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May 1st 2016
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Cinco de Mayo?

For some reason, Nowadays, I always manage to be in San Pancho for Cinco de Mayo. I have to say, my first Cinco de Mayo in San Pancho was a bit of a disappointment, when I learned that Cinco de Mayo is somewhat of a non-event here.  

Cinco de Mayo was the commemoration of the Battle of Puebla; that took place on May 5, 1862, near the city of Puebla during the French intervention in Mexico.  It is not the Mexican Independence day as many of us Norte Americanos had mistakenly come to believe. 

But now I look at Cinco de Mayo from another perspective. Cinco de Mayo is a day where people from around the world turn their gaze to celebrate Mexico for it's spirited and generous people, the richness of culture, history, food, art, music, dance, and yes, of course, the tequila.  

If you are lucky enough to be in Mexico every day is that celebration!  

So here's to you, beautiful Mexico!  
The whole world celebrates you!!!  

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Feria Del Agave from Pedro Jimenez Gurria
This beautiful look at agave production just makes us happy!  


Torito - You gotta try it!
Torito, Mexotik

 If you haven't tried peanut Torito at Mexotik, you are missing a real treat.  The Mexican Bailey's -  This creamy, peanutty, mezcalicious concoction is the perfect ending to an already incredible meal.  You will be addicted after your first taste.  Too bad they are closed on Sunday, or we would be there for some of this yummy deliciousness!  
 We Love the Mujeres por Amor a San Pancho!
Mujeres Por Amor a San Pancho
"Descubriendo Talentos" Fundraiser Event...
A wonderful evening!

We served ten different kinds of canapés and eight kinds of wine.

Most of the kids that cooked for the event are studying to be chefs and they had a great chance to improve their skills and show off their talents to everyone.  They did a wonderful job!

The event started at 5.45pm and ended at 9.45 (when all the food and wine were gone) we had many guests attending and they were all happy and love these kind of fundraisers that includes the business women of San Pancho and the talented of the kids.

We had live music as well.

As part of Mujeres Por Amor a San PanchoI'm very glad that we now have a little extra to continue with our projects; in fact, we have started today with our project to repaint the planters on Tercer Mundo.  Our goal is to have them finished in less than a week.

On behalf of Mujeres Por Amor I would like to say Thank you, to all who attended the event and all who contributed.  You made a big difference!

We are open to hearing ideas for new projects and solutions to have a better San Pancho.

Thanks again

For a healthier ocean - Skip the Straw!
The campaign "Adiós al popote" from Océanos Libres de Plástico alongside Entreamigos and Birding San Pancho was a success. About 37 people came on board and supported this awareness campaign. The profit of this event is destinated for an environmental educational campaign that will be held through the Riviera Nayarit with infographic signs at beaches, restaurants and schools. We want to thank everyone that participated, people and businesses. 

Inn At San Pancho
Inn At San Pancho 
"A little oasis of comforts in a storybook Mexican town."

Inn at San Pancho is a lovely retreat that sits on a hill, overlooking the village with a view of the ocean. The Inn has four beautifully decorated casitas with king sized beds and open floor plans with kitchenettes so you will be right at home. 

The crystal clear pool is maintained by using salts rather than harsh chemicals. Other amenities include fresh flowers, terry robes, daily housekeeping service, internet access, AC (except Chica), hairdryers, safes and ample parking.

The Inn at San Pancho, hosts family reunions, retreats and wedding parties. It may be rented in its entirety, and sleeps up to 12 people in four individual casitas, for a total of 5 bedrooms, one full kitchen, two kitchenettes, and four bathrooms. Group rates are $635/night.

Inn at San Pancho is open through August. Nightly rates from June 1- August 30 are:

Casita Nopal $140 
Casita Agave $140
Villa Victoria $165
All three are air conditioned. 

 Sea Turtle update

On April 10th, we started hearing disturbing reports about the death of more than 80 turtles in the area. At that time samples were taken, but no results were back yet. Now preliminary results are starting to come back, and, at this point, it looks like the turtles died from ingesting large quantities of salps. Which have neurotoxins that paralyzed to the turtles and caused them to drown.

Sea Salps are small gelatinous creatures that feed on phytoplankton. Salp populations appear to be increasing. When phytoplankton is abundant, rapid reproduction leads to fairly short-lived blooms of salps, which eventually filter out most of the phytoplankton. The bloom ends when enough food is no longer available to sustain the salp populations.

There are still many more questions than answers at this time. Is this because of El Niño? Did pollution caused algae blooms contribute to an increase in the local salp population? Climate change? All of these things could be contributing factors. 

We will be watching this story closely.

