fusion of the words luz and lluvia, or light and rain, elements on which Luzia is based. 

The potential of Luzia to inspire audiences about Mexico is evidently big enough for the Mexican government to put up US $47.7 million in sponsorship money, an investment that will help support the show's presentation in 450 cities around the world over the next seven years.

Tourism Secretary Enrique de la Madrid, who was in Montreal this week, said it was going to be one of the most alluring shows, "based on our culture and music, but with the stamp of Cirque du Soleil."

That stamp means things like avoiding cliches: there is no mariachi music in the soundtrack, for example, but instead "an international sound with a Mexican vibe," in the words of composer Simon Carpentier.

On its website, Cirque du Soleil describes the show as a waking dream "that transports you to an imaginary Mexico. Experience a wondrous world that inspires you to explore your senses, enveloped in light and nurtured by rain."

For reviewer Rebecca Galloway, writing in the Montreal Gazette, "Luzia was an absolute pleasure to watch - not just for the high-octane tricks but as a spectacular and cohesive theatrical experience that was successful on every level."

Luzia runs until July 17 at the Old Port of Montreal before moving to Toronto's Port Lands from July 28 until October 2.

Source: El Financiero (sp), The Globe and Mail (en), El Sol de México (sp), Montreal Gazette (en)
F.L. Feibel y Asociados

We proudly welcome F.L. Feibel y Asociados as our newest sponsor.

 . F.L. Feibel y Asociados is a highly trusted and respected name in San Pancho Real Estate.  We are very greatful for the opportunity to feature them on our site!  

Check out their new page on SPL.

Dentistry at Entreamigos?  Yes!
Dentist girls helping San Pancho
by Earl Miller

San Pancho is Just one of those places where magic happens. We have so many programs that benefit the local residents and one of them is happening this month. The 11 girls and their supervisors are here to offer dental cleaning and exams for all people of the village. They are visiting all the schools doing oral health promoting and featuring a clinic at Entreamigos.
The average age of the dental assistants is about 25 and they pay their own way. They come from Camosun college - Native word ...where two waters meet. They bring all equipment and supplies with donations from dental companies and personal donors from Canada. They have been coming to San Pancho since 2007.  They see about 100 patients and 400 students in our schools. Although they are only here one month they believe the education provided is not only the most important part of the month, but as to maintain the oral health of the students
They would like to thank all the places they have stayed at and the restaurants that give the students discounts; Entreamigos for the space and all their help; Glades for all her help and kindness in making everything run smoothly; Ada Barker & Tika Brown, who are the two dental hygiene faculty members from the college; and Shelley Mellissa, who is the dental-assisting faculty.

We had the pleasure of having the girls stay at Roberto's Bungalows for one week and they are an awesome group of caring young ladies.

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Why should you book your next vacation rental with us?  It's simple.
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Photos of the Week - How well do you know our village?  
This is a test!
Jeanette wanted to test you all on how well you know the village of San Pancho.  Here are some of her beautiful photos posted as Photos of the Week. Some are easy, others are obscure. Can you name the location of all of them?  

Winners to be announced in the next edition. Submit your answers to us at

Thanks Jeanette Pauline Bruyere for these beautiful views of San Pancho!

Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make San Pancho a better place in which to live and vacation!




Drew & Sheri Hunt,

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