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Apr. 15, 2016

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Casita Magica's Disappearing Act
La Casita Magica was a gift given to San Pancho through the love and hard work of Candice Fulton and Craig Downs. For two very successful years, the town got to enjoy this fun little gallery, filled with treasures made by local artists.

This week we had the bittersweet, last celebration before the closing of Casita Magica - the final Sidewalk Series event.  San Pancho Groovy Band was the last of the long line of wonderful musicians that came to play on the open patio at the corner of Tercer Mundo and Calle Cuba.  Everyone gathered to enjoy that last sweet moment.

Casita Magica will be missed!!

...or will it???

We spoke to Candice and Craig, and they are, once again, formulating big plans for a new vision of Casita Magica - Casita Magica will be everywhere! Appearing magically (of course) at special times and places to create artfully inspired events for everyone to enjoy. We are looking forward to this new incarnation of Casita Magica! The magic lives on!

Featured Artist - Craig Downs 

Craig Downs is a dedicated, prolific and incredibly talented artist with a happy-go-lucky personality and a delightfully wicked sense of humor. His character is immediately evident in his work which is lighthearted, boldly colorful, and cartoon-like, with beautiful composition and iconic symbolism, that gives the work an interesting edge.  Craig has made San Pancho a more colorful place. We wholeheartedly applaud him!

Craig touched down in San Pancho in November of 2013. He came to San Pancho on the recommendation of a friend, not knowing a soul in the town, and having never been to Mexico.  He came with the idea of doing a Kickstarter-funded project to write a book about the changes that Mexico would have on his art.

One of the first people he met in San Pancho was Candice. He told her about his paint-by-numbers idea - a community painting project, where Craig creates an outline of the work and people of all ages and abilities work together to fill in the art with colors. Candice was thrilled with the idea and immediately they started looking for a wall. They settled on the soccer building because they knew that the changing rooms, on the soccer field, would be around for a long time. Within three weeks of Craig's walking into town, San Pancho had a beautiful new piece of public art that the whole community came together to help create.

Shortly after that he published his book "Found in San Pancho" and he and Candice held a joint exhibition of his paintings and her photography at the Gallery Azul.  

They continued in their artistic partnership by opening the Casita Magica Gallery where he painted the St. Francis painting in the Sculpture garden...tucked away in plain sight, this beautiful work brings joy to everyone as they pass by on their way to the beach.

Craig's next big mural project was commissioned by Gilles Ste-Croix, to be painted on the wall outside of a house on Saigon St. Gilles had purchased the house to be a place for the professional circus trainers who come to help with the production of Circo de Los Niños each year.  Gilles wanted the painting to speak of the town and the circus.  This is the resulting work.  It stands to welcome all who enter the Circo House on Saigon St.    

 As Craig was painting this all of the neighbors joined in the spirit and painted their own houses with bright fresh colors so the whole neighborhood came to life.

Next came a donation for the Bodega Circo painted on the trunk of a large tree by the entrance.  Craig said that he had never painted a tree before and he hopes to NEVER paint one again.  The challenge of working on the wild uneven surface with its cracks and crevices made for a difficult job, but the end result was a fantastic and whimsical showpiece that contributes to the happy atmosphere of the Circo Bodega.

Craig's latest gift to the town is one of the paintings on the new mural wall by the beach entrance, across from the plaza.  He wanted to be a part of the project because of his love for San Pancho, but he was a little burned-out after his tree experience.  Craig said when he started the painting on the wall after the tree, he felt like had died and gone to heaven. He had forgotten what it was like to paint on a smooth white surface, and the joy of painting returned.

Next up for Craig is to return to the US in mid-May to work on a project in St. Louis.  After that, he and Candice will be working on their latest endeavor  - Wall Together Now - group murals for communities and corporations much like the one on the soccer field.  Go to their site and check it out! walltogethernow.com

Thanks Craig!!!
Skip the Straw 


Every year, large amounts of litter enter the sea. As plastics are particularly durable, the mass of plastic debris in the world's oceans is steadily increasing - often with fatal consequences for countless sea creatures.

There's a new organization in town called Oceanos Libres de Plastico/Plastic Free Oceans.  This week they held a 3K swim to kick off their campaign to educate people about the dangers of plastic pollution in the ocean. The first part of the campaign is called Adios al Popote/Skip the Straw, where they are asking people to choose not to have a straw when they order drinks. 