Leaving San Pancho by Patrick Clark

By Patrick Clark

How do you leave San Pancho?  Each year us seasonal residents who come from 2 months to six months must face the day when we leave San Pancho behind and return to our other homes. For the most part we live in other places because we like to be there as well. We have family and friends, activities and interests which we enjoy. We have other lives. And so we have mixed feelings as we prepare to depart already looking forward to our return. We will miss the simple freedom to just be and to be with others who experience this same luxury. We will miss the easy conversations with others who are not rushing to be somewhere else. Although we may live in equally beautiful surroundings for many of us there is a different pace to our lives. It is familiar and may be welcomed but there is an easy convenience to ordinary things in this special Mexican pueblo. I will miss the opportunity to walk out our door and in no time at all see familiar faces. I will miss the daily exchanges of "Hola", "Buenas Dias", "Como esta" the short chats or unexpected extended conversations, the news of upcoming events, and the surprising happenings, often musical, which spring spontaneously from the background. I am always amazed at the artistic and musical talent which is so evident here. There is a freedom of such expression that is quietly exhilarating. 

Mostly we will miss the "old friends" we now have and the new friends we have made. But we will also miss the familiar faces of the many Mexican people we routinely see in the tiendas, ristorantes, and along the Tercer Mundo, the mothers(sometimes the fathers or grandfathers or grandmothers, or uncles or aunts) walking always well dressed young children to school(later they will hand lunches through the fence to their ninos) and families out for a stroll after the day is done. In addition to our many Anglo friends, Jeanette, Lorman, Wayne and Grace, Jan and Earle, Earl and Jane, Alice and Mark, Tania, Dave Fisher and Johanne, and Dinah, to name but a few, we will think of Livvy and Marina(Indios), Annalina(La Carniceria), Maria, Evvy, Edith and Ceda(Maria's), Jerry and Leroy and Dianna and Jaydee(Bahia Taqueria), and Gino(musician/realitor and San Pancho presence), Nina(singer extraordinaire) and Umberto(amazing musician who will always play "Malaguena Salerosa" on request) and others whose names we do not know but whose faces we do. We will miss the Cienfuegos family.  Our morning visits to Cafe Manana(Linc and Jill), where we meet and chat with friends invariably making new ones, will not be replaced until next season. Sunset gatherings will have to wait for another year as will the wonderful Fiesta de Musica and the magic of sound from many astounding musicians and singers and the work of Chas Eller.

There is a great comfort which comes from recognizing and being recognized and included as San Pancho people, ever mindful of our status as guests. It is a feeling of being at home and it is this feeling that is left behind but also taken away. Another season has come and gone and the feeling that we have again been fortunate to have shared in this happy place and been welcomed allows us to leave in anticipation of our return. 

Nosotros encantamos San Pancho. Nosotros vamos a volver a San Pancho. Adios por ahora. Hasta luego. 

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Welcome San Pancho Transportation!
Welcome San Pancho Transportation Services

San Pancho Transportation Services provides luxury round trip transportation service between the Puerto Vallarta airport and San Pancho.

The San Pancho Transportation Services Company also provides luxury transport to all of the must-see day-trip destinations in the region such as 
  • Punta de Mita
  • Sayulita
  • Guayabitos 
  • Chacala
  • San Blas
on the coast in the Riviera Nayarit, and
  • San Sebastian del Oeste
  • Santa Maria del Oro

San Pancho Lost a Friend this Year

You may remember our friend Jerry Lockett and his lovely wife Sandy of 52 years.  If you saw him last season with a table of friends at Maria's on Thursday nights you would surely know he was there.  He had a larger than life personality with a big booming voice and a great smile.
Having been raised in the Midwest Jerry didn't think he would ever see the ocean.  But he accomplished that dream by living part time here in San Pancho on the beach.  He named his home Villa El Tigre for his beloved Tigers of the University of Missouri where he played football in both an Orange Bowl and a Bluebonnet Bowl.  He earned his undergraduate degree there in chemical engineering and continued in grad school to earn an MBA.  He and Sandy ended up living just outside of Huston, Texas for the past 25 years.
But most of all Jerry was about family and friends.  He and Sandy had 5 children and 10 beautiful grandkids.  Friendship came easily to Jerry.  He greeted everyone with a smile, a hearty handshake and left them with a feeling of importance.  If you were fortunate enough to meet him you were truly blessed.  He was taken from us suddenly - San Pancho friends will miss our big and kind and loving Jerry Lockett.
Jerry & Sandy

Photo by Doug Millen

Restaurant Week In PV
Participating Restaurants Ready for Restaurant Week.

Dia de Los Niños 

Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make San Pancho a better place in which to live and vacation.




Drew & Sheri Hunt,


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