For more information contact:  

Featured Video

Marietas Islands
Marietas Islands


Santa Madre Adventures

Featured Vacation Rentals
Arbol, Ananda & Arriba

 Árbol Vacation Rentals
 Ananda's Bungalows and
"Arriba" Y "Bajo" Vacation Rentals

All three get a AAA+ rating in our book for quality and affordability!

Ananda's Bungalows is a cute two bedroom house plus three bungalows in back with a shared courtyard and pool. You can rent the whole property for a group of 10 or just rent a bungalow for an affordable getaway.

Either way, Ananda's is an excellent choice.

Arbol is a newly constructed vacation rental property with lots of options. 
You can choose the penthouse suite - a very charming one bedroom apartment on the 3rd floor with a sweet outdoor living space,  a full kitchen and living room. ..Or maybe you would prefer the executive suite, a second floor, two bedroom apartment with a lovely deck that overlooks the soccer field ... or perhaps you would like one of three nicely appointed ground floor apartments... With so many choices for accommodation size and price range, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your stay in San Pancho.

Arriba Y Bajo is our newest listing on San Pancho Life.  They are two small apartments, one up and one downstairs, with queen sized beds and well 
stocked kitchens. They are cute, cozy and very affordable. 

"Arriba" Y "Bajo" Vacation Rentals Video

All of these vacation rental properties are excellent choices if you are looking for a nice place that is clean and comfortable, but also budget-friendly. 
You couldn't ask for better hosts than Geno & Elvia who own and manage these properties! This is an excellent collection of possibilities for your temporary home in San Pancho.

Here is the contact info for Geno & Elvia if you would like more information:

Maria "Elvia" Garcia Palomera - CEO
& Geno Lamphiear
Avenida Tercer Mundo #28
San Francisco (San Pancho)
Nayarit, México 63729 
Phone: 011 52 (311) 258-4285
Cell: 011 52 1  (322) 117-7804
Cell: 011 52 1  (322) 117-1950

Community Pilates and Yoga 

San Pancho Real Estate Market is Heating Up!

San Pancho is  having a strong upturn in real estate sales over the past three months of spring 2016. We are delighted to report that sales are up across the board from land to all-year residences to investment homes.

We believe from reviewing market trends that prices of property will begin to move upward.

Economic theories stand solid: demand and location. 

To this we add the magic of living in our Beautiful village of San Pancho; the people and the richness of the Mexican culture. 

Michel, Manager
Jerry, Agent
Joel, Agent
311 258 4186

Welcome Back Earl!

Everyone in San Pancho is so happy that Earl Miller is finally back - the place is just not the same without him!   A banner was placed at the entrance of the town in his honor.

If you have a special event you can have one of these banners made. Below is the contact information.

Contact Indira at to schedule your surprise event.  (note: 5-day minimum delivery time)

Mujeres Por Amor

Canapés & Wine Tasting
A Delicious Way to Help San Pancho
Friday April 22nd - 5:30pm at the Malecon

Pickleball - That was fun!

This year it seemed like the whole town of San Pancho discovered Pickleball...at the same time!

A Lively Racquet Game for all Ages and Abilities

Pickleball is a racquet sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. Two or four players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball, similar to a wiffle ball, over a net.  Pickleball is traditionally played on a badminton-sized court . The lower net and wiffle ball allow the game to be accessible to people of all ages and abilities, while still allowing more competitive players to test their mettle.

We had a nice season of Pickleball at Entreamigos in the sports center. We began with a few players in January and we grew to about 20 people playing regularly a few times a week. Private lessons were offered on Saturday mornings to learn the game, the rules, the scoring, and how to hit the ball well. We were fortunate to have some occasional visitors to San Pancho that were able to drop in and play for the time they were here in San Pancho, which added to the fun and variety of people. For many people, it was a great introduction to a sport that can be played at all levels. Many of the snowbirds are looking forward to going to their homes in the north to find out where they can continue playing in their specific communities.

Thanks, Hank for this report, and Douglas for sharing your photos! 

Why should you book your vacation rental through SPL?

  Now is the time to be booking for next year!

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Thanks so much for your support of sanpancholife.com as we continue to evolve. Our aim is to continue to be the best source available for people seeking information about our beautiful town!


Photos of the Week

Compliments of Earl Miller
Welcome Home Earl!

Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make San Pancho a better place in which to live and vacation.




Drew & Sheri Hunt,


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